Essie The New Neutrals Cashmere Matte Trio Swatches + Review

Last week I showed you Essie's Wrapped In Color Trio, and today I have the second half of the Cashmere Matte Collection for you - aka The New Neutrals. This trio is slightly more basic and staple shades-centric than the last; but, also like the Wrapped In Color Trio, brimming with beauty. Let's take a look!

Comfy In Cashmere is a Smoky Mauve-Meets Taupe with Blue/Green Micro-Iridescence. Introducing...the favorite. In the bottle I was semi-iffy on this shade; on the nail...total love. The blue/green micro-iridescence is so very visible here; and the overall texture is brilliantly silky and smooth. Despite the matte formula, Comfy In Cashmere was an absolute breeze to work with {another reason to love it!}This is 2 coats.

Wrap Me Up is an Eggshell White. Shades like this are a total weakness of mine. I adore how striking they look on the nail, while still remaining a neutral. The formula here was fairly easy to work with - it was a bit difficult to get it to level out; but, overall, no complaints. Definitely one of my favorite shades from this collection. This is 2 coats.

Spun In Luxe is a Black with Blue/Green Micro-Iridescence. I'm so bummed you guys. This was the number one shade I wanted from this collection, and it wound up being my least favorite. Maybe it's my skintone, or I got a wonky bottle; but I found that Spun In Luxe looked like a standard black matte on me - nary a streak of blue iridescence to be found {unless, perhaps, under a magnifying glass}. Formula-wise, however, it was flawless. This is 2 coats.

AVAILABILITY: Ulta for the full-size trio set {Sold Out}; Macy's, mass market merchandisers, drugstores, and department stores for individual bottles.

PRICE: $24.50 for the trio {Sold Out}; or buy individual bottles separately for $8.50 each.




Couture Carrie said...

Love Wrap Me Up!


ellie said...

Love! Love these colors. Especially the cashmere one. Great review!

ivy said...

Awesome review! Definite essential ESSIE all year round.

Tights Lover said...

The Spun in Luxe is so bold. I absolutely love it!

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Oooooh LOVE the cashmere!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I like the last color the best!!!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Comfy In Cashmere looks like such a cozy color :)

Elle Sees said...

i've def been wanting to see swatches of these! so glad you shared them with us!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh those are really fun!

Silvie said...

lovely colors...:)

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