Smitten Saturday

My Buddy So, I have a confession to make. I’m currently harboring a “little” crush on someone at work. He has hair that sticks up in every which direction, is always smiling, and, my personal favorite, wears the most adorable Buddy Holly-inspired glasses. He’s nerdy-cute, and I don’t even know his name. I do, however, know that his retro eyewear has me giddy. Now, whenever I see Buddy Holly frames, I can’t help but think of him. These Shuron Freeway Eyeglasses remind me of when he was singing in the hallway. These remind me of the quick, shy glances we exchanged in the cafeteria. And these make me think of the oh-so casual way he tosses his sweatshirt over his shoulder. I can’t help myself; I would love to make the cute boy, in addition to a pair of these glasses, my buddy!

Panties & Polish Matching your nail polish to your blouse, dress, even your shoes, I have heard of. Matching your nail polish to your skivvies, however? It’s something new to me; yet it piques my interest and makes me want to pull out my wallet. Hanky Panky’s new Signature Lace Low Rise Thong and Polish Set has just made its way to the tip top of my wish list. I plan on reserving the Chai/Bliss Pink offering, which accompanies the blushing Ballet Slipper polish for demure moments that call for something classic and understated; and using the Diva Blue/Coral Reef set featuring a Geranium colored polish that is simply burning up for those days when I’m feeling spicy. Sure, you may be the only one to know that your underthings match your nails; but that’s the fun of it, right?

Ice, Ice Baby I introduced all of you to my gush-worthy 8 7/8 Carat Smokey Quartz & Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring on Monday. Since then, I have not taken the beautiful bauble off my finger. It has become a part of me. In fact, I find it difficult to even separate with it long enough to take a shower each day. Thus, due to my passion for the gorgeous gem, I have already begun contemplating my next Ice.com purchase. First up is the 9 Carat Green Amethyst & Black Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring that my blogging pal La C. is lucky enough to call her own; and which reminds me ever so much of one of my favorite types of ice cream – Mint Chocolate Chip! Second is the 9 Carat Rainbow Moonstone and Iolite Sterling Silver Ring. And third is the 6 3/4 Carat Citrine & Smokey Quartz Sterling Silver Ring. Forgive the Vanilla Ice reference, but it’s completely necessary...“Ice, Ice Baby...”

Gingham Girl While many equate tribes of ants with picnics, I find that there is one other thing that should be completely synonymous with the fun gatherings…gingham! It’s a print that can work for the wellie-wearing farm girl, or the stiletto strutting city dweller. Free People’s Picnic Plaid Matador is hands-down my favorite piece. The yellow color (it’s also available in black and red gingham) is summery and fun; but the lace crocheting and drawstring tie in the back, paired with the pintucking in the font give it a sophisticated flair. This pink gingham shirt dress is the perfect toss on for casual days when you’re looking for something light and airy to run around in. This Navy Rockabilly Gingham Cocktail Dress is just sassy enough to wear for a Hamptons-inspired getaway complete with a big straw hat and sunglasses to make you feel incognito. And Betsey Johnson’s Gingham Taffeta Halter Sundress is simply perfect for a retro party. There’s no question about it, I am a Gingham Girl through and through!

Cupcake Craze Vanessa Cantave, Executive Chef of New York City ’s Yum Yum Chefs once said “With cupcakes, everyone can have her own personal dessert. Plus, they’re so cute!” Truer words have never been spoken. And, since I am currently in the mood for a little party, I believe that cupcakes are an essential way to get into the celebratory spirit. Cupcake Royale’s Red Velvet offering looks scrum-diddly-umptious; and the fact that it’s known as the “Scarlet O’Hara of the pastry case” makes me desperate to indulge in one or two. I was given a Black Forest Cake for my sixteenth birthday. Despite my age, when no one was looking I scraped all of the glazed cherries off the top and ate them in one sitting, leaving the rest of the cake behind. Cupcake Café’s Black Forest Cupcake reminds me of that day; plus it gives me the opportunity to indulge in chocolate and cherries without any guilt. And the treats at Dots Cupcakes are just too pretty not to love – I’ll take one of everything!

Twilight Aside from Buffy’s daring dances with vampires as she strived to slay them one by one, I have never been very interested in the blood-sucking beings. But since being introduced to Edward Cullen, all that has changed. I am almost finished with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and am adoring every moment of it. There are so many wonderful bits. It takes place in Seattle (a location I am desperate to visit); the writing is lyrical and poetic; and best of all, it features a handsome, rogue vampire by the name of Edward Cullen who has captured my heart. I truly do not care if it’s abnormal; I want to marry a fictional character, plain and simple.

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to La Couturier and Free People for the pictures.


Leia said...

I'm smiling about your little crush! I do so hope that he notices you through those great glasses and asks you out ;)

I've never read Twilight, but today I read in Reader's Digest a question that someone had written to an agony aunt: She said she was desperately in love with Edward Cullen and it was hindering her from having relationships with "real" men in her life!

My favorite of the Ice rings that you linked to is the Moonstone and Iolite ring. I wonder if they ship to the UK... maybe I need to pick something out for my birthday in a couple of months!

Have a lovely weekend :)

Anonymous said...

love the gingham!

red velvet cupcakes are heaven

Couture Carrie said...

I neeeed a red velvet cupcake!

Love this post, darling! Your crush sounds like a cutie :)

Saw this pic and thought of you:


Charlotte said...

I'm also reading a book from the twilight series, the third one: New Moon. I love those books, but there's one negative point about them, they make me so jealous at Bella :P.

Oh, and good luck with your crush :)!

Little Bow Prep said...

Cute post!

I like the gingham :)

Unknown said...

so many goodies in one post! good luck with your little crush!! ;-)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I had a crush on a boy at work too, and I had a boyfriend who I had been with for nine years. But I couldn't resist my crush. We've been hitched for two years. I'm loving that citrine ring and gingham. So summery!

Meream said...

Your story about your crush made me laugh! Give us updates about this, okay? :D

Twilight is good. The rest are just okay. (DONT KILL ME, TWILIGHT FANS).

Angela said...

i really enjoyed myself reading twilight saga... : )

jess said...

I love gingham. Your crush sounds adorable.I hope things work out.

Anonymous said...

You're crush sounds nerdily cute! Matching nail polish with undies, well that makes sense, ahah. Cupcakes are oh so yummy, i ordered specif designs recently. And Edward Cullen is beyond amazing, for about 3 months i was convinced that he was alive, I still kind of am.

Nikolett said...

Your mission: find out his name! He sounds adorable and I love guys that are able to pull off those glasses, plus messy stick-out hair.

Matching polish to your panties is something that sounds so sexy, especially when the significant other is the only one who knows about it besides you!

And yum at both cupcakes and 'Twilight' ... yes, vampires are yummy haha.

This week, I'm smitten with sundried tomatoes. Weird, I know, but it's such a delicious addition to any meal.

Mom Fashion World said...

i must read twilight soon!

Anonymous said...

haha your crush wears glasses! yAY! and twilight <3

Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

Lovely post! You´re such a good writer :)

Sasi said...

It's so nice to hear about your crush:)

The panties&polish combo is such a cute idea, I love the blue one!

candela said...

really cool blog!!
I love twilight too, I've read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn too.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

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