Style Secrets: Leaving On a Jet Plane

“Anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport.”
Robert Wieder
I always plan ahead. There has never been a single time when I have found myself left without a bottle of shampoo, devoid of deodorant, or missing my coveted mascara. I’m not that kind of girl. I’m a worrier by nature, kittens. I can’t say that it’s a wonderful trait, but it is one that courses through every vein in my body at the speed of light twenty-four/seven, and there’s truly nothing I can do about it; aside from embrace it, of course.

It’s not so bad, I suppose. I am always the one with an extra tube of lip gloss when an unexpected kiss is on the horizon; and I simply can’t forget the way everyone looks to me when they need a tissue or a dab of hand-sanitizer. I guess you could call it an honor to be someone who always plans ahead. You could, however, also refer to planning ahead as a lifesaver – especially when you’re leaving on a jet plane.

No mes chéris, despite the fact that the holidays are right around the corner (as is my birthday) I have no plans (thus far) on boarding a flight to some exotic locale to soak up my sultry, and stylish surroundings. The truth of the matter is that, as of now, I have one plan and one plan only…to loll around locally. You, on the other hand, may have something much more exciting up your sleeve – something that requires a trip via plane; and, as such, I refuse to allow you to board anything until you are properly prepared. You will not step foot in that airport, or on that plane until you are well-versed in the musts and the must-nots of what you should be draped in, carrying, and dragging about with you. After all, you’re leaving on a jet plane, darlings, and must do so in effortless style.

Agreeable Attire

Le Top I love them just as much if not more than the next girl; but let’s be honest here, there’s no need to wear a fitted top that will cling to your every curve if you’re destined to be sitting for countless hours at a time. For these particular moments, do the right thing and wear something loose and flowy about your upper half that will make you feel feminine, dainty, and anything but self-conscious about your imagined love handles or various other nonexistent imperfections. Three styles I strongly recommend for a comfortable plane ride are:

V-Necks – I virtually swear by Mossimo Supply Co.’s Pocket V-Neck Tee. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and available in a multitude of colors. If you want a more fitted look, buy your regular size; if you want a slouchier style buy larger – either way looks amazing.
Off the Shoulder Tees – The thought of wearing an off the shoulder tee on a flight can be daunting considering the fact that airplanes are often chilly, but Alloy’s Off-Shoulder Tee will make you change your mind. I wear them all the time, and recommend them to everyone. When worn, you expel this very rumpled, effortless glamour, and if your shoulder should get cold, you have the option of sliding the sleeve up to cover the exposed skin.
Boyfriend Tees – Be thankful for the fact that nothing says seductive like a girl dressed in a plaid button-down that is slightly boxy and brawny, and looks like something she snuck from her boyfriend’s dresser. I favor BDG’s Plaid Boyfriend Buttondown. While the cut is masculine, the colors – purple, salmon, pale yellow – are extremely dainty and feminine, which add a definite girly bounce to your step!

The Legs Listen to me when I say this, loves…you do not have to wear sweatpants to stay comfortable while seated; and please don’t. The key to comfort is wearing something that is stretchy, yet sassy. I am a jeans girl all the way; my closet is full of them. But, seeing as how denim may not necessarily be the most comfortable legwear for a long flight, I suggest perusing the next best thing…jeggings or leggings. Levi’s Capital E Legging Jeans are my favorite due to the fact that they look identical to a pair of dark-wash skinnies, with the exception that they are, to be sure, leggings. Unfortunately, they run a little high price-wise; thus, the next best thing is to find a more affordable pair of jeggings, like mark’s Blue Jean Denim Leggings, or simply toss a long top over an inexpensive pair of standard leggings so you retain comfort while still maintaining a polished look that you feel confident in.

