L.A. Girl OMBRE Limited Edition Gradient Polish in Spring Fling Review

I am a huge fan of the ombre nail look, but have never tried it out myself because searching for corresponding colors can be incredibly time-consuming {especially when you own as many nail polish shades as I do}. Plus, I have never felt justified in spending $22.00 for the Ombre 5Pc Nail Set from The New Black {even though I really really really want it}. So when I spotted the L.A. Girl OMBRE Limited Edition Gradient Polish in Spring Fling at Walgreens after Christmas {it was a little over $2.00 - marked down from $5}, it was a no-brainer...I bought. Here are my thoughts:

Included in this set is: 5 individual mini nail polish shades {these range from a dark teal to a baby blue} and 1 mini bottle of top coat. I like to have the glittery accent on my ring finger, so I used the darkest shade on my pinkie, and the lightest shade on my thumb {if you prefer to have your accent on your index finger, you would simply reverse this}.

Color-wise Spring Fling is nearly identical to The New Black's Ombre 5-Piece Nail Polish Set in Wave. Formula-wise, I can't say, as I've never tried The New Black polish; but the shades contained within this set were fairly easy to work with.

I used 2 coats for the three darkest shades {the ones seen on my pinkie, middle finger, and index finger}; 4 coats were needed for the glitter shade; and 3 coats were used for the baby blue shade {thumb}.

Overall, I found the formula here to be good - especially for the three darkest shades. The glitter shade was buildable, and would definitely require less coats if you were using it over a base color {I wasn't}. My main problem was with the baby blue shade. Pastel polishes are notorious for having formula issues, but this one was very thin, runny, streaky, and insisted on pooling around my cuticles {as you can see in the above picture}. Not a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind.

The top coat, in my opinion, didn't add as much shine as I would have liked; but that's just my personal preference. It did do the job of keeping chips and tip-wear at bay.

This was my first time trying polish from L.A. Girl. Is it the best quality? Definitely not. In fact, I suspect that L.A. Girl is behind Forever 21's Love & Beauty Nail Polish, as I encountered the same issues with both. That said, at this price point I would definitely re-buy {and recommend} this set, as you can work around the {few} formula probs.

What do you think of the ombre nail trend?


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ellie said...

I really love your nail art! Hmmm...some of these things you brought up..would be an issue. Yet, sometimes, I find myself mixing NY minute colors (a really cheap brand) with my Essie polishes. Not that I mix them together..but as in nail art that you've done here.

ivy said...

I so love the Blues here. I dunno. I might try this..I just might.

little luxury list said...

What a gorgeous range of shades! I haven't tried this brand either, but the color range looks great.

Chic 'n Cheap Living


Very nice. Now, this is one that I would love to try. I love blue and the sparkly style is my favourite.xx

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing mani, darling!
Must try this!


Unknown said...

I love this!!! Going ombre is so much easier :)

Sherin said...

The ombre nail trend looks like a fun one to try. I might have to go for it. I love these shades.

Tanisha E said...

love this blue. ive been feeling blue for a while.. must check this brand out..

Oh to Be a Muse said...

OK I've figured out how to do my nails for WWDMAGIC in a couple weeks--gradient look for sure! This is fantastic, especially with the glittery accent nail.

Sam said...

Love these stunning shades.

Unknown said...

Love it! our blue palette blew out over the holidays--I think people need a blue infusion to counterbalance all the other colors so dominant right now!

xo Mary Jo

Sara said...

So very pretty! I have had that issue with lighter colors, and it is a shame because I tend to gravitate to those the most!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Definitely not a bad price...thanks for the notes on the faults though! I like how you have a different color for each finger. Too cute!

ellie's desk said...

I so love the blues! What a great combination. I'll be on the look out for it!

www.janetteria.com said...

Beautiful for the next season!

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