OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Mini Collection Swatches + Review

I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who has not read Fifty Shades of Grey {and has no interest in doing so}. Don't get me wrong, I'm a voracious reader, but erotica? I don't think I'm a fan. I am, however, a hugehugehuge fan of gray nail polish, so when OPI sent me the Limited Edition Fifty Shades of Grey Mini Nail Polish Collection I was v. excited to start trying out the shades!

The Fifty Shades of Grey Collection is comprised of 3 gray shades {ranging from a baby-blue toned dove gray to a brooding charcoal}, 2 silver shades, and 1 ravishing red. Judging from the book covers alone, the color assortment seems to encompass the book series v. well. But enough about that...let's look at the swatches!

Dark Side Of The Mood is a Charcoal Gray Creme. I love the play on words of this shade {Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, anyone?}. This color right here: super thin, yes; but buildable and v. easy to work with. Overall Dark Side Of The Mood is, indeed, a charcoal gray; but it has navy / teal undertones. Lasting time of this one is utterly amazing - days upon days of wearing and no tipwear or chips! This is 3 coats.

My Silk Tie is a Silver Metallic Foil. Le sigh. How pretty is this little number? Not a fan of metallics myself, but this one has captured. my. heart. It doesn't have that glaring, fake silver look to it; rather it leans more...white silver platinum - so in love. Super dreamy formula, as well. It applies evenly without incident {and sans brushstrokes}. My Silk Tie is officially my new favorite metallic silver. This is 2 coats.

Shine For Me is a Silver Foil with Bright Blue Glitter. Is it a glitter top coat? Is it a textured polish? I'm still not positive, but I'm leaning towards the former; therefore I layered it over My Silk Tie {sans top coat}. Shine For Me doesn't have the super gritty feel of a Liquid Sand shade {just a slightly bumpy finish}; however, it is easily buildable {even if you're wearing it on its own}, and gives nice, full-coverage, so it feels more...plush than your typical glitter top coat. The formula? Perfect. This is 2 coats.

Romantically Involved is a Brick Red Creme. Pretty, feminine, classic...Romantically Involved is the epitome of all of the above {and has such a flirty name to boot}. Is it groundbreaking? No {but what red is?}. It is, however, fitting for Valentine's Day, and serves as a great pop of color against the grays and silvers in this collection. The fact that the formula is amazing doesn't hurt much either. This is 2 coats.

Embrace The Gray is a Dolphin Gray Creme. Sooo pretty. This is another fave for me from the collection - I love that there's a super subtle {yet still noticeable} dusty army green undertone to it - very different from other grays in my collection. The formula was, again, amazing. I, sadly, wound up with a wonky brush {not super unusual for a mini bottle}, so I had to be more careful with application; but as long as you have a decent brush, application is a breeze. This is 2 coats.

Cement The Deal is a Blue-Based Dove Gray Creme. If you love pastels, Cement the Deal is so the gray for you because it takes on a baby blue / lavender undertone in certain lights {and looks so amaze worn with chunky white or baby pink sweaters}. The formula here was {surprise, surprise} absolutely amazing. This is 2 coats.

AVAILABILITY: Amazon {on sale!} or Ulta for the mini 6-pack; Ulta for individual bottles.

PRICE: $11.00 - $21.95 ; or buy full-size bottles separately for $7.75 - $9.50 each.



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ellie said...

Definitely a great Valentines day gift for someone. Love these colors! I love gray.

ivy said...

Awesome! Beautiful read with all those shades of gray.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Never read the book and don't intend to, but that last color is really pretty. we'll not read it together haha!

little luxury list said...

Oh i love gray nail polishes and this covers such a great range! I'd definitely rock them all but would probably bring out Embrace the Gray the most!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Lady parisienne said...

All these colors are beautifull, nice purchase!!

Lady parisienne said...

All these colors are beautifull, nice purchase!!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing collection!

I have no desire to read the book either ;)


Tights Lover said...

If it makes you feel any better, I haven't read it either.

...but I do love Dark Side of the Mood and Cement the Deal!!

Paulina said...

Love the colors! :)


This may be the only way that I will embrace the film ... by the OPI collection. Although, there's a lot of hype with the film, it's not for me either. xx/M
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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Never read the books either, and NOT seeing the movie, but i do like these colors too.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I've not read the book either, but these colors are very pretty!

Marina Rose said...

That makes two of us! I have absolutely no intention if reading this book and I'd better not say my opinion of it here! On the other hand, I love averything gray and the polishes look amazing!!!!


Unknown said...

I promise you, you're not missing out on the books! The writing is painful at best, and the plot is so cliched it hurts.

However, these nail polishes seem to be the exact opposite! I particularly like the Dark Side of the Mood shade...

E said...

Nope, *raises hand*, I haven't read it either! do love this collection of nail colors, though!

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