Desperately Seeking Nadia

When I was seven-years-old I received a set of nesting dolls for my birthday from a family friend that I thought were the most wonderful treasure. Their colors were bright, and the fact that each one opened up to reveal an identical counterpart - only smaller than the last - made me feel as if I had been given numerous gifts in one. When we moved, I misplaced my nesting dolls, and have yet to find them; I have, however, found something just as good...little Nadia. Nadia is a tiny nesting doll that is more useful than the rest because she holds the power to transform your entire outfit by hanging front and center from your neck via an eighteen-inch gold toned chain attached to a vintage-inspired, gold-trimmed, flower-adorned piece of enameled metal. Everything about this Naughty Secretary Club creation is perfect - from Nadia's little eyelashes and heart-shaped mouth, to the perky flowers dotting her wooden body. This is the doll I have been searching for all of my life - adorable, quirky, and small enough to fit in my pocket; I think I'm in love!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Naughty Secretary Club for the picture.


Jennifer Perkins said...

Thanks for the nice words and so glad that you like Nadia, she is a cutey pie if I do say so myself. My parents went to Russia last summer and brought me back a some of the little nesting doll charms and I have been adorning necklaces with them ever since.


Aw; it's such a pity that you can't find your nesting dolls =[. But this necklace is so adorable!!

La C.

P.S.: I just read your "About" section. I totally agree - every money in life deserves a soundtrack. !! =]

jess said...

Thats a wonderful necklace. I always loved nesting dolls.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i would love a set (of ten!) of nesting dolls, this necklace is so cute! :)


F said...

Yes i did, word of advice, the quality isn't fabulous, the soles are starting to wear a bit, but getting a shoe resoled is only about $15, my mom bought some fabulous moccasin boots at a place called the Cherokee Trading Post in Gatlinburg Tennesee, but their Minnetonka so you could order them online. They have great sturdy soles.

Hanne said...

That was beautiful, soooo cute:)

Anonymous said...

That neckalce is just so cute!
I also had nesting dolls as a child, but they´ve disappeared during time...

Couture Carrie said...

I adore nesting dolls too! That necklace is so sweet!


P.S. You should use that fab pic in your right hand margin as your profile pic!

Syed said...

Super cute, what a wonderfully adorably necklace charm :)

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