valkyrie {urban armor gear review}

I have a tendency to choose iPhone cases for purely aesthetic reasons {i.e. a super cute illustration or fun shape}. While these clearly make my wardrobe happy; they oftentimes don't provide the type of protection that something as valuable {and can't-live-without} as an iPhone requires. Enter Urban Armor Gear {UAG for the initiated}.

I was super excited to receive an e-mail from UAG with an offer to review one of their cases. And, once I viewed their ultimate drop test from space video, I was fairly convinced that their iPhone cases would definitely have the strength to survive daily life with moi.

The selection was a no-brainer for me, I picked the Valkyrie iPhone 5s Case {$34.95 USD} in the shade Valkyrie because it was pink {with a few black accents}, and I love it. Seriously though, it has been my one and only for the last three weeks.

Despite the fact that the case has an armor shell and meets military drop-test standards, I find it to be incredibly lightweight {more so than previous cases I have owned}; yet still v sturdy and easily accessible. One thing I did not use is the HD Screen Protector that came with the case. Me and HD Screen Protectors, while I would love to use one, simply do not mesh well. They never lie flat for me, which I find incredibly frustrating.

I am so incredibly happy with this case, and will definitely be purchasing from UAG when I upgrade to an iPhone 6 in a few months. The quality and level of protection is truly amazing - especially considering the pricepoint.

How do you protect your smartphone?


Thanks to Urban Armor Gear for sponsoring this post!


ellie said...

Loved the review. Looks like one of the best cases out there to protect your phone. I love it in pink!

ivy said...

Awesome review! Love the look too. Really a great price too.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing case and review!


Paulina said...

Great post ;)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love the pink, and the case looks like it offers a lot of protection!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

If I had an iphone, I would need a case like this because I tend to drop things. haha I'm glad it's lightweight though too!


Sherin said...

Looks like such a great phone cover. I always drop my phone, so I need a versatile cover. And the colour is so pretty.

Unknown said...

Love this pink case! Can you believe that I don't have a case for my iPhone? I used to buy them but everytime I would take them off the phone because, for me, iPhone is too pretty to be put into anything. Do I even have to mention how many times it fell from the desks, walls and once even a terrace (I seriously don't know how the poor thing managed to survive the fall)...

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