♥ Fashionably Moi! ♥

Wearing: Forever 21 Rib Knit Collar Bomber in Cream; Forever 21 Essential V-Neck Cami in Purple; 5-Mock Pocket Jeggings II in Dark Denim via Forever 21; Nine West Convinceme Boot in Medium Brown; Forever 21 Key to Love Double Ring.

Reading: Delicious Dating: The Single Girl’s Guide to Decoding Men By Their Wining and Dining Styles by Babe Scott. Can Babe please be my new BFF? Seriously, j’adore her! She is the foodie’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw – instead of comparing boys/relationships to designer duds, she compares them to dinner. Amour!

Glamourizing: Nails: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in DWS. Lips: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Passion Fruit Pop. The very best part about this lippy? It tastes like a Cherry Otter Pop - mon préféré! Eyes: mark Mini Mark It Stick Hook Up Stick for Eyes in Cocoa Bean.

Listening: My Only Wish by Jessica Simpson.

Adoring: Impromptu excursions to San Diego’s Horton Plaza for shoe shopping at Nordstrom, ice skating at the Ice Rink at Horton Square, and Hot Chocolate at Starbucks. Non, I do not mind that I spend 97% of the time falling upon my Paige Denim-clad derriere – it is all part of le fun! Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Mouse Slippers with Sherpa Lining. Seeing as how Christmas Eve is a mere deux jours away, these seem incredibly approprie pour l'occasion, mais oui? After all, as the story goes…“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…” Amour! Entire days spent decorating, baking, and wrapping gifts in my Circo Pink Cozy Pajama Set via Target. Oui, bought from the children’s section, but so incredibly cute, consenti? I believe that they were made specifically with Café Fashionista in mind – they are adorned with illustrated steaming mugs of hot cocoa!

Watching: ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. Though I adore the common holiday fare such as Home Alone, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Eloise at Christmastime, The Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th St., and A Christmas Story; two of my absolute favorite features are Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey and The First Christmas - both of which make me cry upon each viewing. Please, please, please if you have not yet seen them, do so tout de suite! They will give you a new appreciation for the holidays; and are so incredibly charming. J’adore!

Desiring: American Apparel’s Sparkle Pantyhose in Black/Silver and Black/Gold. The subtle shimmer creates quite the irrésistible illusion, if you ask me; prompting one’s many admirers to ask themselves, “Was there glitter on that girls gams?” Fabuleux, mais oui? I think so. Me les donner maintenant! Jessica Kerwin Jenkins’ Encyclopedia of the Exquisite: An Anecdotal History of Elegant Delights. After perusing a few pages via Barnes & Noble, I am convinced that my personal library is absolutely barren until this enchanting volume is added to it. For lack of better words, it reeks of Diana Vreeland and Marie Antoinette - J'ai besoin de tout de suite, s'il vous plait! Silky sleep and loungewear that whispers over one’s skin in a seductive yet oh-so coquettish fashion a la Club Monaco’s Lori Camisole, Marcella Shorts, Lori Bra, and Lori Knickers. Silk should be a staple in every glamorous girl’s lingerie drawer, oui?

Quoting: How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby - “Shouldn’t we hold out for the person who doesn’t just tolerate our little quirks, but actually likes them?”

Awaiting: Jolly Old Saint Nick. I have already begun preparing his care package – a tradition I created back when I was seven. Carrots for the reindeer, cookies and milk for Santa himself, and a little box full of handmade ornaments for Mrs. Claus back at the North Pole. Given the fact that Santa has left me prezzies for years, it only seems fair to shower him (and his captivating cohorts) with a few, as well!

But enough about moi; let’s talk about…vous. Time to give me the lowdown on your life, lovers! What are you up to this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It for the picture.

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Unknown said...

Also waiting for Christmas Eve and to see the look of my boys faces on Christmas Day! Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!

Elle Sees said...

love this list. i need to start one!

Tiffany Kadani said...

We need to just spend one day together so all your awesomeness can rub off onto me. And I am going shoe shopping at Nordy's today. And I would so love to get you that dating book. I love the concept!

Leia said...

Aww it sounds like such a fun week! I want to go ice skating! And those PJs are absolutely adorable. :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

That dating book sounds interesting!!

Jamie said...

ABC Family 25 days of Christmas is the best thing ever! I look forward to it every year and tivo absolutely everything! LOL


Bonnie said...

ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas is one of the best things ever.
Oh, and I love pretty much everything else that you just said. :)


Joanne said...

I'm all about final preparations for the holiday now, just putting the finishing touches on my Christmas menu, decorating the dining room, and relaxing by the tree in the evening, enjoying these beautiful moments ...

Merry Christmas, Erika, and wishing you a Happy and Stylin' New Year!

Norwegiantage said...

great list! cute blog :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo and your blog!



carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

finally, after wrapping all the gifts today I'm able to relax and enjoy a cup of tea... love that sequined top darling! xo

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I am so obsessed with those MJ slippers!

Natasha said...

Those boots are fierce and I love Ted's quote from HIMYM. As for the Starbucks hot chocolate, delish, but I can't have it. :( Happy Wednesday, E.

fashion junkie said...

Oooh your outfit sounds fabulous!! This weekend will be spent with friends and family, and of course eating a lot of tamales!!! :)

Happy Holidays!!


