august 2016 empties!

Clearly July was a slooow month for hitting pan and such, because for August I have quite the haul of empties to share with you!
Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment {$7.99} has been one of my Holy Grail skin products for years. I have never actually had acne, but I credit this stuff for keeping my skin clear. Whenever I feel even the possible making of a pimple, I apply a dab of this on top before going to bed, and it literally zaps it away. For clear skin purposes I also use this nightly on my chin, forehead, nose, and smile lines to dry out potential pimples before they start - it never irritates my sensitive skin, and is super cost-effective. DEFINITE RE-BUY.

When I found this deluxe sample of Marc Jacobs DAISY Luminous Body Lotion {$45.00} included in one of my Sephora orders, I was sososo excited to try it; but after having used every. last. drop. I have to admit something that places me in the minority of consumers: I didn't like it. At all. Don't get me wrong, I loved the scent, and didn't mind the slight shimmer; but I could not stand the texture, which was thin and runny, and made me feel like I had wet hands. I tried to acclimate myself to it over time, but I just could not get used to that feeling after application. NOT a re-buy.

You're about to start seeing a trend regarding my choice of skin products - I always opt for Neutrogena. Evidence: Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 45 {$10.99}. Before discovering this sunscreen {which has become another Holy Grail for me}, I was scared to apply anything to my face for fear that it would cause irritation or breakouts; then I tried this on a whim and never looked back. I use this daily, applying it underneath my makeup, and it is perfection. My face never gets burned by the sun, it applies non-greasy, it's fragrance-free, and it dries in seconds! FOREVER RE-BUY {I recommend buying the twin pack}.

I am highly opinionated about lip products, so when I received 2B Colours' Hydrastick in ROSE {c/o} {$4.99} in the mail, I was skeptical about how it would work. Fast forward three months and I've finished the tube and can't stop raving! Rose is the lightest color offering, adding just the tiniest hint of pink to your natural lip color {just the way I like it}, but it's hydrating powers are pure magic. I applied this to my lips every. single. night. before bed, and it was still glossy and intact {i.e. hadn't worn off} on my lips each morning when I woke up. This stuff is positively brilliant, and makes chapped lips a thing of the past! DEFINITE RE-BUY.

I have had love/hate relationships with far too many base coats over the years, but OPI's Infinite Shine 1 Primer Base Coat {c/o} {$12.50} is one that I plan on loving forever. This is the first base coat that I have ever used that dries quickly, never bubbles, and protects nails from almost all staining. Additionally, it never peels, and doesn't feel sticky - two issues I've encountered with loads of other base coats in the past. TOTAL RE-BUY {I'm already on my second bottle}.

I bought a sample size of SEXY HAIR Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner {$17.95} a few years back, then forgot about it; but when I fiiiinally got around to trying it, I fell in love, and immediately bought the full size. I spray this all over my hair after washing, and I find that it tames the frizz, which makes my hair color look richer. For me, the downside is that you go through this stuff fast, and given the almost-$20 pricetag, can become a bit pricey. That said, it has become a part of my hair routine, so I don't want to stop using it. Luckily, ULTA offers this on sale at least once a month, so I'm planning on stocking up when sale prices are offered. ABSOLUTE RE-BUY {when on sale}.

When I first started buying e.l.f.'s Nail Polish Remover Pads {$2.00 for 24}, I didn't have to use any other polish remover product; then they changed the formula, and while the scent improved, the quality of the pads, sadly, decreased. I now use these in conjunction with a liquid polish remover, using them as a last step to get off any added color; but overall, they don't feel worth it anymore. Womp womp. OCCASIONAL re-buy {for travel}.

I discovered ST. MORIZ's Instant Self-Tanning Mousse in DARK {$12.99} last month, and honestly thought that it would enter Holy Grail territory for me given the fact that it dries lightning fast, is non-streaking, and leaves behind gorgeous sunkissed color; but after a few weeks of slathering my stomach and legs with this stuff every three days, the routine got old. Though it's a simple product to use, I wish the color lasted longer on skin. NOT a re-buy.

ZOYA's Remove+ Nail Polish Remover {$25.00 for 32oz.} has been my one and only nail polish remover for the past two years or so, and I have never found anything like it. In terms of quality, it is one of the best, removing even tough glitter and textured polishes with minimal effort. That said, ZOYA takes forever to ship, and ULTA doesn't sell the 32oz. I'm used to, so I'm in the process of exploring other polish remover options. Wish me luck! POSSIBLE re-buy.

Have you tried any of these products before? Thoughts?




Gemma said...

That sunscreen sounds amazing!

Gemma x

Couture Carrie said...

Def. getting that Neutrogena sunblock!


ellie said...

Love Neutrogena products. Loved reading the reviews too!

ivy said...

Great to hear about these. Love your honesty about the products out there. I'm always looking for new lip balm to try, too.

The Fashion Folks said...

I've given up on base coats casue they just don't work for me, but I trust you when it comes to nail polish, so perhaps needs to give the OPI primer a go?! Xx


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love these posts - it's great to see what is and is not working for people, so I know what I go out and try! The Sexy Hair leave in conditioner sounds worthy a try because my hair frizzes like crazy! It's why I don't like wearing it down a lot - and it just gets hot, I have thick hair! hah

I've never tried the on the spot acne treatment, but it sounds very nice!



Too bad that you didn't like the MJ lotion. I was thinking about grabbing it for my sister. We shall see ... Happy Friday, love. x

FashionJazz said...

Love reading your reviews hun :) xx


Unknown said...

I also love that sunscreen


Tales of Two said...

I am about to buy neutrogena's combination skin moisturiser soon. Any thoughts on thaT? It is so much more affordable than my current choice , hoping it doesnt cause any breakouts.

fingers crossed.


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