On the Road

Every time I’m about to get a break from school I come up with all sorts of elaborate ideas for how I will spend my homework-free days; but once the break finally arrives, I’m lucky if I can even find the strength or energy to get out of bed, let alone hit the road. Not to worry, these things have helped to keep my week fabulous and fresh from start to finish!

Adorable kits that make me want to learn how to sew.

A compact mirror that brings the Roaring Twenties to the depths of your handbag.

Reruns of the greatest reality show on earth.

Table dress forms perfect for hanging your most precious baubles from.

Self-serve yogurt shops that bring out the kid in me.

Mad Hatter inspired top hat headbands.

Mixing bowl sets that make it simple to add a dash of love to all of your meals.

Yummy bandages that are cute enough to eat, but perfect for healing wounds.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photographer for the picture.



Oh these are too cute!!

La C.

Anonymous said...

hi! in response to your comment about my spring break reading plans-its an odd, but nice mix of beach reads & literature! other than a few standard chick lit books (including he's just not that into you haha ;) I'm also planning on reading some weighter tomes (both literally and figuratively):
David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest (its 900 pages, so I'll at least start it here)
Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union
The Reader by Bernard Schlik (aka the academy award winning film)

. said...

cute blog! i just saw a comment you left on someone else's blog about 90s tv shows.. we have the same taste! i thought i was the only one who watched and remembers SVH, Breaker High, Babysitters Club, Clarissa Explains it All and so much more... All That was one of my favorites! HAHAH I miss the 90s!!

great blog :)

Couture Carrie said...

I neeeeed a dress form! Fab post!


thriftylilpixie said...

Beautiful picture love the skirt! I love cute bandages I have unicorn and hello kitty ones!

Sasi said...

Oh, I'm glad you had a nice week!
What you wrote in the first lines is exactly what happens to me every tie I have a rest eheh.

That top hat headband is too cool. And I also love the table dress forms. Thanks for all the links:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing by! :)

I really like your style of clothes <3
this picture is very cool also! ^^


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