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I have wanted to try ALTERNA hair products for forever, but I was always put off by the price; so when I spotted the ALTERNA Caviar Repair "Try Me" Kit {$24.99} I absolutely had to grab it - and let me say ladies, this is a hair game changer. The Repair "Try Me" Kit is geared towards taming dry/damaged/frizzy hair {all of which my hair is prone to}, and includes 3 mini products to get the job done: the Caviar Repair Rx Instant Recovery Shampoo {$49.00}, the Caviar Repair Rx Instant Recovery Conditioner {$49.00}, and the Caviar Repair Rx Re-Texturizing Protein Crème {$35.00}.

For me, the shampoo and conditioner lasted for 6 washes, and the Protein Cream lasted for about 9 washes {because you only need to use a small amount}. From the first day that I used this system, I saw a huge difference in my hair {especially around the crown of the head, where flyaways and frizz are always visible}. My hair was smoother, softer, and shinier giving it such a healthy look. The fragrance is subtle, but long-lasting {you can smell it on day two!}. I've never been a girl who can go days without washing her hair; but with this system I can skip a day here and there, and my hair still looks good. As for the Protein Cream...I love it! It's v lightweight, and you only need to use a dime-size amount on strands to get killer results. This system also works great on human hair weave - after my experience, a friend of mine used it on her extensions, and it didn't damage them at all! DEFINITE RE-BUY {I've already bought full-size versions of all 3 products!}.

Let me introduce you to my holy grail undereye brightener/concealer: the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in FAIR NEUTRAL {$28.00}. Ladies, prior to finding this bad boy I had a problem with undereye brighteners/concealers oxidizing mid-day, leaving a pink cast under my eyes that was unnatural and unflattering. I finally decided to ditch the drugstore products and try this one, and it has been perfection since day one. I don't bake {in the kitchen, or my face}, but this stuff stays in place for 12+ hours with no settling into creases or fading. I apply this daily - underneath my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, and on my chin and forehead {blending it out with a damp beauty blender}; but since so little is required during each use, I can get at least 3 months out of each bottle, and that is so worth it! DEFINITE RE-BUY {I'm on my second tube}.

I live for dark, sultry fragrances, so when I saw that TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection - Tainted Love No. 62 Rollerball {$22.00} featured notes of dark vanilla bean, sandalwood, orchid, sparkling citrus..., I thought it would be perfect. I was wrong. Babes, this one was such a letdown. Yes,, the scent itself is super sexy, but it fades so quickly {we're talking a couple of hours or less}! While the staying power was bad enough, I also had a huge issue with the rollerball itself. With more than half the bottle filled with product, the rollerball basically stopped working, so I had to shake it for a few minutes to get it to release anything, which was just frustrating to do when you're trying to get ready for work. NOT a re-buy.

Back at it again with the Neutrogena products! Last year, on a whim, I purchased Neutrogena's MoistureSmooth Color Stick in JUICY PEACH {$8.99} because the color looked bomb, and I have never looked back. This is my second tube, and it will so not be my last. If you're looking for moisture with a kick of color, I don't think you can beat this one. It glides on smoothly and really hydrates parched lips; but it also gives the prettiest hint of color and shine. The Juicy Peach shade is basically a pale nectar with subtle silver shimmer throughout, that really enhances your natural lip color. My one ish {you knew there had to be at least one, right?!} is that it's not very long-lasting, which can be kiiiind of frustrating; but since I love the color and moisture, I'll suffer in silence on that front. DEFINITE RE-BUY.

If you're a fan of Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara in BLACK, chances are that you will L-O-V-E Ciaté London Wonderwand Intensely Volumising Mascara in BLACK MAGIC {$22.00} c/o. Like Better Than Sex, Wonderwand features a big, hourglass-shaped brush that easily coats every lash with a blackest black hue that brings eyes to life while lengthening and volumizing. Though not waterproof, I do find that this one does take a liiiittle more effort to remove at the end of the day, which isn't a dealbreaker, but something to take note of. My big problem with this product? It doesn't last. I used this for a few weeks, and found that one day it had just all dried up, and had to be tossed. Definitely not something you should experience with a $22.00 mascara, amiright? NOT a re-buy.

Have you tried any of these products before? Thoughts?




ellie said...

Love these reviews! So great to hear about these hair products!

ivy said...

Awesome! I still might want to try that perfume.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thanks for sharing - I always love these posts. The haircare items sound great because I have really frizzy hair!

Valerie said...

I'm such a huge fan of Neutrogena products, so I definitely want to try the color stick...sounds amazing!


Unknown said...

I love Neutrogena products a lot babe...!! Great post darling...Kisses, Neha


Kashaya said...

Great post! I've always wanted to try the Altena caviar products as well but I've always been put off by the price. Sounds like I might need to give them a try.

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