{glossies made me do it} Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Lacquer Collection

Back at it again with the beauty inspo! For those of you who don't remember, Glossies Made Me Do It is a monthly feature I partake in with Lauren of Shooting Stars Mag and Ashley of Happy. Pretty. Sweet. wherein each one of us selects something {a recipe, a book, a hairstyle...} from a monthly magazine {glossy}, and try it for ourselves {made me do it}. Find out what glossies made me do for March; and visit both Lauren and Ashley today to see what glossies made them do!

I am so not a Disney Princess girl, but I've always resonated with Belle of Beauty and the Beast given her love of books, so when I learned about the Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Lacquer Collection in the Beauty Newsfeed section of the March/April 2017 issue of Seventeen Magazine {page 72}, I knew I had to make it mine, so off to Ulta I went!

The collection boasts 7 shades {including a transformer top coat}, which retail for $9.00 a bottle). While I would have loved to snag the blue creme {Gaston On and On and On}, I wanted the chance to try out a few shades from the collection {plus, never have I ever finished a full-size bottle of polish}, so I opted for the 4PC Mini Set, which only set me back $14.95, and places more than half of the collection in your hands.

The 4PC Mini Set includes the shades: The Last Petal {red pearl}, Potts Of Tea {alabaster iridescent}, Plumette With Excitement {light pink creme}, and Enchanted Patina {antique overlay that can be worn alone, or over another shade to transform the color}. I lovelovelove the fact that Enchanted Patina is included, because with its magic, it transforms this 4 piece collection into a 7 piece!

The downside? This collection only just arrived in my mailbox, so I haven't had a chance to swatch the shades yet; but I'm prepping for a big reveal closer to the March 17 release of the Beauty and the Beast film starring Emma Watson. I will say that Morgan Taylor has never let me down in the formula department, so I'm expecting amazing things from this magical quartet!




ellie said...

Awesome colors! Beautiful post! Can't wait to see the movie, either.. Have a great weekend.

ivy said...

Oh so sweet! So want to try these! Happy Friday!

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful nail polish set! Can't wait to see your review!


bellodiesseredonna said...

kit di smalto spettacolare

Marta said...

The nail polishes have such pretty colors!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

That issue of Seventeen had so many good things in it! I'm so excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and that nail polish looks fantastic :)

The Fashion Folks said...

Hahah of course you would choose to try the nail polishes from the magazine! But perfect timing though with the movie's release soon and I'm definitely looking forward to hear a proper review! Have a lovely weekend! Xx


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I loved Seventeen's issue and I saw these too! I really want to try them out. :)


Sunshine and Elephants said...

I can already see you rocking this great set of colors! I hope more people join in on this link up; its such a cute idea! :)

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