Les Chaussures Heels are great for the three E’s: elevation, elegance, and elongation. That said; they are horribly disagreeable for flights. You do not lounge around your house in sky-high stilettos, so don’t do so on travel days, when you know you’ll be dragging luggage through terminals and taxis before you reach your journey’s end. It is essential to keep your tootsies in a state of beatific bliss from the moment you get on the plane, until you descend from it; therefore, I enlist the assistance of boots to keep my feet satisfied while soaring. Not all boots make the cut, however; you must find one that is comfortable while remaining cute. I recommend tall, flat boots in neutral colors with a wide shaft that easily pull on and off. When flying I avoid boots with zippers, ties, buckles, and all similar matter – this often interferes with the ease of removing your shoes, should your feet get hot. Most versatile in my book are equestrian styles, like Urban Outfitters’ Equestrian Rainboot; and pieces crafted of suede, like Gabriella Rocha’s Bree 2 – they move with your form without discomfort and always add an air of sophistication to your look.

The Cover-Up There are two sides to every story, darlings; the same goes for cover-ups. In my eyes, you have a duo of choices here, either go for charming and cuddly with a cardigan, or brisk and blasé with a blazer. I myself prefer the former. To me, there’s nothing better than the feel of a cardigan wrapped around my body – it provides a snuggly, secure warmth that acts as a blanket while keeping my style celestial, ethereal, and effortless. Silence & Noise’s Stitch Detail Cocoon Cardigan is my sweater crush du jour courtesy of the way in which it falls in a fluttery motion about the body. If you’re looking to top your ensemble with something slightly more posh, you cannot go wrong with a blazer. Cropped, boyfriend, double-breasted, pleated, open front…any and all styles keep you fresh, refined, and looking like a million bucks – case in point, Elizabeth and James’ James Blazer.

Le Cou Aside from jewelry, scarves are the next best accessory. They have the ability to add a fresh pop of life to your ensemble when slung haphazardly about your shoulders or wrapped cozily about your throat; thus, do not allow your neck to be seen without one at the airport. As of late I am utterly obsessed with tube scarves, and have my eye on the taupe Thick Knit Eternity Scarf from Bop Basics. If, my sweets, you happen to be looking for something a little more glamorous, colorful, or lengthy, my sweets, I must advise you to turn to YARNZ, Twinkle, Sir Alistair Rai, or Love Quotes – designers whose neck accoutrements quite simply make me weak in the knees.

Large and In Charge

When it comes to your carry-on mes bien-aimés, there is one rule and one rule only that you need to adhere to – bigger is better. You don’t want to have to hang onto a handbag, a carry-on, and a suitcase (which I hope against all hope you don’t check at the baggage claim); thus, look for a bag that is sturdy, smart, and, above all else, big enough to hold the entire contents of your handbag, in addition to your other in-flight must-haves. You are already aware of my adoration of One Language Label’s Haute Bag, so I won’t bore you with babble about how divine it is; all you need to know is that, when shopping for a carry-on, use this particular piece as a guide for finding perfection, as it embodies all of the qualities that a carry-on should harbor (ideal size; pockets for all of your miscellaneous items; and proper closure to keep your prized possessions safe), without losing a single trace of it’s fashion-forward finesse! If, however, you're looking for something with a kick of color, you can never go wrong with a LeSportsac - I'm partial to their Pumpkin Erika Tote myself.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
Oscar Wilde

Excess Baggage

One thing we must keep in mind dearests, is the fact that once the plane takes off, we will have no more chances to compile the bits and pieces that will amuse us until the seemingly endless flight is over; therefore, one of the most important things about travel is loading your carry-on with everything that you could possibly need (within reason, of course) so that it is at your fingertips at a moment’s notice.

Ballerinas Despite the fact that your feet are strapped into a pair of swanky boots that are pleasantly comfy, it’s hard to resist the lure of wanting to slip them off and stretch your cramped toes after a few hours of being stuffed into such a style. The best idea is to stick a pair of ballerina flats or slippers into your carry on; doing so, however, is destined to take up tons of space, which you really can’t afford to lose. My solution? Citisoles. I worship these ballerina flats, as they literally fold up to the size of a pack of Kleenex, and are as comfortable as actual slippers. For $19.99 you can buy a pair; but I advise to pay $24.99, as the extra $5 provides you with a Carrying Case which protects your new best friend in the same fashion that your wallet shields your beloved AmEx from harm.

