Crowning Glory

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful, golden-haired princess who spent her days prancing in the palace gardens alongside her snow white unicorn...

Okay, okay. As much as we'd all love to be princesses with unicorns to call our own, the only way it will ever happen is if a prince comes along and asks for our hand in marriage. But I can't help but feel like a princess, complete with crown, when I see those headbands that rest around your forehead as opposed to upon your head.

Part chic, part rock star, part bohemian. These little jewels seem to add a little glimmer and glitz to even the drabbest of outfits. Yet as much as I adore them, I can't help but find myself scared to even try one on for size.

At times they seem Rambo-like; others, they appear ethereal. But the thought of wearing one in everyday life seems kin to wearing bowling shoes on the street - totally taboo!

Is this a trend for the layman, or a celebrities-only accessory? Can you, your best friend, or even the lady down the street rock one while window shopping; or is it exclusive to Peaches Geldof, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Mary-Kate Olsen and the like?

Thoughts please!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Time Inc. for the picture.

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