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Last month the incredibly stylish {and super sweet} Kim of Pish Posh Perfect invited me to be a part of her Savvy Style Chat series - which I was more than happy to agree to. I had such an amazing time answering Kim's questions that I thought I would post our Q&A here, so that all of you who visit Cafe Fashionista cat eyes & skinny jeans could learn a bit more about me {as I'm not one to often share many details about myself} - and what I do when I'm not blogging. And so, here it is...enjoy loves; and thank you, Kim!

What is your full time gig?

Grad Student. Since August of 2011 I have been in a full-time Grad Program leading towards a Master’s in Business Administration. As I write this, I am officially 2 ½ weeks away from graduating {!!!!!}. December 15, 2012 is my official last day. UPDATE: As mentioned, I officially graduated on December 15; therefore, my current full-time gig is Recently Graduated Grad Student Pounding the Pavement for a Full-Time Job {while freelancing on the side}.

How does your occupation affect your personal style?

As a Recently Graduated Grad Student, my occupation has affected my personal style in that anything goes. I don’t have a particular uniform to adhere to on a daily basis; and can pretty much choose who I want to be {style-wise} based on my mood. The one trap I refuse to fall into is that of sloppiness. I may spend hours on homework, but I still want to look my best {even when I have class in the wee hours of the morning}. I have found that layers, boots, and resilience are a Grad Student’s chic best friend; therefore, I favor heeled boots, skinny jeans with at least 2% spandex in them, colorful printed scarves, and slouchy sweaters – occupational style essentials that have crossed over into my personal-time wardrobe {especially for midweek brunch/coffee dates, and weekend shopping sprees}.

What other endeavors do you participate in and how do you transition your wardrobe throughout the day to meet the needs of these various roles?

Aside from being a full-time Grad Student, I am a freelance writer. Currently I write weekly articles about local bands for U-T San Diego newspaper / The Californian newspaper. Additionally, I write animal care articles for Cat Fancy magazine fairly frequently; and, a few years back, I served as Features Editor for the now-defunct Six78th magazine {one of my favorite gigs yet – I got to interview The Jonas Brothers!!}. I also work freelance in the field of editorial / social media content. I suppose you could say I wear many hats; and I’m constantly on a deadline.

Each of my roles seems to differ for me style-wise – sometimes I’m meeting with ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ types for band interviews; other times I’m chatting with Veterinarians in a more professional setting. Over the years, I have found that certain wardrobe pieces tend to work for all situations {or can modify my current look just enough to fit the role that I’m dressing for at the moment}. For me, these pieces include cropped blazers, dark wash skinny jeans, almond-toe pumps, chunky-heeled ankle boots, slouchy sweaters, heeled boots, and the occasional touch of fringe.

An example of my wardrobe transition in action: A few months back I had two interviews in one day – with a Veterinarian in the morning and a band in the afternoon. For the Veterinarian interview I wore a cropped blazer over my slouchy sweater, cuffed my skinny jeans, and slipped on almond-toe pumps {professional yet fun}. For the band interview I took off the cropped blazer, adjusted my slouchy sweater to give it an off-the-shoulder fit, un-cuffed my skinny jeans, and swapped my almond-toe pumps for knee-high heeled boots {playful, youthful…totally cute}. Voila! Two looks in one – give or take a few pieces.

What is your most favorite piece in your wardrobe and how often do you wear it?

Believe it or not, right now it’s an accessory – a Sterling Silver Infinity Knot Ring by the Etsy seller IndulgentDesigns. If you Follow me on Instagram, it’s likely you see this ring in a lot of my nail of the day pictures. I am literally obsessed with it – I wear it every single day. I find the simplicity of it to be charming. Plus, I love what the infinity symbol stands for; therefore, this ring is my favorite right now.

How often do you go shopping—either in-person or online?

My credit card would love for me to say not that often; however, it’s me speaking, so I’ll be honest…every day. Please keep in mind that, as a fashion blogger, shopping is a form of research; therefore, I oftentimes write retail therapy off as such. But honestly, I do indulge in a bit of browsing at least once per day. Up until a few weeks ago, I have I had a really hectic courseload for school, so I find that a little shopping relaxes me quite a bit. I do most of my shopping online {my favorite sites are Shopbop, Zappos, Nordstrom, and Forever 21} because I don’t always have time to go shopping in-person; but that’s not to say that I don’t love to when I do have the chance.

What is your most favorite place of the moment to score new items?

Zappos. I find that they have a ridiculously amazing selection of shoes, and I’m slightly addicted to the Free Overnight Shipping.

The new season signaled new colors for beauty items: what are your favorite fall nail colors? Are you a fan of nail art?

This year I have found so many amazing new nail colors for fall that have completely taken me away from my standard fall beauty fare {oxblood}. My top five favorites are Essie’s Penny Talk – which is an incredible rose gold/new copper penny chrome metallic that will actually look awesome year-round; OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop – which is actually from a few years back, but new to me; Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava – everyone needs this shade, it is an awesome color-shifting duochrome/multichrome; JULEP’s Toni – a grayish purple that I love; and OPI’s Candlelight – gorgeous, gorgeous egg yolk yellow that is very fall yellow {as opposed to summer yellow}.

While I love nail polish, I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of nail art {aside from an accent nail}. I just prefer the look and uniformity of a solid {utterly amazing} color.

