Smitten Saturday

Ribbons, and Rhinestones, and Romance, Oh My! While I am a self-professed fashionista, I am a broke fashionista; so I have always turned to rhinestones as a way to satisfy my diamond-laden dreams. It was not until I spotted this Rhinestone Satin Necklace from Forever 21, however, that I realized just how much of a statement a few well-placed rhinestones, and an exquisitely colored piece of satin or ribbon could make when draped about a swan-like neck. I am now eyeing this Miu Miu Satin Bow Necklace, this Vera Wang Lavender Label Crystal Triangle Necklace which can double as a belt (!), and this Victorian inspired Jewels & Lace Ribbon Necklace from Forever 21. I can just picture the romantic excursions that may take place when donning one of these gems!

Shopping Sprees & Chocolate I am a girl; thus, there are two things that make me over-the-top happy...shopping sprees and chocolate. So it is no surprise that I am hungry (no pun intended) to find a way to merge my two passions together. And I have. Gayle’s Chocolates has brought edible footwear to my attention via the Chocolate High Heel Shoe which is, quite possibly, the most delicious piece of footwear I have ever laid eyes on. The question is...would I be able to eat such a glorious sweet without feeling guilty.

Buffalo Bill I have just made a splendrous new discovery in the form of Buffalo Exchange. No, it is not a place to exchange buffalos, or other large breeds of cattle; nor is it a stagecoach stop located in a prairie someplace in the middle of nowhere. Rather, Buffalo Exchange is a place for fashionista’s (like you and me) to trade clothes and accessories that we’re completely bored with for new pieces, or, even better, cash! It’s like a thrift store that caters entirely to the fashion obsessed; and, if you’re not as excited as me already, today is Dollar Day! What if I find a Chanel Quilted Handbag, or a cute Coach Cuff Bracelet for just a buck? It would be the highlight of my day. Scratch that...the highlight of my year. I’m about five seconds away from hopping in my car and gunning the engine...ladies and gentleman please kindly move out of the way, I’m headed to Buffalo Exchange!

Suspended! Suspenders have always been synonymous with the nerdy Steve Urkel, and large lumberjacks. But high fashion is changing that; attaching them to pencil skirts and short shorts that provide a throwback to the days when wearing overalls wasn’t solely for farmers. Which is why...well...I seriously want a pair! These Twinkle Jewels Entwined All Shook Up Suspender Shorts in Black? Kind of the most amazing pair I have ever laid eyes on. They retain that office-attire sophistication with a splash of fun – it just depends on the top you pair with them! Blame it on a childhood of reading The Little Engine That Could over and over again, but I’ve always harbored secret dreams of becoming an engineer or train conductor. My lack of math skills prohibits such a career; but it doesn’t prohibit me from traipsing around town in these super McQ Sale Engineer Shorts with Suspenders 016W. And this Betsey Johnson Show Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress? It simply brought a new way to wear suspenders to my attention in a form that I absolutely adore.

Lipnotize Me Sally Hansen has seemingly been around forever, but only just recently did I unearth Lipnotic Gem Gloss. Take it from someone who has not only tried almost every lip gloss known to man, but carries no less than five tubes of lip gloss in her purse at all times; this is the lip gloss only found in dreams. I have been perusing Treasure (# 10) over the past few weeks, and have never been happier. Smooth, shiny, shimmery, long-lasting...it’s like diamonds for your lips. And we all know that diamonds are a girls’ best friend.

Lanvin Lust Over the past few weeks I have noticed a pattern in my fashion cravings. They have all been released by the luscious Lanvin. What better way to display a little journalistic integrity than by toting your much-needed pen and paper about town in this lovely; aptly titled The Reporter? How can you possibly embrace your inner-socialite without these Swarovski Crystal embellished Satin Ankle-Strap Pumps adorning your tootsies? How can you even begin to contemplate making it through the day without this Smokey Crystal Ring sitting pretty on your finger? Yes, I’m lusting over Lanvin, and there’s no ending in sight!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Revolve Clothing for the pictures.


Leia said...

Oh, that Miu Miu necklace is to die for... I absolutely love rhinestones!

Angela said...

those chocolate heels look delicious but i will feel bad eathing them though.

Couture Carrie said...

I am smitten too! Love the suspendered shorts - so fab!

You always have the best link lists, darling!


Shop Girl said...

I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen and that Lanvin reporter leather bag... I am already scheming how i will come up with $1500 for that. hahah great post!


ana said...

Hey that Buffalo Exchange idea its amazing!
and Forever 21 I love everything in that store!

Nikolett said...

Ah, I wish I could pull off suspenders! And wow, that Miu Miu necklace is adorable.

I found your site through Fab Brunette's, by the way! :)

Sherin said...

I love shopping and chocolate - both are the way to my heart. OMG, I want (need) those chocolate heels!!!

Gracie said...

aww these made me smile :)
and alber elbaz is an absolute genius, I adore every one of his desings!!!

Casey Lewis said...

I've been lusting after that Miu Miu necklace too! And oh, sweet Lanvin... so lovely!

fashionbox said...

yes i am still smitten with my bargain dior sunnies! i should post them ;P i love reading your latest anecdotes and discoveries, blog-brightens my day!

channy <333

Emz said...

I'm smitten with your choices! hahaha. They're all so lovely... Oh if only I had an endless bank account

Anonymous said...

oo bring the suspenders on!

miriam said...

lovely choices! i'd just got back from a day on the town. i got a new 2-piece from H&M and Henrik Vibskov - smitten smitten i am.

Unknown said...

Emmmm chocolate heels, love the Buffalo Exchange, my friends and i always hit it up!

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