Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast 4PC Mini Set Swatches + Review

Beauty and the Beast's Belle has held a special place in my heart since I was an itty bitty baby {or something along those lines}, due to her incredible love of books {which mirrors my own}; and while I'm still not sure if I'll be seeing the film {though it does look perfect for date night}}, you know I had to pick up the Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast 4PC Mini Set. As with all {and I do mean all} Morgan Taylor nail collections, this one is spectacular and actually allows for the creation of 7 nail looks due to the inclusion of a transforming top coat that is so much fun to play with. Peep all the pretty {err...Beauty} below!

The Last Petal is a Red Pearl. Ooh ladies, this color gives me all of the feels! If you love a good red, then this pearlized crimson with burgundy undertones needs to make its way into your polish collection pronto! The Last Petal applies brilliantly, creating a rich mani with depth in just one coat! To the top left + lower right: 1 Coat of The Last Petal. To the top right + lower left: 1 Coat of The Last Petal topped with 1 Coat of Enchanted Patina.

Potts Of Tea is an Alabaster Iridescent. In the bottle, Potts Of Tea looks like a v pale gray; once applied, you see that it's actually a milky alabaster with pink and blue microshimmer that makes the shade read as an icy pale blue. It's a v Cinderella-esque shade that is lush for winter, but not one I see myself repeat-wearing. The formula here is good - it's milky but not sheer, and builds opacity quickly; Mrs. Potts would be proud. To the top left + lower right: 3 Coats of Potts Of Tea. To the top right + lower left: 1 Coat of The Last Petal topped with 1 Coat of Enchanted Patina.

Plumette With Excitement is a Light Pink Creme. As somewhat of a baby pink polish connoisseur {seriously}, I would say that Plumette With Excitement reads more as a pastel peach creme, and that is more than okay because it makes it more unique in my personal collection, and I love that. This one has a v thin consistency that never tries to mingle with your cuticles {huzzah!}, but does require multiple coats to reach opacity. Preeetty sure this is the perfect shade for spring! To the top left + lower right: 3 Coats of Plumette With Excitement. To the top right + lower left: 1 Coat of The Last Petal topped with 1 Coat of Enchanted Patina.

Enchanted Patina is an Antique Duochrome Overlay. While I can't say that I was craaazy over using this baby as a top coat {it was interesting but not something I would repeat}, as a color used on its own, I'm really feeling it. If you dig a neutral nail with a bit of pizzazz, you need to get your hands on Enchanted Patina pronto. It's perfect for spring, what with its duochrome shift from pink to peridot to gold, without being OTT. The formula here was perfection - a duo of coats for complete opacity with little tipwear over the course of one week of wearing. Definitely a standout! This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $14.95 for the 4PC Mini Set; or $9.00 per each full-size bottle.




ellie said...

Love these colors! & I want to see the movie too!

ivy said...

ooooh..love that pot of gold one. Must get this from Ultra!

Couture Carrie said...

Love the red!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Love it! I think my favorite is The Last Petal. I'll be seeing the movie tomorrow; I'm excited - I love Emma Watson, but Beauty and the Beast was never my most favorite Disney film. I do love Belle and her love for books though. :)

Marta said...

Oh my, they're all so pretty!

little luxury list said...

What a fab collection - I'd wear all the colors!

Experiências e Constatações said...

Well, I just found love! And it's on a nailpolish!!!


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