Ciaté Beach House Collection Review

After the wild success that can only be described as the Ciaté Dolls House Collection, I had to click Add to Cart when I saw the listing for the Ciaté Beach House Collection at Sephora. I mean, the adorable factor that I loved about the Dolls House Collection in summer Beach House form...how could I not?

The Beach House Collection is quintessential summer. While many nail polish companies went the route of neons for 2014; the 4 creme shades and 1 holographic glitter top coat found within this uber-cute collection focus more on bright, beach-inspired hues that will instantly put you in vacay mode. Let's swoon over the swatches...

Palm Tree is a Vibrant Parrot Green Creme. Le sigh...just look at that color. Palm Tree is a unique one. In fact, the only color I have in my personal collection that comes minutely close to this shade is Essie Mojito Madness - and even that can't compete with the brightness of Palm Tree. The formula is perfect - it's even, glossy, and non-streaky - an absolute breeze to work with! This is 2 coats.

Raspberry Collins is a Fuchsia Creme. Raspberry Collins is not a shade that I would normally associate with a summer collection because it leans more berry than bubblegum; but somehow it works here given the pinky undertones. The formula was slightly strange on this one. Not difficult to work with; but you have to apply it very quickly or else it has a tendency to drag. Other than that, the consistency, like the color, is gorgeous! This is 2 coats.

Surfs Up is a Holographic Glitter Top Coat in an Aqua Base. Ooh, this one is so beachy - it completely reminds me of the ocean. Surfs Up is very similar to Ciaté Snow Globe, with the difference being that Surfs Up features an aqua base; whereas Snow Globe has a clear base. The iridescent color shift is very prevalent in this shade - morphing from silver to green to amber to turquoise to blue...with every move of your hand. The holographic flakes don't disperse heavily; but you can build them with more coats to achieve the look you want. Here I'm wearing Surfs Up over Offshore - I love the galaxy nails vibe this combo creates. This is 2 coats.

Beach Bum is a Classic Nude Creme. Can I just say I love {lovelovelove} the name of this shade? It's so unbelievably perfect...I can't even. In case you were wondering; Beach Bum is not a creme version of last season's Ciaté Doll Face {another magical nude shade; but that's where the similarities end}. Beach Bum is a beige nude {very similar to Essie Brooch the Subject} that will easily suit all skintones; and, on some, make for the perfect mannequin hands hue. The formula is great to work with - having amazing consistency; and reaching opacity quickly. This is 2 coats.

Offshore is a Cobalt Blue Creme. Offshore reminds me a bit of Live in the Momentum from the Nicole by OPI x Kellogg’s® Special K® 2014 Trio; however, the latter is a bit darker, while the former reaches opacity in less coats. The formula here was a little quirky. Like with Raspberry Collins, this shade dries very quickly which can lead to drags; but what frustrated me slightly was the inconsistency of the polish. At times it would glide on smoothly; others it would feel lumpy and uneven. The difference seemed to depend on what you did with the brush before application. Applying the shade without wiping excess off first created a smooth finish; wiping excess polish off the brush first and then applying led to an uneven application. Still a gorgey color! This is 1 coat.


Long story short...LOVE. The colors in this collection are just beautiful. The fact that two of the shades {Raspberry Collins and Off Shore} are borderline jewel tones allows them to last through the fall and winter seasons; while Beach Bum is a classic neutral, making it a hue that can make an appearance 365 days a year. The only thing better than the colors is...the formula itself.

The formula does not chip, crack, show tipwear, or peel. Like ever. You can cook. You can clean. You can scrub. Anything and everything. And legit? It stays intact through it all. I went 5, 6 days with each of these polishes; and aside from a little loss of shine, they looked like new {I almost felt bad to remove them}.

The only color I wasn't a huge fan of was Surfs Up; simply because I'm not a glitter top coat fan {which feels like such a villainous thing to admit}.

I highly recommend this collection - especially if you want a quintet of colors that is so much more than your standard summer set. Bonus points, of course, for the adorable Beach House presentation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are more House collections to come for the upcoming seasons - perhaps a Haunted House for fall? Or Santa's Workshop or Mr. and Mrs. Claus' House for winter? You can trust that I'll be buying them all!



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ellie said...

These are so adorable! Love Palm Tree and the Beach Bum too! Definitely, a must have!

little luxury list said...

What a fabulous looking collection! I am loving surfs up and beach bum - both very different, but fab!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Couture Carrie said...

Fab review!
Love Offshore!


www.janetteria.com said...

What pretty colors!

Unknown said...

The blue with the sparkles is such a fun choice!

Easy nail art without the hassle of trying to paint a design!

I recently thought of you when I bought Revlon nail color, I hated it and wondered if you ever tried their stuff. The brush was terrible.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

These are so beautiful!! I love that you could live life and not chip them either. I NEED THESE.

Paulina said...

Awesome nails! :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love the pink one!

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