spring style update {ScarfWorld Review}

Living in SoCal, the need for a scarf is slim to none on any given day. Nevertheless, I do love the way they manage to add life to a plain white tee, and am always on the lookout for lightweight pieces in pretty prints, patterns, and colors. Enter ScarfWorld.

A few weeks back, Shimaa at ScarfWorld offered me the opportunity to review a few scarves from their ultra-amazing collection, and I, obviously, jumped at the chance. I selected the Black Leopard Printed Scarf {purr-fect for the cat lady}, the White Marilyn Monroe Printed Scarf {forever in love with this woman}, and the Black Skull Printed Scarf {a homage to McQueen}. My thoughts...

If there was an award for most lightweight scarf, these would be voted the overall champ. They are legit weightless -we're talking tissue-paper thin; so perfect for spring days and summer nights.

What I find amazing about all three pieces is the quality of the images. Oftentimes when you purchase an accessory or piece of clothing that has images, you find that they are low-quality - some are pixelated, some have bleeding, and others are just unclear. The images on these scarves suffer none of those effects. Rather, they are on point - sharp, clear, and stunning...the very things you hope for when you make a fashion purchase.

Of the three, my personal favorite is the skull-print because I love how edgy it is; bu nothing compares to the amount of compliments and where'd-you-get-thats? of the Marilyn and Leopard. Insanity...I'm telling ya!

Are scarves a staple in your wardrobe for spring?


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FTC Disclosure: I received the products featured in this post from ScarfWorld in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


ellie said...

Oh, these look so fun. Loved your review!

ivy said...

Oh, I do love spring scarves. Love the Maryln one!

Paulina said...

Have a nice weekend ;)

Couture Carrie said...

These are gorgeous!


Ashley B. said...

Those scarves look awesome! I want to get one! =D

Sherin said...

These are so beautiful!!

Johanna L. said...

So pretty! I love all of them. ♥

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