it's beginning to look a lot like...prom season!

What's dripping with sequins; laden with tulle, streamers, and cheesy pop songs; and cause for after-parties? Duh! Prom, of course! Even better than prom 2015 itself? Prom dresses. Or, rather, prom dress shopping {http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Prom-Dresses-14353/} - one of my personal favorite things {despite the fact that I'm beyond prom-attending age - wah!}.

I, and many a high school student love a bargain when it comes to clothes {without forsaking style, that is}, so discount prom dresses are always a great find; and for Prom 2015, one of the best of the best online shops {Weddingshe} is serving up a delicious helping of truly decadent dresses that won't break the bank - here are 3 of my faves!

Sexy Strapless Mermaid Beading Floor-Length Evening/ Prom Dress {$181.99}
Le sigh. If we're talking sexy this dress is most definitely the epitome. Bonus: It retains a sophisticated elegance which keeps it from being too OTT {over the top}. Prom is about sparkle. Prom is about trains. In other words: prom is about this. dress.

Chic Sweetheart A-Line Beading Tassel Mini/Short Homecoming/Prom/Cocktail Dress {$174.99}
For some {ahem...moi}, prom is a fashion show; for others, it's a time to show off the mega-hot date you managed to snag. Then there are those who attend solely for the dancing {this is also moi}. In case of the latter, this dress is 100% necessary. Just look at it - the tassels serve as an unofficial mandate for twirling the night away, amiright? Seriously though...if you don't plan on dancing, don't wear this frock - it just wouldn't be right.

Glamour Sweetheart A-Line Floor-Length Ruched Zipper-Up Evening Dress {$164.99}
Can we talk about this fabric though? Look at the way it ebbs and flows over the body - a surefire sign that it would look amazing on the dance floor {and accentuate your feminine form in all the right ways}. The champagne color is nothing to sneeze at either - it's so v Carrie Bradshaw Naked Dress {one of my forever obsessions}.

Any faves babes?


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ellie said...

Love these Glam choices! Although, I'm sure I'd go for the shorter one.

ivy said...

Oh, Prom season hits here early! Love this first one so much!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous gowns!!


Sherin said...

I wish we had more of a prom culture here. These dresses are stunning!

Imogen said...

Totally my style, the pink dress is my favourite, so perfect.

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