Floppy and Fabulous

I honestly don’t know how Brigitte Bardot managed to find such fantastic floppy hats, because on my quest to locate just one, I have come across nothing but overbearing headwear that virtually eats your head alive, or flops into your eyes, making you unable to see anything within a five-inch radius. It’s a frustrating predicament that leads me to believe that locating the perfect floppy hat is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Virtually impossible. But, alas, perhaps I’m wrong. After a few rushed lunch hour internet searches I have managed to locate not one, not two, but five floppy hats filled with fashionable possibilities. Now the only issue standing in the way of me and floppy fabulosity is deciding which one will make the cut...here are the contenders.

When searching for clothing and accessories, American Apparel has never ranked very high on my "check it out" list. In fact, at times I have a tendency to completely forget to check their site for new products. The moment I spotted their Wool Floppy Hat, $40, however, all that changed. Light grey, luggage brown, black...the colors alone are perfect, but the shape, paired with just the right amount of floppy glamour makes it pure perfection. I can't help but feel that donning this gem would make me feel like an old-time movie star, or a chic French fashionista.

Bows are my weakness. They're adorable yet possess such a high-fashion sense of glamour that is, in my opinion, utterly irresistible. Which is why my jaw literally hit the floor when I discovered this Juicy Couture Women's Wool Felt Floppy Hat, $59.50. This is one of those fabulous finds that impulse buys are made of.

Straw hats seem like the headwear of choice when spending a day at the beach. They're lightweight, match just about any outfit (or bathing suit), and are inexpensive. That said, as much as I love a day spent by the seashore, walking along the boardwalk in a swingy sundress with espadrilles strapped upon my feet, I have never been able to find the beauty in straw hats. Until now. Through their Topstitch Grosgrain Floppy Hat, $10.80, Forever 21 has revived the oftentimes blase straw hat by weaving a grosgrain ribbon through the stitching that gives it a more youthful vibe that is both trendy and fun. With this adorable detailing, I can honestly say that straw hats will never be the same again!

I'm not sure whether it's the kitschy colors or the scalloped trim, but this Billabong Current Hat, $14.99, makes me want to step into a pair of bellbottoms, slip on some wedge platforms, and toss up a peace sign. It's the perfect way to celebrate the seventies, and channel your inner Woodstock-attending, VW van-driving, flower-loving hippie.

I am slowly realizing that colors such as cranberry, raspberry, and maroon have almost the same neutral-appeal as black, gray, and white. Which is possibly why I'm in love with this Glamorous Burgundy Wide Brim Diva Style Floppy Hat, $15.99. The color is reminiscent of red wine, and would look absolutely heavenly paired with a simple black turtleneck and dark wash skinny jeans. This would make for an intoxicating addition to any fashionista's hat collection!

So...what's your take on floppy hats - yay or neigh?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Apparel, Bloomingdale's, Forever 21, Kaboodle, and Luxury Divas for the pictures.


Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore the second hat! Tres FASHIONABLE!

Posh Peach said...

These fun hats make me want to go to the beach and curl up with a book. Have a great weekend!

Blair Friedeman said...

I say yea! Perfect for the beach or bike ride to the store.

Syed said...

Definitely a yay! They look fantastic, but I think you have to spend time finding the size perfect for you, both with regards to the size of the brim, and the overall size right for your head.

Mom Fashion World said...

i love the 1st and 2nd photo of floppy hats but they wouldn't fit my budget esp having a baby. i would rather save money and buy less expensive floppy hat.
with my budget, i would choose Glamorous Burgundy floppy hat it's not expensive and i love its style too. do they have diff colors besides burgundy?

Couture Carrie said...

So cute! Great selections here - the Juicy is my fave!


Anonymous said...

PERFECT! I've always wanted an oversized floppy hat for summer beach days...thinking this will be the year thanks to your picks! xo

la petite fashionista said...

i love floppy hats, espcially for the beach. so much more glamorous than a baseball cap & good for sun protection too:)


STEFANIE said...

I'd go for the American Apparel one, I've heard some good things about it :)

Petra said...

YAY for floppy hats :)

They are so beautiful and elegant, not to mention practical!

Gorgeous xx

suzanne cabrera said...

Love these!!!! So happy they're coming back.

Little Bow Prep said...

Bows are my weakness as well. It's quite lovely.

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