La Littérature I adore perusing the pages of ELLE or Vogue while traveling as much as the next fashion savvy girl; but there’s something about long flights that make me eager to live vicariously through a fun and flippant character, if only to pass the time more quickly. Short story collections, such as Sloane Crosley’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake, and novellas like Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – and – But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes are at the top of my list for the sheer fact that they are riotously funny, slim in size so they won’t weigh your bag down, and easy to get lost in.

The Eyes Do rock your Retrosun Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses, make waves in your Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Aviators, and turn heads while donning Tom Ford’s Anais when taking the terminal by storm, mon doux. Once on board, however, you may still long to cover up your peepers. The truth is, you could go the celebrity route, and wear your sunnies for the entirety of the flight, or you could use a sleep mask. I prefer the latter, especially when I’m trying to relax and dream about my travel plans. A favorite of mine is the Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask from Fred Flare, because every girl deserves to have a Breakfast At Tiffany’s moment at some point in her life. Why not now?

If Looks Could Kill Darlings you could be on the planet Mars, and I would still be advising you of this…do not allow the plane to leave the ground unless you have your cosmétique in your carry-on; after all, you never know when a handsome stranger will take up residence right next to you, and you want to look your best! As expected, you should have all the usual suspects at arm’s length – lip gloss, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, a comb, and a compact mirror. Seeing as how a flight is synonymous with an overnighter at a friend’s house, it is crucial to have tissues, hand-sanitizer, lotion, un petit bottle of perfume, and, one of my BFF’s, oil-blotting papers. I literally bow down to Too Faced’s Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers. They remove shine without removing your makeup and make your skin look undoubtedly dewy and sparkling!

For Your Listening Pleasure I can’t simply leave you without proper music to listen to while flying, dolls. The truth of the matter is, at the end of the day, every moment in life deserves a soundtrack; hence the reason why all of the playlists I create revolve around one particular subject – in this case, travel. When your eyes get tired from reading, pull out your iPod (you should never go anywhere without it), slip on your sleep mask, and drift off to dreamland to the sound of these wandering-man diddies:

Leaving On a Jet Plane - Plain White Ts
West Coast - Coconut Records
New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down - LCD Soundsystem
Tiny Dancer – Elton John
Breakdown – Jack Johnson
Portland Is Leaving - Rocky Votolato
The World At Large - Modest Mouse
Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
Another Travelin’ Song - Bright Eyes
Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn and John

“There’s no one-size-fits-all for luggage because it all depends on the trip. Just like there are differences in travel experiences, there should be differences in your gear.”
Rick Schlesinger

What are you doing next? Why, you’re leaving on a jet plane, of course. Have a safe trip, kittens!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Yatzer, Just Jared, Stylepill, One Language Label, Miss Pink Slip, and Yugatech for the pictures.


www.janetteria.com said...

Great post. I'd like the Samsonite by V&R collection. :-)


Keith said...

Great post. I might love to take a flight to some exotic locale. Unfortunately I won't be doing that. It's always nice to dream though.

Claire said...

What a marvellous and fabulous post! Completely agree with everything here, particularly the "don't need to wear sweats" part!! One is not likely to be upgraded in tracksuit bottoms I'm afraid, and travelling should still be glamourous!

Leah said...

This is just so timely. I'm leaving on a jet plane two days from now. And it will be a long 14-hour flight. I agree with all your tips and recommendations. The only thing that I'm lugging around in excess is my camera/ laptop bag. And for my reading pleasure, Sophie Kinsella's book which I'm reserving for this flight.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm just glad that me and my loved ones are safe. Hugs!

meraldia said...

Great post, wow! A guide 'How to travel in style and comfort'!
I always travel in ballerina shoes. I had no idea of Citisoles! I have just checked their site and I was impressed! Thanks for sharing!

Belle de Ville said...

Great post. It makes me want to go on another vacation.

Luinae said...

Woah, awesome article!

I love to wear pashminas while I travel because they look efforlessly chic and you can wrap them around you if you get cold, like a second blanket. I travel a lot, so I have mastered the art of appplying makeup on an airplane. Concealer, cream blush, mascara, lip gloss.

Emily said...

oh I love this post! I am hopefully leaving on a plane for a beach destination in the next few months, so I will definitely take your tips into consdieration.

