winter warmers {for the SoCal cold snap}

If you know me even the teeny tiniest bit, you are aware of the fact that I'm a little bit wildly obsessed with boots. For me, they are the mainstay of my wardrobe, which is why I always seek out the most fabulous pairs possible. Under ordinary circumstances, I judge boots solely on their fashion-forward appearance, as the temperature in Southern California rarely never dips low enough to require a functional pair; but with the recent SoCal cold snap {that has left me with the desire to hibernate for the rest of the season}, I have had to revise my selection process - seeking true winter appropriate pieces that will keep me chic and cozy from the cruel chill in the air. And so is how my love affair with ladies boots by Clarks has come to fruition.

winter warmers post
Kendra August in Python Noir + La Mary in Black Combination Suede + Mascapone Cafe in Tan Leather + Melanie Jess in Navy Nubuck + Kendra August in Black Suede + Norley Cedar in Ebony Suede

The pieces seen above are some of my personal favorites from the Winter Warmers collection - a series of sophisticated aesthetics laced with Softwear cushioning to keep the wearer feeling comfortable and looking classy, cute, and charming from day to night. Now that you've been introduced to the collection, I should tell you that I'm dying to pair the Kendra August in Black Suede with an oversize black sweater, black as night opaque tights, and heavy kohl-lined eyes. Such a combination would make for an incredibly glamorous, yet moody evening look, yes?


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FTC Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Clarks. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


ellie said...

So love the wedges. Some great boots, indeed.

ivy's closet said...

Love the suede. These are so gorgeous!

mazzymay said...

Sweet choices. Very inspiring for these cold days.

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

cute booties!

X Jenny

knockingonfashionsdoor said...

You´ll look fantastic in you imaginary outfit with Clarks ankle boots!!

Couture Carrie said...

I am obsessed with boots, too!
Love those wedges!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Its been so cold here in WI I pretty much live in boots. Lucky they're cute!

k said...

i loooove short boots, these are all great!

Sherin said...

Love these winter boots. They're so perfect for the cold. Love the wedged booties.

Allie said...

I had a pair of grey suede boots, that looked exactly like those blue ones. I loved them so much, that I wore them until they actually fell apart! Great post. -Al

Anonymous said...

aaahh they are perfect for winter. i love the wedges one..
nice post

MOSAMUSE said...

i like the La Mary's


Iris said...

Those are all so chic.

Boots are an essential here in Canada. I'm in the habit of purchasing a new pair every so often. :)

Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Loving these Erika, great picks! Top and bottom right would do very nicely, thank you very much - day and night sorted!

www.janetteria.com said...

Great selected! Love that brown one!

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