it's perf! {Shop Suey Boutique Handbag Review}

I am loving the perforated everything trend at the mo; so I was totally up for reviewing one of the many beautiful perforated offerings from Shop Suey Boutique. Yes, the same Shop Suey Boutique that brought me the Lyndie Necklace Set that you were all swooning over last week. This time around, we're talking Andie. As in the Andie Satchel in Pink - aka my new favorite spring / summer carryall {and I mean that...it carries so much}.

Le sigh...now you see why I'm obsessing {though the picture truly does not do it justice}.

Though satchels were once the only handbag aesthetic I would carry; for the past few years, I have been rotating three Rebecca Minkoff Mini Nikki Hobo Bags {all in a different color, mind you} through my wardrobe. That's right, my handbag shape has not changed once in three years. I'll let you digest that info for a moment...

given that fact, I was very excited to try something new - especially something as unique as Andie.

Andie may be a satchel; but she's a one-handled satchel {it's very Fendi Peekaboo}. There's also a little Louboutin action going on in terms of inspiration. You see those perfect perforated bits on the front and sides {p.s. the perforation on the front is diamond-shaped; the perforation on the sides is circular}? The inner edges of the perforation is trimmed in red a la the classic Louboutin soles; which, surprisingly looks amazing with the overall color of the bag - a hue I would describe as blush meets nude meets dulce de leche {definitely not your typical pink; but gorgeous nonetheless - and the perfect match for the rose gold hardware}.

I've carried this bag satchel-style since day one; but the detachable crossbody strap is incredibly appealing for upcoming days when I stuff every pocket overpack for a shopping trip {which I'm notorious for}. I have plans to wear her with an all-white ensemble tomorrow. What better partner in crime for the holiday weekend, right?

What do you think of Andie? Are you loving the perforated trend?


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FTC Disclosure: I received the product featured in this post from Shop Suey Boutique in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


ellie said...

What a beautiful bag. I'm sure it'll be amazing with your all white outfit! Love the review!

ivy said...

Awesome bag! Love the color and love the size of it too.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing bag and review, darling!


Sam said...

A beautiful and elegant choice of a bag and the size, colour and shape is perfect too! Thanks for your comment, have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Unknown said...

Very cute! I like the performated trend a lot.

xo Mary Jo

Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh this is really cute, and the one strap is different!

ledressingdelaurie said...

Beutiful bag !

Sherin said...

Oh wow - that bag is absolutely stunning. I love the style and colour so much.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Gah, I love that purse!

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