S.Elisabeth said...

Adore this post! I wish I had had it back in the spring when I went to Italy. I wore the boots, but I had these uncomfortable black pants & a tight white top while on the plane!! It was not very good at a all... Ha must remember all these tips for next time!

Ash Fox said...

so many great tips! my must haves are a large comfy sweatshirt, easy to remove shoes, ipod, book, and leggings. love your blogs!



E said...

You've got this down to a t! And my typical uniform for flights is always: boyfriend tee (like you said), leggings, boots (as you suggested) and a comfy big cardigan.

Tori said...

Love this post! I want to go on a plane now...haha. =D

Vivian said...

This post is heaven sent!!!!! Thank you- I needed that, as I'm flying out soon, and your tips are just amazing. I'm actually bookmarking this post.

Anika said...

Fantastic post! Adore. In light of upcoming travels, so relevant. And I'm with you on the whole tracksuit issue....I wear comfy jeans or jeggings. Amen to them. And flat boots. And sunnies. And a scarf. Amen, I'm on track. Gotta be stylish but comfortable.

Thanks for sharing...I'm going to bookmark this one for my travels.

Have a great one bella

Leia said...

This is a fanstastic post! I love the fact that you plan in advance for everything, as I do! I have a checklist for travelling to make sure I don't forget anything, as I travel almost every month.

I agree with all your tips, except for boots: I like to slip my shoes off in the plane and prefer to be wearing something that can easily be kicked off while I nap! For that, I usually opt for my trusty ballerinas. But if you are travelling during the winter, I can certainly see the appeal of wearing comfortable boots - after all, it's easier to wear them than attempt to pack them! ;)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Fab post! Those Mossimo Ts...I swear by them too! Loving the Haute tote as well :)

. said...

I love this post!!! I want to leave on a jet plane too!

. said...

I love this post!!! I want to leave on a jet plane!

hayley said...

well done!
i always struggle with airplane outfits. i never want to look to fancy but i still like to dress nice and stay warm and comfortable. your post hit them all.
thanks love!


michelle said...

*sigh* I wish I could go traveling! ^_^

Sam said...

Love that quote up the top! I'd like to think of myself as a creative exploreer!! Terrific compendium of travel tips and clothing - thank you!

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous and well-researched post, darling! Wow!
Especially loving the playlist :)


Closet Full of Nothing said...

Airport Chic! Love this post!!!

jessica said...

i only wish i were !
how i love flying .
thanks for this amazing little guide :]

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Great post!!!
I want to fly on a jet plane too!!


T.A.E said...

Great post! It reminds me of my traveling adventures from this past summer. Do you plan on traveling anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

great playlist love all of the songs. I wish I was traveling soon, I need to get out of college- its socially/emotionally exhuasting, plus everyone is sick

Nicola said...

in love with those bags! fab. :)

Mimi said...

i absolutely love this post!!! great advice on what 2 pack, wear, etc. i love traveling and am also a plan ahead-er so this post was definitely useful! i also love just sitting at an airport food court and people watching or watching planes take off. very fun! :)


Totally agree with your post! My mum just got new luggage, which I definitely plan on somehow stealing... And you're so right. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WEAR SWEATPANTS ON PLANES. It's one of my pet peeves. For sure.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Awww. I long for the Olsen and Olsen agency!

jess said...

Airplane outfits are hard especially if where you are going is hot and where you are is cold. Citisoles sound great. Tiny dancer is one of my favorite songs.

Leah said...

I have to go back and share this story about me and my girlfriend when we traveled for the first time. She called me up and told me that she'll be wearing a sweatpants. I told her (jokingly of course) "do that and I won't talk to you on the plane".

She changed her outfit.

Taylor Sterling said...

I love this post b/c I have been doing a lot of travel and have the hardest time packing and being organized. Also, I never look that great when I fly. :(

la petite fashionista said...

great suggestions! i miss my jet setting adventures that i took all summer long. being in one place for so long is making me stir crazy!

i agree with the off the shoulder/boyfriend tees, very comfy yet effortlessly chic for traveling!

M said...

