The Haute Hostess

Much like Samantha Sweeting, the star of Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess, I am what you would kindly refer to as domestically challenged. I can’t sew a stitch without pricking my finger. Whipping up a quick cake typically results in a mini fire. And using the dryer without shrinking my entire wardrobe? Completely impossible. But, I digress, while browsing through Costco yesterday, I came upon something that could transform me, you, or Sex and the City’s style savvy Carrie Bradshaw from the Undomestic Goddess into the Haute Hostess.

It is not everyday that I find myself wandering the fine china aisle, so I can only chalk it up to fate that I should decide to sashay that way on this particular day; for sitting there under secure lock and key was the most divine set of entertaining accessories one could ever hope to find. The Rosanna Flavored Martini 9-Piece is the fledgling fashion-forward entertainer’s dream come true. Why? It’s dressy not dowdy. Sleek never sloppy. And without a doubt ostentatious not old hat.

The four plates each showcase a different type of chichi beverage being orbited by colorful polka dots of varying sizes. The yellow bedecked piece represents the tart Lemon Martini. The tangerine adorned bit stands for the sweet Tangerine Martini. The green gilded arrangement expresses the slightly sour Apple Martini. And the punchy pink vignette embodies Ms. Bradshaw’s drink du jour, the Cosmopolitan. Each plate has a matching coaster which creates a very blissful and oh-so fashionable place setting. But my personal favorite is item numero neuf…the milky white serving tray sporting splashy pink polka dots, and illustrations displaying each swank drink. It is this last little touch that makes the Haute Hostess truly come to life.

Oh yes, I can already feel the undomestic goddess slipping away from me. Gone are the ballerina flats that were just adorning my feet; in their place, shimmery stilettos. My skinny jeans and billowy tunic have been replaced with a frou-frou frock. The understated band perched upon my index finger and charm found at my throat have morphed into a statement necklace and cocktail ring. My sloppy bedhead has been yanked into a chic chignon. And in my hand? The Rosanna Flavored Martini 9-Piece, of course. I’m about to introduce the Haute Hostess to the world…care to come to my debut?


Meream said...

I was pretty undomestic when I was younger (even though I learned to sew at 12). But my love affair with "keeping house" started when I realized that I loved browsing the kitchen and houseware section at the malls. Pretty plates and teapots are my weakness.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

My name is Kristin and I struggle to be domestic despite being a SAHM. Love those dishes!

Shop Girl said...

Omigosh this post is my life story! I usually coerce my mom to do my laundry for me, I've only made cupcakes twice in my lifetime and I have never cooked a dinner by myself...ever!! haha Speaking of which...I need to switch loads!

Couture Carrie said...

Love your writing in this post! The plates are fab!


P.S. Now I need a 'tini!

Anonymous said...

i just find the whole martini theme perfect and hilarious

Sherin said...

That 9-piece is so cool. I'm domestically challenged too (my mum is desperately trying to change that though).

cherry_melancholic said...

aww, adorable :)
thanks for your lovely comment btw<3

ana said...

This is so cool, they are really pretty... when I was in college I was very undomestic but now that I'm married I don't know why I'm so organized with home and I actually prepare some meals jaja
I love all this pretty stuff for homes
Have a great weekend :)

Angela said...

i am totally into this domestic thing recently. boy, must be getting older and more mature uh... : )

Emz said...

Those are so cool! I read that book in the bookstore hehe =)

Marian said...

what a delightful set sweetie pie! love the punch of colour!
Happy weekend darling.
muah x

Little Bow Prep said...

What a darling set!

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