New York State of Mind

Oh darlings, I may currently be living in the desert-like conditions of Southern California, but as a native New Yorker I will forever and always be in a New York state of mind. I am a child of the city; at home within the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan location. The Park Avenue penthouses are my dreamt-about playgrounds. The Brooklyn Brownstones are the headliners of my beauteous daydreams. The SoHo lofts are the sublime stars of my daily reverie. But, alas, for the time being I must simply live within the sassy city via photographs, memories, and fantasies. And, perhaps, my splendrous nail color.

Oui, at the moment, my New York state of mind is being fueled by the alluring shades found within N.Y.C.’s recently debuted line In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish. It may seem impossible for a nail color to accomplish a feat such as this, but we are not discussing mere feelings and emotions established through a haute hue; or the way a startling stain looks in contrast to your ensemble du jour. Non, rather the twenty-four stunning shades found within this collection pay tribute to the city that never sleeps by titling each one after a fast-paced hot spot within the smart and stylish Big Apple.

Colors are based off of pale and poppy pinks, trendy turquoises, winter whites, lovely lilacs, classy corals, bouncy blues, magical magentas, ravishing reds, bewitching browns, breathtaking blacks, and include locations such as Grand Central Station, East Village, Little Italy, West Village, Mulberry Street, Bryant Park, Central Park, SoHo, Penn Station, Chelsea, Madison Avenue, Canal Street, Chinatown, Times Square, Lincoln Center, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Broadway, Manhattan, Park Avenue, Downtown, Uptown, Midtown, and Fifth Avenue.

These are the locations where the NYC Prep cast and their pretentious posse spend hours upon hours. The district’s where Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, and the rest of the Gossip Girl crew exchange insults, shop ‘til they drop, and kiss cute boys in outlandish situations. The neighborhoods where Edith Wharton’s tales of affluence, money, power, class, and Old New York were set. And now, the quaint, the fanciful, the antiquated locales that are home to vintage bookstores and cozy coffeehouses can be found front and center upon your fingernails.

East Village is destined to be donned with an all black ensemble to a poetry reading where it will add a little pop of turquoise sparkle to its somber slate surroundings.

Fifth Avenue, Downtown, Greenwich Village, Uptown, Midtown, Madison Avenue, Penn Station, and Times Square will be in heavy rotation during bikini season, as the bright mix of poppy and bronzy shades obviously call for a secluded beach and a fruity drink.

Central Park, SoHo, Mulberry Street, Park Avenue, and Wall Street will do the trick for sample sales when it’s necessary to look like an innocent, uninterested buyer, as opposed to the lethal shopper you truly are.

The ballet and Broadway shows would be rudimentary without a little assistance from Lincoln Center, Canal Street, West Village, Manhattan, Broadway, Chelsea, and Chinatown.

Grand Central Station and Little Italy will make a weekend getaway to the Hamptons sumptuously sophisticated.

And fashion week? Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be perfect without a little Bryant Park.

Who am I kidding? I am in dire need of the entire collection, and am waiting for the chance to call all twenty-four lovely colors my own.

The question is bellas...are you in a New York state of mind yet?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to SugarScape and New York Color for the pictures.


freeteyme said...

catchy color names! and the colors itself are gorgeous not to mention it dries in a minute?! I'm sold!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

For awhile now I've only used OPI polishes. But I have to say, these colors are fabulous! I'm always buying new colors, so I'll have to try these out!

Becca. said...

i love nail polish.
i worked at a nail salon for work experience, so i can do french manicures & pedicures and stuff like that and i now know all the tips and tricks haha.
thankyou for the comment on my blog hunny :)
i went to the suppliers in manchester with my boss and we bought nyc nail polish wooo.

Couture Carrie said...

Darling, I love your description of the city! These shades all look so fun... I'm totally in a new York state of mind!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

How fun. Makes me want to plan another trip to NYC!

Haute World said...

Gorgeous nail colors! And I love the fact they've named them after NYC addresses. I read a post recently about a nail company doing the same with London! That pale polish is exactly what I've been looking for!

DaisyChain said...

I love these! They've been on 2 for £3 in my local chemist lately so I've stocked up!

miriam said...

oh gosh, that blue is for unreal!
and have a lovely weekend, hun!


ana said...

I love the red dark one... it's gorgeous

have a nice weekend!!!

WendyB said...

They'll need to change it to "Lincoln Center" for the fashion-week types!

Tasha said...

Oooooh these are amazing! Love the colours :) Glad you didn't find my blog rambling...its hard to tell with my tired eyes and mind hah!

the southern hostess said...

Makes me miss NYC too! Gorgeous colors.

Diane said...

yay east village...that's where i live! :)

myvogue said...

I also love those N.Y.C. nail polish collection - I've already got the pinkish one for me and bought the coral one for a friend of mine. Great colors!!!

Angela said...

i like the blue ones. I would add some sparkling crystals on my nails too. : )

zupu said...

I'm totally loving this! I'm addicted to nail polish, I feel naked without it (a must also in toes!) so I'm so inspired by this post dear and with such a great way you described the names of them :) I would so much like to go to NYC..

Sherin said...

Wow. All the colours look great. I reckon we should buy the whole collection and wear a different colour on each finger.

E said...

I love that blue color - it's perfect. And quick-dry is a must for me. I always mess up my nails by putting shoes on before they're dry.


How pretty! Not colors I would personally wear, but they do look so lovely on the bottle!

La C.

fashiongrail said...

Great names! Love the entire collection!

Nikolett said...

Ah, what a great idea for a nail polish collection! I love the bright blue one ... I've yet to visit N.Y.C. (shock and horror, I know!) but this post is definitely going to go in my memories as places I need to visit while wearing the corresponding nail polish, haha.

Have an amazing weekend! <3

Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

Oh I do love gorgeous colours!
My favourite is that beautiful pink!


Anonymous said...

You always Manage to blog about the cutest things! I love that spread so much that I posted another harry potter related teen vogue spread!

Sasi said...

What a fabulous range of colours! I love the West and East Village, and all the pink tones!

Mom Fashion World said...

i love pastel colors of nail polish!
hmmm...i might try turquoise color!

Caramell said...

pretty colours ;>
I spend a fortune on my nail enamels ^^

Arushi Khosla said...

I'm so obsessed with NYC, it's not even funny. I loterally read guidebooks for fun at times. Please don't hate me.
Fabulous names and gorgeous colors.
Totally whoops OPI's ass!

Kisses! XX

Anonymous said...

What bold colors!

Lately, I've been borrowing my mom's OPI polishes. Mine are old and clumpy.

I could definitely see myself wearing that turquoise at the top of the page. I wonder if the polish really does dry in just one minute. I've used several quick-dry polishes, but they either clumped up before I could finish painting my nails, or they took longer than the bottle promoted.

Oh gosh, I think this post may fuel my old nail polish obsession! obsession. I never had naked nails during high school. College made me lazy though, so I only polish on special occasions. I think I ought to change that... =]

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