Moody Judy

I can’t tell whether it’s the fact that the weather has suddenly gotten warmer, making it a necessity to cast my much-beloved chilly weather wear to the depths of my closet, or the realization that my Spring Break is quickly slipping away, and that the return to homework is fast approaching. No matter the cause, I have a case of the “moodies” that I just can’t shake. Luckily I have these things to keep a smile – even if it is, at times, a fake one – in place. Books about Writers Running Wild in the Twenties. A wearable rose. An assortment of picnic baskets to fit every mood, season, or personality. The ideal skirt for a spring, or summer, fling. Cupcake making kits with the power to bring out the amateur baker in all of us! Affordable and adorable cocktail rings. A guide to the perfect girls' night in. Socks fit for a wannabe ballerina. Fashionably yours! Thanks to Apartment # 34 for the picture.


Anonymous said...

great picks! I MUST have that skirt from VS for my next vacation---so perfect for summer :-)

Couture Carrie said...

We are all entitled to be a tad moody from time to time, right darling?

I am with Tanya - that VS skirt is perfect; makes me want to go on a lovely picnic :)


Little Bow Prep said...

What a great picture!

I'm such a fan of the necklace!

Anonymous said...

oo i need to get that 20s book!

Mom Fashion World said...

yes. it's not all the time we're in a good mood esp when loads of things to be done.


Emz said...

Oh I love that photo! and I want an ideal skirt too =)

Sasi said...

Oh, that cupcake making kit is too cute, and that skirt awesome.

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