China Glaze Spring Cuties 6-Piece Mini Set Swatches + Review

Somehow I missed China Glaze's holiday 2016 collection {still not sure how that happened!}, so I have been waiting with bated breath for their Spring Cuties 6PC Mini Set to hit stores and fiiiinally it. is. here. Not gonna lie babes, this six-piece has a couple of misses; but is overall full of sizzling hits that you'll love to add to your collection for spring into summer. Swatch time!

Too Much Of A Good Fling is a Mint Creme. For a time I wore nothing but mint cremes, but it has been well over a year since I last rocked a similar shade and Too Much Of A Good Fling is seriously making me question why I waited so long. You guys, this color is so good! Chances are you own at least five polishes similar to this bad boy, but guess what? You need to add this one to your stash because the formula is user-friendly and quick to reach opacity; not to mention that it's full of natural shine. This may just be my fave from the collection! This is 2 coats.

Life Is Suite is a Nude Matte. You know those misses I mentioned in the intro? This one right here is numero uno. Though Life Is Suite doesn't look bad on the nail if you like that mannequin hands feel; the formula is...somewhat of a nightmare. As a matte finish it dries too quickly, so you can never really level it out, giving it a lumpy, uneven look. Formula aside, I have to be truthful and say this color is blech to me - I cannot stand it; it literally makes me feel as if I'm dead, and I'm 99.9% positive that you shouldn't feel that way when you paint your nails. This is 3 coats.

Crushin' On Blue is a Marine Blue with a Pearl Finish. Ermagersh ladies how pretty is this one?! Crushin' On Blue is the thing summer dreams are made of - it has that crystal clear waters feel to it that makes it ideal for vacay, without being your basic bright pink or orange. The formula here is thin and patchy; however, it's a breeze to work with, leaving an ultra-shiny finish and brilliant color in its wake! BTW: this baby doesn't stain. Huzzah! This is 3 coats.

Kiss My Sherbet Lips is a Fuchsia Creme with Blue Microshimmer. Darker than your typical summer shade, yes; but there's something about Kiss My Sherbet Lips that I straight. up. adore. The blue microshimmer throughout is insanely blink-and-you'll-miss-it subtle, but it's there and adds a fun, summer-y feel to the shade. Despite being dark, this one does require more coats than I expected; but it's super easy to work with, so def not a dealbreaker. This is one of my top 3 fave shades from this collection. This is 3 coats.

I Just Cant-Aloupe is a Peachy-Melon Creme. I have a tendency to gravitate towards peach-meets-coral-meets-melon shades when the temps rise, so I Just Cant-Aloupe quickly caught my eye. In the bottle it reads more pale peachy melon; however, on the nail I find that it feels more orange-based. Either way it's a gorgeous shade for hitting the beach; with a bomb formula that makes it easy breezy to swipe and go! This is 2 coats.

Beach It Up is a Rose Gold and Champagne Hexagonal Glitter with Holographic Bar Glitter. Color-wise, I think I could have really loved this one for summer, but the glitter on glitter really creates a hot mess of an effect that I'm just not feeling. I think that if there was a way to eliminate all of the lumpiness of the glitter and just keep Beach It Up's base color, I would repeat-wear it all summer; but barring that, this one is a big no. Formula was good though; and removal was a breeze - even though the chunky glitter would have you think otherwise. This is 3 coats.


PRICE: $15.00 for the 6PC Mini Set; or $7.50 per each full-size bottle.




ellie said...

So many pretty summer colors. Looks like a great formula too!

ivy said...

I'm a lover of the pinks and this set has plenty of them. Love the last color too!

Couture Carrie said...

Love all of these, especially the fuchsia!


Experiências e Constatações said...

I loved all of the nailpolishes except for the matte one. I don't really like matte. It feels weird. But the colour is amazing

Experiências e Constatações

Unknown said...

Oh dear, I'm loving them all, especially the mint one! xx

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Can a girl have too many mint nail polishes? Too Much Of A Good Fling is such a pretty color :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

The blue and mint are probably my favorite, so I'm glad those turned out well!

Tales of Two said...

The coral colour is so beautiful! I recently tried chrome nails-so coool !


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