Sootjeelina said...

I love these things! And the picture is gorgeous too. And I am currently adoring hats and this time of year; the snow outside, partying, having fun with my family.... It's enchanting.
Btw, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Maddy said...

Oh, how I love those Marc by Marc Jacobs slippers!! I can see myself sipping some hot cocoa and wearing my cozy slippers by the Christmas tree :) Merry Christmas, Erika!! And Happy Birthday!! Hope you don't get cheated with those combined Birthday/Christmas gifts ;o)

Leigh said...

this was an awesome post! right now i am loving everything black, my skinny cargo pants, my tuxedo blazer (as usual!!!), and ankle boots.
thanks for commenting on my blog by the way!


paislea said...

lovelovelove that picture!!!

you always have the best posts!! i too am awaiting jolly saint nick to bring me some fun treats!!

allister bee blog

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Wonderful things to be loving this week! The care package for Santa is such a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

i love these posts, and ted mosby;) i can't wait for christmas, it's my favourite holiday!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post, darling!
Loving that quote!


ellie said...

So many fab things! Love Ted Mosby!

The Blonde Duck said...

That care package idea is precious. I love it. It's so you.

I've got 10 relatives coming in tomorrow I'm hosting and entertaining for three days (cooking Christmas eve and Christmas day dinner) and early morning on the 26th we're driving to the in-laws for a week in Shreveport.


Liz said...

I'm loving my very first pair of black booties! They are my new favorite cold weather heels and I have all my holiday outfits planned around them! I am also desperately waiting the holidays this weekend! Have a very happy holiday weekend!

lucy and sarah said...

Totally love the lippy & more. Such a cool post.

molly said...

Oh, Love that about the care package.

Still so many packages to wrap.

ivy's closet said...

What a great tradition! Love the things you mentioned. Hope you are having a warm week.

Getting ready for a big snow storm tomorrow. The trucks our out preparing. I'm afraid its gonna be big and I'll be stuck at work.

Sherin said...

I'm in love with the jacket you're wearing. It's so pretty.

Frozen Fashion said...

Can you believe this? Forever 21 just opened on St. Catherine Street here in Montreal on Dec 18th......and I haven't been there yet!

Shall you slap my wrist!

I even walked by the store few mere hours ago!

Terrible! Terrible Terrible!



ps, I am awating delivery of the Kiki Stike's series! I can't wait!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

I love ABC Family's 25 Day of Christmas! I always have to watch all the movies on there and on the Hallmark channel. Best way to get into the holiday spirit I think! :)

The American Apparel pantyhose are perfect! They'll add just the right amount of shimmer to any outfit!

And your care package for Santa is SO sweet!

Tights Lover said...

Ah. There are few things in the world better than the shoe section at Nordstrom. I wouldn't mind dropping by there, myself!

Delicious dating sounds interesting...although, I'm a bit afraid of what dinner I might compar too...hahaha!

ps. Nice care package! Santa gets hooked up in the Cafe Fashionista household!

Punctuation Mark said...

i love all the christmas specials... especially the peanuts ones!!! thank for loving my tree!!!

Unknown said...

Fun fun! Sounds like you are having a great pre-holiday Erika! You always desire the most fabulous things that somehow sneak onto my list too and I am wanting those same sparkling AA pantyhose!

Sending you lots of hot cocoa happiness!

xoxo Mary Jo

ediot said...

that's one stunning photo! this week is christmas so- tomorrow we'll be decorating the tree and eat tacos. YUMYUM my favorite dish ;)
will also exchange gifts with a friend(just swapping- not opening until christmas eve)
hope you're having a good week darling
take care

Josie said...

I HAVE to check out that book; it sounds like absolute perfection! And I am so with you on the 25 Days of Christmas; I'm addicted to it!
xo Josie

Unknown said...

That's so fashionable:D Love ur list! And I want to see the cream bomber! Thanks so much for giving me props for my jewelery sweetie. Have a sweet and relaxing christmas.

Love Iben

Leah said...

That book sounds looks like a really interesting read, not that I need to practice the method. Hahaha!

Advance Merry Christmas Erika! xoxo

Dina's Days said...

Your boots are incredible! St. Nick's care package is too cute. What am I up to? Oh just waiting until Christmas Eve to do my shopping. Luckily it's not too much..but still! I think I work best under pressure.

Merry Christmas!

Lee Oliveira said...

I love colours. so purple with cream and touch of brown surely made you look prettier.
I am also obsessed with My only Wish.

Ryan said...

Your week sounds lovely. I am just waiting for my work day to be over tomorrow so I can enjoy the holidays. xoxo

this free bird said...

Erika I'm running off to Canada and wanted to wish you an early Merry Christmas/Holiday! Have a great one my dear!!


Unknown said...

I simply have work today and tons of family and close family friends time in the next three days!! It doesn't quite feel like Christmas though for some reason.
I love what you're up to, especially the quoting. I just finally caught up on How I Met Your Mother, and I love it more than ever! And of course your outfit seems so chic and cozy and perfect!

Audrey Allure said...

I've been watching ABC Family too - love all of these Christmas movies :)

Rocio said...

Hahaha love that quote!=)

Aya said...

Love this! I want to do a blog post like this! xo

Izzy said...

I totally look forward to ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas every year, love everything they show! :):)

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