january is january

people put so much stress and anxiety into the concept of january, but here’s the sitch: january is january. you’re still going to feel feelings once the clock strikes midnight. you’re still going to cry; you’re still going to laugh; you’re still going to hope; you’re still going to dream. it’s all just going to occur in another year. 2023 is out, 2024 is in; but it’s still just january, and everything is going to be fine. i promise. that said, here are 19 reminders for 2024 ♡

1. you can read every in/out list there is, but you still have to figure out what works for you because there is no one size fits all when it comes to human emotion.
2. you don’t need a new year to start over. not happy where you are in 3 months? begin again.
3. things don’t happen overnight, including transformation. if you seek results too soon, you’re going to wind up disappointed.
4. you are the only person who decides what is significant to you.
5. choose your people wisely. it’s not about distance - it’s about who’s ‘there’, and who loves you.
6. overthinking is every bit as dangerous as not thinking at all - balance is key.
7. being lonely and being alone are not one and the same.
8. you won’t always get the closure you need or deserve; sometimes you just have to give it to yourself.
9. it’s easier to process things when you take a step back and separate yourself from them for awhile.
10. there’s nothing wrong with therapy. sharing your feelings, and talking your way through them is iconic. period.
11. when forgiveness is too hard to muster up acceptance is fine.
12. reality is multifaceted.
13. so is emotion.
14. curiosity is a power. be curious. always.
15. there will always be a song lyric to describe exactly how you’re feeling at this very moment, you just have to find it.
16. write it down. your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes, your dislikes…all of it. self talk is real and it’s spectacular.
17. the right person for you probably isn’t a replica of the dream person you thought up in your mind - that’s okay.
18. it’s also okay if you make mistakes. we’re human. mistakes are a part of life. don’t beat yourself up over them.
19. long story short, you’ll survive.



ellie said...

Thanks for your list! I hope you find the joy in the new year!

Ivy's Closet said...

An excellent list, indeed! All the best to your goals this new year and more.

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