The Demise of Domino

It has taken me days to finally come to terms with the fact that my beloved Domino magazine is no more. Domino was like the Vogue of the decorating world. It was the place to go whenever you needed the solution to your design woes; and now it's gone. With a cover girl like Zooey Deschanel on the February 2009 issue, I never would have thought it possible. It seemed like the magazine would be around forever; yet here we are discussing its demise. Could this be the beginning of the end to glossies as we know it? Will we soon be unable to flip through our favorite monthlies while lying in bed? Will we no longer have the privilege of jumping for joy when we open the mailbox and find our favorite magazines peeking out at us, just waiting to be read? Say it isn't so!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Zooey Deschanel Web for the picture.

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la petite fashionista said...

Every time I hear about another magazine folding it breaks my heart!

Domino was an especially hard hit; it's interior decorating tips were truly inspiring for me!

I'm an avid magazine reader & it would be really hard to not be tangible and just online. :/

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