Tomboy for a Day

Up until the time I was fifteen I was the biggest tomboy you would ever meet. Okay, so I wasn’t out in the streets playing basketball with the boys; but I was decked out in backwards baseball caps, baggy jeans, and beat-up tennis shoes twenty-four/seven. It’s a memory that I would love to put behind me; but ever since I was introduced to the waifish pixie Agyness Deyn and her oftentimes boyish style, I’ve wanted to revert back to my old tomboy ways...at least occasionally.

Forever 21 “Crinkled Plaid Shirt II” Plaid used to be synonymous with lumberjacks and the grunge movement; but since making its way back into the world of fashion everyone from Lauren Conrad to Lindsay Lohan has been rocking the trend. The absolute best thing about this look is that it’s androgynous (much like Aggy herself) making it a must-have staple in the world of a tomboy. My favorite plaid piece right now? This Crinkled Plaid Shirt II. The color and fit is feminine, but the style is slightly masculine. Pair this with cropped jeans and you’d easily get that retro, Grease lightning vibe that John Travolta’s Danny Zuko had down so well.

Stephenson Jeans “Other Brother” It’s impossible to embrace the tomboy style without a good pair of jeans by your side. And what better pair than those created by Amy Stephenson, an individual who has literally titled her designs as “tomboy chic.” They’re understated yet unbelievably classy. The single brass button manages to give these divine denim divas a look that is both retro yet modern. And the bootcut provides the option of wearing them with heels when you’re feeling girly, or sneakers when you’re trying for that tough girl tomboy touch.

Urban Outfitters “Spillane Straw Fedora” Hats are to boys what headbands are to Blair Waldorf – practically inseparable. Unfortunately, boys are usually unaware that the beat-up trucker hat they’re so reliant on isn’t the most fashion-forward piece in the shop. To go tomboy, you won’t be needing a headband, but you don’t have to give it up for a hat that makes you cringe either. A great alternative to the typical baseball cap is this Spillane Straw Fedora. The color is neutral, so it will go with anything; and the fedora has become a versatile, trendy accessory for both males and females. So you can wear it with your sundress next week when you’re feeling feminine, mysterious, and flirty!

axcess “Jolie Cross-Body Shoulder Bag” The cross-body bag is a more feminine version of the messenger bag. This Jolie Cross-Body Shoulder Bag is no exception. Not only does it possess a very vintage vibe; but it’s loaded with pockets that are eagerly awaiting the chance to give your keys, cell phone, credit cards and other personal paraphernalia a new home. The dark tobacco color is perfect for the tomboy in you, and the rugged style will make you feel like Tomb Raider herself whenever you toss it on. In fact, I feel like Lara Croft just looking at it!

Dr. Martens “Purple Smooth” Believe what you will, but much to popular belief, Dr. Martens are not specifically made for construction workers or Goths. In fact, they are a fabulous form of footwear that I have been wearing since the eighth grade (though I wanted them when I was in the fourth). Aggy wears them in various colors all the time, and Natalia Vodianova recently wore them on the cover of Jalouse. Thus, the tomboy footwear du jour? Dr. Martens in Purple Smooth, of course! The color would look absolutely perfect paired with black; and even better is the fact that you can tuck your jeans into them, or toss them over. Either way is simply splendrous!

What’s your favorite tomboy fashion?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Kohl's, and Dr. Martens for the pictures.


Couture Carrie said...

Looove this look you've put together, E! That hat is tres fab!


Leia said...

Hehe - you and your Docs! Nobody does Tomboy Chic like Aggy and although it's not a look that I strive to achieve myself, I do admire her bold attitude from afar!

Emz said...

I love these picks! The plaid shirt reminds me of the one Chris Pine's been wearing around .Almost daily, it seems. haha

ana said...

Hey! the shirt is so pretty
thanks for your kind comments always girl!

Sherin said...

I am still fairly tomboyish. But luckily have grown out of the wearing a cap backwards phase. I have a similar shirt to the f.21 one, but mines green and from H&M.

Diane said...

those are all so very cute. loving that top!

Anonymous said...

love aggy and love those purple docs, such a great color!

Unknown said...

The pink plaid shirt is cute and def retro...it reminds me of a shirt I saw my mom wearing in a picture from the 70s! :) Very cute pink though. I had a pair of pink plaid shorts that I wore all the time last summer...and now that I lost weight they dont fit...so now Ive been searching for a new pair! :)

Angela said...

comfy and savvy!

Keith said...

One of my buddies growing up was a tomboy. She stayed that way for years. We actually though she was a lesbian when we got older. It turned out she married one of our other buddies. She said she had been in love with him since we were kids and all playing together.

Meream said...

Oh man, I need a fedora. Like NOW. I can just imagine the many wonderful things I can wear together with a fedora.

Lexie said...

if that bag was real leather i'd be ALLL over it!

i'm a huge fan of plaid! the colors in that shirt are super cute.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Fabulous look! And I love my very worn cross body shoulder bag!

Little Bow Prep said...

Interesting post :)

kadler said...

Those Docs are so hot. Unfortunately, I could never pull them off in a million years :)

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