Where do you go to get inspired?

I’m very inspired by the street style of certain supermodels {Rosie Huntington-Whiteley especially}; and am literally obsessed with Isabel Marant. On days when my style leans towards the bohemian side, it’s all inspired by Ms. Marant. I actually run a Tumblr site {Bobby Pins & Bellinis} that, essentially, serves as the Inspiration Board for cat eyes & skinny jeans, and features pictures of some of my favorite looks.

Aside from supermodel street style and the runway, I love, love gaining inspiration when I’m at cafes – especially if they’re located in big cities that are full of so many different walks of life. There’s something about the charming ambiance of a café juxtaposed against the stylish hustle and bustle of random people coming and going that I find irresistible.

Also {I know, my inspiration list is long – sorry!}…the novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote never fails to inspire me. I am utterly captivated by that story, and feel as if I absorb a bit of Holly Golightly into my own personality with every re-read. Oddly enough, I have never seen the film – I’m worried that it will take away some of the magic of the book!

If a stranger walking past you on the street was asked to describe your signature look in one word, what word would that be?

You have no clue how long I spent trying to come up with an answer for this question, but I have finally settled on one…Low-Key Luxe. I love my denim {low-key}, but I never leave the house without heels, and sparkly jewelry {luxe}.

{Just for fun} UGGS: Yay or nay?

I wear them around the house as slippers; therefore, nay. For me, they’re just a bit too bulky to be chic/stylish/cute. I think there are too many comfortable alternatives that give off a stylish vibe {i.e. Hunter Boots} without, for lack of a better word, being sloppy. That said; have you checked out the new super-stylish UGG pieces – shearling booties and such? Totally cute!

Learn More About Me Here; and feel free to post your own questions for me in the comments - I'll answer them in a future Q&A post!


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This was so fun. Love the photos too. You are very inspiring. Love how your style.

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Awesome Q & A. Wishing you the best on the future.

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What a great post and interview! Really enjoyed reading it. x

Ashley said...

Zappos is seriously the BEST for shoe shopping. The free, super fast shipping makes it my-go to for lots of shoes!

Unknown said...

I've read this interview some time ago on Kim's site and loooved it :) But I told you that already so I'll stop here before I start repeating myself :))



knockingonfashionsdoor said...

A very complete interview... Besides, you´ve an incredible figure, my dear. Your legs are infinite!!

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Great interview dear! I didn't realize you already graduated so congrats! You have such cool freelance gigs and are my nail polish guru (love penny talk and need to get that!)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

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I think I love you even more! It's great to see more pictures of you too, you have beautiful eyes!

Unknown said...

I love learning more about you (and I have a ring very similar to that one that I wear everyday too!)

Congrats on your recent graduation and best of luck with your job search. You will find something wonderful - I'm sure of it.

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Amazing looks and interview, darling!
Love that ring!


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I really love your ring!

Btw great interview!

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a very informative interview! you have great photos and style. and i LOLed when you said you wear uggs aruond the house as slippers.


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Congrats on graduating! Love your brown boots!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love this! I totally love that two interview story. I want to interview bands and look cute like you!

Chicago Chic said...

I love your mentality to always look your best! I have gone from corporate jobs, to living in Rome, to now traveling for work a few times per month. So I am trying to be careful not to fall into the trap of yoga pants every day, even when I am just running to the grocery store! I think it's important to rid oneself of sloppiness for sure. Love love all your shoes in these photos and your nails always look perfect!!


Sara said...

This was so awesome to read & to learn more about you! So awesome that you got to interview the Jonas Brothers, too cool!

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I love seeing more of you and learning more about you too.

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I can't believe you blogged so much while being a grad student! Congrats, by the way! I start grad school in the fall (graduate undergrad in may eek!!)

i didn't know you were a freelancer. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself with this interview. :) I'd love to freelance more...any tips, places to check out, etc?


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I love that about the rock interviews..and of course, cat care, too. Wow!

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Oh thank you for sharing this with us, it was awesome getting to know you better.

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Great post!

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Congrats on graduating!!! That's so exciting!! xoxo

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I loved reading this about you! I had no idea you were in grad school but congrats on graduating and good luck with the job search! You've done so many fun and interesting jobs!

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I loved reading this the first time around too! Fab boots, in fact fab piccies all round!

ps. I totally forgot to say thank you about the grey eyes makeup post. Super excited to read it, thanks a mill!

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What a fab blog. I love it!

I'm hosting a $100 Lulus.com gift card giveaway on the blog. Hope you can enter!

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such an interesting interview. nice to know more about you erica.


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It was so nice to read more about you! And love that I got to see more personal pictures in this post!

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You got to interview the Jonas brothers?!? Oh my gosh, that's so cool. I used to be so in love with them. Haha. You look amazing in all your photos. I love you outfit in the first one!


Camille said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview! I love learning all about my favorite fashion bloggers.

I wish that I could be interviewed by someone like you were.


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Nice Q&A :) It's so fun to learn new things about the people behind the blogs :) ♥

Jessi said...

So much fun! I just love learning more about the bloggers whom I adore... the gals behind the blogs ;) I'm so glad you love a uniform mani, maybe with the exception of the one signature different nail. That's my mani style all the way, but with all the nail art and designs out there, I was second-guessing myself. Psh, no more! Uniform mani gals unite! ;)
xoxo J

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