december 2016 empties!

Given the fact that I change my nail color so frequently, I am a total snob when it comes to hand creams; so I was ecstatic when I received Delectable by Cake Beauty Sweet Mint & Cream Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream {$12.00} in my November 2016 ipsy bag. Ladies, this was love at first squeeze. The texture and density of this is just perfect - it's thick and firm, and not runny at all {thin, runny hand cream is my pet peeve}. The icing on the cake, however, is the scent: a rich, mint chocolate chip-inspired fragrance that is noticeable, but not cloying or overwhelming. The downside? The price is sliiiiightly steep for the bottle size. Womp womp. NOT a re-buy.

Y'all know how much I love deluxe mascara samples, so I was excited to try Smashbox X-Rated Mascara in RICH BLACK {$22.00} when I received it as a Free Gift With Purchase. Part of me loves this mascara; the other part feels ho hum - here's why: I'm obsessed with the brush because its huge {which I dig}, and I lovelovelove how rich the black color is; but I felt that I received different results from the product depending on how I did my makeup. On days when I skipped eyeliner, I loved the volume this added to my lashes {that big, bright-eyed look}; but I found that the length simply wasn't there when I was using eyeliner - my lashes felt stubby and not as dramatic as I like them. Due to the lack of length created when I used this one, it could never be keeper for me. NOT a re-buy.

I usually buy Real Techniques Beauty Blenders, but I liked the shape of this Up & Up Super Blender {$4.99}, so I thought I'd give it a shot. TBH, I'm surprised to see that this has received so many negative reviews, because I really liked it. In comparison to the Real Techniques Beauty Blender, this one is harder to the touch, but I actually feel as if it did a better job at blending {especially when damp}, and washed better. Now that this one had to be tossed, I'm back to the Real Techniques Beauty Blender, and I'm just not liking it. I plan on picking up more of these Up & Up Super Blenders ASAP, as they do the job better, and are amazingly priced! DEFINITE RE-BUY.

I'm not the biggest perfume fan, so I've been slowly but steadily making my way through Victoria's Secret Heavenly Eau de Parfum {$52.00} for what feels like forever, and finally...it's empty. But seriously...I love this scent. The mix of vanilla and sandalwood is a favorite combo of mine that truly is apropos for summer or winter wear. My one qualm is that it fades so fast! I feel as if I put it on in the morning, and the scent has completely dissolved before noon which is beyond frustrating IMO. NOT a re-buy.

Have you tried any of these products before? Thoughts?




ellie said...

Love these reviews! Oh..I so need more moisturizer. Ultra Repair Cream is my favorite for the harsh winters here.

ivy said...

The mist sounds so nice! Love the Thursday post!

Couture Carrie said...

Must try that hand cream!


little luxury list said...

Ooh the Delectable hand cream definitely sounds delectable. I have to check out the Up & Up blender now!

Unknown said...

Oh I hate it when perfume dissolves in a matter of hours, that's so frustrating! But I love reading these kinds of posts! xx

Elizabeth said...

Ahh, using up something you've had forever is such a good feeling! I love Victoria's Secret Heavenly, it's such a nostalglic scent for me.

The Fashion Folks said...

My blender has the exakt same shape and I think it works perfectly fine too! I mostly use it for concealer and it "leaves" the perfect amount of concealer on the skin and the rest can be easily blended to make it more natural. I had one before that kind of soaked up whatever I used it with haha. Terrible one. Anyways I need to get a new one too, mine is way too dirty *oops*! Xx


Midnight Cowgirl said...

I have yet to try a beauty blender, but the Up & Up Super Blender sounds awesome!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thanks for sharing - I love these posts. It really does give me ideas for things that I want to try, especially since I want to experiment/explore with makeup more.

www.janetteria.com said...

Great post, Erika!

Primrose said...

Love this post! definitely need to try that sponge! x


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