may crush list!

1. unicorn makeup Forget the Unicorn Frappuccino which looks straight-up gross {#sorrynotsorry}; I am all about unicorn makeup rn! The shimmery, kaleidoscopic palettes and accessories from Tarte that make you feel ethereal, nymph-like, and magical simply by looking at their prettiness. My top picks from the collection: the Make Believe In Yourself: Eye & Cheek Palette {hello loverrrr}, the Make Believe In Yourself: Magic Wands Brush Set {basically dyiiiing over those unicorn handles!}, and the Make Believe In Yourself: Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter.

2. denim minis True story: I have 0 dresses in my closet, and the only skirts I own are a trio of denim minis; so I am super excited to see that they're back in style for 2017 - but now I kind of want to stock up on more! The styles currently on my radar? AGOLDE's Quinn High Rise Miniskirt in DEVOTEE {loooove the color!}, and Current/Elliott's The Mini Cutoff Skirt in REESE {raw hemlines are my fave!}. Are you excited that denim minis are back in action?

3. extreme hoops I don't know about you, but the higher the temps rise, the bigger my hoops get - and no, I am so not kidding. With that sentiment in mind, you know I'm feeling seriously extreme hoops rn! My supercalifragifaves at the moment? These Large Hoop Earrings in GOLD from BP. {the price is oh so right for a trendy item}, and Lana Jewelry's Large Flat Magic Hoop Earrings in YELLOW GOLD {so insanely chic, amiright?!}. Are you an extreme hoops fan?

4. city sandals I've been wearing wedges like crazy as of late {just ask my co-workers}; but over the past few weeks I've had my eye on city sandals - those super adorbs lace-ups with a wear-for-hours-with-no-pain heel that look with all of the things. I've contemplated so many different styles, but the pair that has completely caught my eye is Sole Society's SERA Fringe Strap Heeled Sandal in VISTA BLUE, PAPRIKA. The fringe detailing is so fun for summer; and I'm seriously digging the color selection!

What's on your May Crush List?




ellie said...

The Unicorn makeup is the serious hot trend these days! Lots on the list to choose from! Sweet!

ivy said...

Great skirts! City Sandals too! Lots of cool things on the list!

The Fashion Folks said...

But how about the shoes to the denim skirts? Yup, I'm here for it! Xx


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous picks, darling! And totally agree on the unicorn frapuccino ick


little luxury list said...

Yess to all the unicorn goodies! You're reminding me to bring out the hoops again too!

R's Rue said...


k said...

those brushes!!!

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