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While my Balenciaga look-alike is more synonymous with a best friend whom I can’t separate myself from; when it comes to the beach, I simply can’t bear to tote it along to a place where it is sure to wind up sandy, wet, and, quite possibly, smelly. No, it is times like this when I must depend on a bag more proper for a day spent seaside. Something that is roomy and rugged; cutting edge yet cute; adorable yet affordable. A bag that will hold all the necessary requirements for a trip to the shore, without risk of being ruined. A bag like...well, like one of these beachy beauties, of course!

Lilly Pulitzer "Sink Or Swim Bag" Ah Lilly...the princess of prep. The queen of serene. The personage of pastels. And now, the creator of one of the most adorable straw totes I have ever laid eyes on. White braided rope handles and a patent navy trim offset the wheat-colored straw of this Sink Or Swim Bag, which is embroidered with colorful swimming fish of varying sizes, in addition to the words akin to road trips – “Are we there yet?” The blend of poppy, tropical-inspired shades make it a cinch to pair this pretty with any summery getup you may have lurking in your closet...from that wild zig-zag monokini, to your lipstick red sundress. Are we there yet? Correction…is it mine yet?

Free People "Rice Paper Beach Tote" Eco-friendly. Roomy. Sturdy. Assembled from recycled detergent, rice, and storage bags. Available in three luscious colors – yellow, red, and green. Covered in vintage-inspired words and illustrations. No loves, this isn’t a figment of your imagination; nor is it a wish made upon a shooting star. If you must know (and yes, you must!), Free People’s Rice Paper Beach Tote is all you could ever want and more. The crinkly creation is functional and fabulous, managing to make space for your sunglasses and beach towel; change of clothes and sunscreen; reading material and flip flops; without forgoing flair, to be sure. Today I want the yummy yellow. Yesterday I was eyeing the ravishing red. Last week I was gaga over the green. Perhaps with such affordability the best thing to do is simply invest in all three; sounds like a plan to me!

Victoria's Secret "Supermodel Tote" Alessandra Ambrosio. Miranda Kerr. Marisa Miller. In my opinion, they are three of the most gorgeous supermodels on the planet. And now? Well, you can take them with you wherever you go; namely, the beach! The Supermodel Tote is the quintessential tagalong for a day of seafront lollygagging. Gray, silver-tinted waterproof PVC material serves as a classic backdrop to the piece de resistance – a photograph of the three supermodels frolicking upon the bank. The entire photograph – including the three lovely ladies – is displayed in black and white; while the bikinis they happen to be donning take center stage with bright, poppy colors. It’s the perfect size. It’s the perfect shape. It’s the perfect conversation piece. Let’s simply face it; it’s the perfect beachy purchase!

Athleta "Boho Beaded Bag" Sand that is white as snow. Water clear as a blue sky. Lush palm trees swaying to and fro in the cool breeze, a netted hammock strung up amidst them. Now that’s what I call a perfect day at the beach. But, even without such a tropical setting or locale, the Boho Beaded Bag manages to invoke these images in my mind with just one glance. Crafted of toyo straw (a material that is actually paper) woven into a shape similar to fish netting correspondent to that found within the cargo of a pirate’s ship, then outfitted with a palm-frond colored lining, this is a bag destined to take you to hippie heaven. Black wood beads cover the natural netted body, while a magnetic snap closure makes it possible to keep your valuables safe and sound. It’s low-key and luxurious...simply perfect for a sandy adventure!

SHOPINTUITION "Bathing Beauty Beach Bag" Being a bathing beauty can be such a difficult task; especially when you’re competing not only with fellow bikini-donning beach dwellers, but the casual yet covetable Bathing Beauty Beach Bag, as well. The teasing terry cloth turquoise tote, embellished with sassy embroidery proclaiming the words Bathing Beauty, and flanked with a teeny pink bikini is eyecatching and essential for all of your seaside shenanigans; of course, it also doubles as a hot hobo for those casual trips to romantic resort towns. The waterproof lining makes it simple to store your wet suit; but the true beauty of this Bathing Beauty Beach Bag? The outer zip pocket made of plastic. No more worries about your shimmery sunscreen staining your glossies, as you can keep it separate in this convenient little pocket. Beautiful. Organizational. Yum!

Ready to get beachy, girls?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lilly Pulitzer, Free People, Victoria's Secret, Athleta, and SHOPINTUITION for the pictures.

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www.janetteria.com said...

I totally love that last one...


Tasha said...

Definately ready to get beachy :D The athleta bag gets my pick...looks like you could get a lot in there

miriam said...

so many perfect totes! xx.

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Great post! It's always nice to have a cute bag specifically for the beach. No one wants to get their regular handbags ruined or full of sand!

My favorite is definitely the Lilly Pulitzer. So adorable! And I love the fish!

Couture Carrie said...

Is it wrong that I want all of these, especially the VS?

Fabulous post, darling!

I'm felling beachy for sure!


class act said...

You have to look up Sea Bags if you aren't familiar with them already! They are the cutest beach bag. I wrote a post about them on my blog. You'll love them!

fashiongrail said...

LOVE the Athleta Boho Beaded Bag!

Anonymous said...

CUTE site! Would love to add one another as followers:) I am always looking to network with other creative blogs! Let me know OR add me and I will then add you! Happy blogging and best of luck!!

Sherin said...

If only there were more sandy, gorgeous beaches near london *sigh*. I love that Victoria's secret one

ana said...

The first tote is perfect for me! I want to go to the beach so much

ana said...

The first tote is perfect for me! I want to go to the beach so much

Stephanie said...

that boho beaded bag is fabulous!

Amelia said...

I love the supermodel bag! Too bad I already have a million summer bags.

Clarity said...

I adore the rice paper bag followed by the beaded one - a twist on a classic shape.

It reminds me of a few years of childhood holidays spent in Africa by the beach. All I need now is a soft white dress, smile and Jackie O sunglasses.

Love + Cake said...

I LOVE beach bags! I love the beach :D

Unfortunately, it's been raining where I am for the past four weeks now (literally, every day) and going on five weeks after next week. Bummer!

Nice blog :)

xox, mavi

Unknown said...

Love the colors of the Free People bag- but lets face it, as long as you're at the beach, the waves and the sun will be the main event! Have fun no matter which you choose! -e

Closet Cravings said...

L-O-V-E The Bathing Beauty bag and the VS Supermodel Tote. I just love a bag that is both functional and fashionable. =)

Nicole Marie said...

gap has a blue striped on that i want to so badly!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

oh i LOVE the beach bag!!! especially the "Boho Beaded Bag"

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