The Classy Cloche

Blame it on my current reading of Marion Meade’s Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin: Writers Running Wild in the Twenties, or my years-long obsession with Fitzgerald’s Daisy Buchanan, but I am currently obsessed with the fashion of the twenties. Namely, the cloche hat. The cloche hat, with its wide brim and bell shape is both sophisticated and romantic, and the most darling choice of headwear for the warmer months. Which is why I am in dire need of one. Stat! Why is it that whenever I’m searching for an item that fits my current whim I am able to locate it at Forever 21? The cloche hat is no different. Their Amelia Wool Cloche has become one of my daily internet visitations. The brown felt, tied with a demure black velour ribbon with bow is just too adorable for words. The mere sight of this hat alone leaves me breathless. I could most certainly see this magnificent headwear looking perfect paired with a broach-adorned capelet. Oh how I want it! Flowers and floral designs and prints are one of the most popular trends for the spring and summer so, of course, I had to contain my happy squeals when I spotted this Callanan Alina Floral Banded Cloche. The chocolate backdrop is scrumptiously decadent, and the little splash of color added by the felt flower, adorned with contrasting stitching, is, to put it bluntly, practically perfect in every way. This Madison cloche from Couture Creations is possibly my absolute favorite hat of the bunch, and not just because the color is reminiscent of red wine: another staple of the hard-partying beautiful people of the twenties. No, much of my love for this stylish little cap has to do with the brown velour felt flower like bow, which, if Wikipedia is correct, signifies that “the wearer was single and interested in mingling.” If you ask me, rhinestones and jewels have the ability to make just about anything a little bit more fabulous – including hats. This Billabong Flapper Hat is no exception. At first, you may think it’s your typical black cloche; but at second glance you can see two divine details: a grosgrain ribbon, and a multi-colored jeweled broach that just happens to be removable. It’s like two treats in one, plus, the whole package is so much fun! I’ve never been a huge fan of straw hats, but even I can’t deny the easy, breezy, beautiful look they add to just about any outfit. They have such a carefree spirit to them which makes me want to cast all cares to the wind and just prance around merrily. Maybe I’ll do just that in this adorable Straw Cloche Hat. The color is perfectly lovely, but it’s the contrasting black grosgrain ribbon and bow that work together in making me fantasize about an afternoon spent lounging away on a picnic blanket, lemonade in one hand, a classic paperback in the other. My only question now is whether or not I have the appropriate hairstyle to pull off a cloche. Cloche hats seem like they were made for the bob, or cute crops that are pixie-like and ethereal. I have neither. Instead my hair (which I adore, and take great pride in) is waist-length and home to eyebrow-length bangs, very bohemian/seventies hippie. Should I try pairing a cloche with that ‘do, or simply admire the retro headgear from afar? Fashionably yours! Thanks to Forever 21, Couture Creations, and Surfing Waves for the pictures.


Blair Friedeman said...

Oh I have wanted one ever since seeing Changling but I hadn't found the right one. These are all lovely options.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous finds! I totally need a cloche~ and that f21 one may have my name on it!


Anonymous said...

really like the first one with the ribbon. the colour is just divine, even though maybe more autumn style than summer.. and I so want the summer look now!

la petite fashionista said...

The book sounds so fascinating! The lives of Hemingway and Oscar Wilde and the sort in the 20's must have been crazy times.

the cloche hats are so cute! i love the one from billabong with the brooch:)

Gracie said...

I like the straw one the best :)

Little Bow Prep said...

I adore the first three!

Anonymous said...

love your blog!

Just wanted to let you know that I recently started a blog and am currently having a fashion-themed contest, check it out!


That is too cute! =]

La C.

Yuka said...

i bought a black one at F21 last winter. it was my favorite!

i hope you have fun with yours :)

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I love hats, they're so much fun to play with... this is my treasure trove... http://snooksthehatters.co.uk/index.html my uncles little seaside hat shop... xoxo

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