Fantastic post! I might have to bookmark, for future purposes... I always seem to forget that skinny jeans and not-yet-broken-in boots are not exactly the optimal outfit for traveling. :(

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Sheesh girl, I need to travel with you! Lol. I am ALWAYS forgetting stuff, whether it is on a trip or after getting home from work. It's kind of a joke...sigh. I wish I could be more organized like you.

Also, thank you for the lovely traveling tips! I will need to save this post so I can be more prepared when I travel next time.

ONiC said...

i love this post. i hope we here can wear boots as often as we like without being too much hehe

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Most excellent list dollface. E&J blazer...yes please. I'm a big fan of an oversized scarf for planes too! Can me used as a wrap, blanket, scar...whatever. Hope you had a fab weekend. : )

brooke said...

this is such a great post! I agree, I'm always the one with hand sanitiser, tissues, hand cream, scissors, a nail file, once even i was at the hospital with my cousin and she had to rely on me for a band-aid... at a hospital! haha.
youre right, ballet flats are amazing for flying...


Kellie Collis said...

SUch gorgeous boots!! x

Sherin said...

Thanks for this. I am an awful traveller, in that I always over pack and never know what to wear. I love wearing jeans on a plane, but when it comes to th top, I empty out my wardrobbe and still never know what to wear.

Elizabeth Marie said...

This is such a spot on post! I travel A LOT for work and it's all about the boyfriend T, leggings and boots!!

miriam said...

what a great post!
perfect for my jetsetting life : )

love your choice of tracklist too.


Amelia said...

I love traveling! I rarely do it in such style, though. Great tips :)

glee said...

this is beautifully written and a fun read. i enjoyed it a lot. and those are wonderful tips that would make a terrific fly.

Kendra Alexandra said...

Love the pictures, your blog is very cool :)


Valeriesoh said...

thank god that you provided a airplane ettiquete education. Love it! rule one... NO sweatpants..... ahhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

That was amazing post! Really put together! I am hoping that there is some plane-happening on my vacation, but we still haven't booked anything. If it happens I'm sure to be here to memorize this! :D

juliet xxx

Miss Neira said...

great suggestions!

I love wearing leggings, boots or ballerina flats (airplanes are so cold!)
i hate wearing jeans, they get uncomfortable, especially when its a 8 hr plane ride

Lauren said...

i love this post - that playlist is great!

i actually flying soon - home next weekend :)

daisychain said...

Great post, I am so badly craving a vacation!

Madi. said...

It's good to plan ahead! And i heart those bags :)

Dina's Days said...

Great tips, wish I would have read this a week ago! My must have travel items are on this list. Leggins, cardigan, flats, and ipod. I love this post.

yiqin; said...

I need to start having v necks!!

Iris said...

Great tips! I'm going to the US in two weeks so I definitely needed them ^^.

MizzJ said...

Phew that one took awhile to read! Very detailed though, I can totally see how you are such an organized person!

zupu said...

Darling I think this was one of the best post from you that I have ever read, so great, grazie!

Buona giornata Bella!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Fantastic post!

Love the pictures of Vanessa, Lauren, and Rachel. Those three look absolutely fabulous. And I'm sure they were all comfortable during their flights! (Proving you don't have to wear sweats to be comfy on a plane!)

Anonymous said...

Great post lady! I'm actually flying home this Fri. but take the red-eye so I MUST be comfy since I sleep for most of the ride. I love wearing scarves on planes since I'm always freakin cold! Great soundtrack you picked too.. love Modest Mouse. :)

xo, Becs

Fifi Flowers said...

I remember when everyone used to get dressed up to take a flight! And people who served you drinks on the planes were called STEWARDESSES... I always thought it was such a glamorous job and wanted to be one! Changed my mind when they were just called flight attendants... sounds like a bathroom attendant or gas station attendant... not as glamorous as "Excuse me,Stewardess, may I get a glass of champagne!!!"

CuriousGirl said...

GREAT post. I think I'm going to print it out so I can have it easily accessible! I can never figure out why celebrities look so good coming off of flights!!


info @bookofrandomness .com

edef said...

amazing post. love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh tips galore! I shall have to read it more carefully when i'm not at work. Bookmarking!

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