To Sock or Not to Sock, That Is the Question

I know, I know, I have spent a lot of time talking about shoes lately, but this is something that I need to address immediately. After this, I will attempt to refrain from shoe talk – at least for a few days, or a new pair of fancy footwear catches my eye. Until then…

I am wearing leopard print ballerina flats today. My absolute favorite ballerina flats in the world. Of course, I am wearing them with no socks, and I left the house when it was 40* outside. Albeit, it is now in the mid-70’s, but it was freezing this morning. Which is how this conversation came up, I suppose.

I was asked, “You’re not wearing socks?”

To this I replied, “Who would wear socks with ballerina flats?”

Which was answered with a curt, “Why not?”

To which I stated matter of factly, “Because that would be ugly. Ballerina flats are not meant to be worn with socks.”

But now I’m wondering…can ballerina flats be worn with socks? Do they look cute if paired with socks, or just worn with bare feet?

Personally, I see ballerina flats as something that should be worn au natural. If you’re not tucking stocking clad feet in them, then sock free is the way to be. Though now that I think of it, certain socks may do the trick. For instance, those adorable little white socks with the ruffles on them (like the ones pictured at left). Those would be so totally Blair Waldorf if worn with ballerina flats. At the same time, if worn with jeans, or pants of any kind, the ruffles would be…invisible, and the sweet, Lolita-like vibe would be gone. At that point, I think it would just look kind of weird. Besides, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion. And when it comes to ballerina flats, I'm more than willing to suffer.

What’s your take on it? Should ballerina flats be worn with or without socks? How do you wear your ballerina flats?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to All Pretty Things, Women's Fashion Love to Know, and Primp and Prettify for the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should wear socks with flats. As long as they are thin and don't bunch up. I never quite understood why it is such a no-no to wear socks with flats. I can't stand wearing shoes without socks. Just make sure that they come up over your ankle. Get the socks like in your picture or ones without lace, which you can get at most department stores, and you will appreciate how much better your feet feel!

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