NAILS INC. Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set Swatches + Review

Maaaybe I'm wrong, but fall nail polish collections have seemed few and far between this year, so when I spotted NAILS INC.'s Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set I could. not. resist. Babes, this is the collection for pumpkin spice season, and I. am. here. for. it. You will be too after you see these brilliant shades of autumn. Also, bonus: the brushes for this collection are basically the best ever. Just saying.

Chamomile Street is a Mocha Brown Creme. Can we just all agree that brown polishes do not get enough love? Like seriously! Chamomile Street is essentially the nail polish equivalent of chocolate - decadent, creamy, and smoooooth. This particular one may be my new fave as it is so lovely for year-round wear {but I especially love it for harvest, when the leaves are changing colors and the world is awash with the scent of cinnamon, spice, and pumpkin!}. The formula here is legit wow-worthy - fast-dry, easy to use formula, and built.in.shine. If browns are your thang, you need to try this bad boy on for size!
This is 2 coats.

French Ordinary Court is a Caramel Creme. Soooo...I was expecting this shade to be a pumpkin spice-meets-burnt sienna-meets rust; but, on the nail, it was none of the above. Is that a bad thing? Yes and no. Basically, it wasn't what I was looking for; but I love it nonetheless. French Ordinary Court is a creamy, dreamy caramel-meets-maple syrup color that would be perfect for year-round wear, or any and all fall festivities {we're talking pumpkin patch dates to hayrides}. The realclincher? The formula is TDF. OMG ladies it is such a beautiful thing, I can't even. A heavy hand will get you opacity in one coat; a lighter hand {ahem...moi} will require two. Either way, it is perfection. Highly recommend! This is 2 coats.

Beech Gardens is a Khaki Creme. If we're talking unique nail colors this bad boy must be in the top 5! Contrary to popular belief, Beech Gardens is not a brown creme. In fact, while I myself thought it was a milk chocolate shade simply from viewing the bottle; on the nail Beech Gardens has an olive-meets-army-green undertone that is ultra-quirky for autumn - and your personal polish collection! Formula here is a dream - full-coverage, easy to apply, and a beyond gorgeous glossy finish; all of which put it in a class of its own, and make it covetable! This is 2 coats.

Mansion House Street is a Nude Creme. Let's be honest, nudes rarely pique my interest, but this one reminds me of iced coffee, and I am here for it! Mansion House Street is a stunning your-nails-but-better shade that is so necessary for year-round wear. The soft caramel undertones keep it from feeling mannequin-hands, and legit make me want to keep it on rotation all. autumn. long. Formula here is fantastic, being both fast dry and long-lasting. Even if you're not a fan of nudes, I think you'll like this one! This is 2 coats. 


  PRICE: $22.00 for the 4PC Mini Set.




ellie said...

I LOVE these colors! I need these right now!

Caitlin'nMegan said...

Beautiful! So great for any time!

Better Left Unsaid said...

Definitely a great gift for a wonderful friend. Something to be used throughout the year!

R's Rue said...

Love them all.

Ananka said...

Looks like a good set :-)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I need ALL of these in my life!

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