BOOK REVIEW: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

I didn’t find myself in the world of Twilight due to Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s forbidden vampire/human romance; far from it, in fact. What intrigued me about the series from the jump was the ambience created by Stephenie Meyer {necessary for rainy day re-reads - especially that illustrious baseball scene}, coupled with the Native American folklore and werewolves that accompanied the character of Jacob Black. So when I learned of Midnight Sun’s August release back in May, my pre-order was placed, and the countdown began.

Midnight Sun is very much Edward’s story. And by that I mean that the very things that kept my interest piqued in previous books were no mas {sad face}. Yes, I knew going into the book that we would be inside Edward’s mind; but I suppose that the true ramifications of that never occurred to me until halfway through the tome when I felt that something was missing.

Gone are Jacob’s tales of the Quileute Tribe; the awkward yet endearing interactions between Bella and Charlie {come on y’all, I know I’m not the only Charlie fan!}; and Bella’s brain {her worries about her parents, her insecurities, her thoughts about the Cullen’s, her self-deprecation}. In their place, however, is welcome insight into each and every one of the Cullens. Does it replace Jacob and the Quileute’s story? As Team Werewolf, absolutely not; but I loved reading the Cullen origin stories.

When told through Bella’s eyes {a la Twilight}, we truly only catch a surface glimpse of the Cullens. A highlight reel, if you will, of their ethereal, no-mortal-can-compare beauty; but through Edward’s version in Midnight Sun we go so. much. deeper. We finally see how each Cullen came to vampire fruition - an element that creates understanding for all of us who have always been curious about Rosalie’s rage, Emmett’s hunting preference for bears, Carlisle and Esme’s creation, and Jasper and Alice’s unbreakable bond. For longtime readers this insight is everything.

One of the highlights of Midnight Sun is one I didn’t expect: the constant telepathic communication between the Cullens {especially Alice and Edward}. There’s something unexpectedly charming about all of their silent exchanges that I, for one, loved. What I didn’t love: Bella and Edward.

Believe it or not, Edward’s mind is even sappier and more sentimental than Bella’s. In fact, at times {ahem, Chapter 17}, the mush was too much that I actually had to skim in order to make it through. Keep in mind though, I never read Twilight for the romance; so the fact that I wasn’t fond of this aspect holds virtually no bearing – but def something to keep in mind.

Perhaps most obnoxious about Midnight Sun as a whole is something that many may be able to overlook - unfortunately, I am not one of those many. Dying to know? The stumbling. When I say that Edward described Bella as stumbling, tripping, slipping… at least once on every. single. page. I am not. kidding. Like dude, I get that she’s clumsy, but that description goes way overboard when we’re talking about a 658 page book. But I digress…

Midnight Sun will satisfy the cravings of those who have missed the Twilight universe, while breathing new life into some of the lesser characters. Not gonna lie, I kiiiind of preferred Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined because it was a full retelling; but my quick read of Midnight Sun definitely tells me that I wouldn’t mind taking another trip to Forks in the very near future. Perhaps from Jacob’s POV next time?

Star Rating: ****



R's Rue said...

Thank you for the review

Caitlin'nMegan said...

Awesome review! So many want a hold on this at the library! Perfect timing!

Martyna said...

This book seems very interesting :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Midnight Sun was more introspective than I was expecting, but I enjoyed learning more about the Cullens. The stumbling though... wow, that was annoying.

Briana said...

I probably won't read it but I definitely wanted to read reviews!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I haven't decided if I want to read this or not BUT your review is making me think I probably should...

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