I should have known when I became obsessed with shoeboxes back in the third grade that I was developing a problem. I never could have fathomed that it would turn into a full-blown addiction.

I just counted the shoes in my closet. There are 42 pairs in all. This includes:

-15 pairs of boots
-7 pairs of Converse
-2 pairs of flip flops (these shouldn’t count as I was forced to get them – I don’t even like flip flops)
-2 pairs of Adidas tennis shoes
-2 pairs of mary-janes
-14 pairs of ballerina flats

It’s quite an impressive collection; if not slightly excessive. Besides, shoes are a necessity. What am I supposed to do…walk around barefoot? And when you truly think about it, many of these shoes are duplicates, so they should count as one. For instance, I have:

-3 pairs of leopard print ballerina flats
-4 pairs of metallic ballerina flats
-3 pairs of white ballerina flats
-2 pairs of black ballerina flats
-2 pairs of beige ballerina flats
-2 pairs of white boots
-1 pair of vegetarian Doc Martens
-4 pairs of tan boots
-1 pair of dark brown boots
-3 pairs of boots with pom poms
-2 pairs of boots with fringes
-1 pair of rain boots
-1 pair of pink boots
-2 pairs of black mary-janes
-3 pairs of white Converse
-1 pair of pink Converse
-1 pair of black Converse
-1 pair of green Converse
-1 pair of beige Converse
-1 pair of white flip flops
-1 pair of black flip flops
-2 pairs of white Adidas tennis shoes

If I were to consolidate my number of shoes (42) by style and color, I would really only have…22 pairs, which is much more reasonable. Plus, I get a decent amount of wear out of most – or all – of these. In fact, I’m planning on wearing my leopard print ballerina flats tomorrow. I just have one question…do you think the print would clash with that of my beloved Fred Flare Bedford Ave. Scarf?

How many pairs of shoes do you have lurking in your closet? Come on, be honest…I won’t tell.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to ABC News for the picture.


Anonymous said...

I have...19 pairs that I can recall. But I only really wear half of what I own. I'd like to own more dressy shoes. I own mostly ballet flats and sneakers.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

wow that's a serious addiction you've got there :)

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