score lush, long locks with hair extensions!

I love the idea of having the ability to alter your look from day to day, week to week, month to month, hour to hour, minute to minute {perhaps that explains precisely why I adore nail polish so much}. UU Hair Extensions allows that same ability with clip in hair extensions that can be changed on the daily {or more frequently if you like to keep people guessing - and who doesn’t?} - and when I say changed, I'm talking length, color, texture, thickness, errythang {i.e. the whole shebang, ya feel?}.

I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with natural black clip in hair extensions due to my adoration of Megan Fox's black hair / blue eyes / porcelain skin combo {it’s so v gothic vampire-meets-va va voom bombshell}; but it's not the only look I dig {ahem...soft Victoria's Secret Angel waves in sunkissed shades that feel made for summer, and look divine coupled with a bronze glow, anyone?}.

It has taken me a bit of time {read: more than an hour of debating between an incredible selection of lengths and colors} to narrow down my favorite ‘dos, but I managed to complete the task, and come up with 6 faves that I know you’ll love!

18 inch Bleach Blonde(#613) Clip in Hair Extensions 180g/10pcs {$135.55}
That bleach blonde do though...

22 inch Golden Brown(#12) Clip in Hair Extensions 180g/10pcs {$154.55}
These locks have got that whole Woodstock hippie chic vibe going on - v Isabel Lucas.

18 inch Golden Blonde(#16) Clip in Hair Extensions 180g/10pcs {$135.55}
So I'm basically in love with this color...so flirty!

18 inch Medium Brown(#4) Clip in Hair Extensions 180g/10pcs {$130.55}
Perfect color for fall {it reminds me of coffee}!

18 inch Natural Black(#1B) Clip in Hair Extensions 180g/10pcs {$130.55}
The silkiness + shine is swoon-worthy.

20 inch White Blonde(#60) Clip in Hair Extensions 180g/10pcs {$149.99}
Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold. Guess the song.

Which color and length would you love to try?


Thanks to UU Hair Extensions for Sponsoring this post!


ellie said...

I met a friend last night..and I thought she'd grown her hair out! But no..hair extensions! So many colors to choose from!

ivy said...

Oh so awesome! Black hair would really be cool!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing extensions!


Tiffany Kadani said...

My friend got married and always wore hair extensions. Her husband didn't find out until her wedding night haha! She always had great hair though.

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