Lampin' It Up

The Hamptons: A luxurious east coast summer hideaway frequented by the elite.
Lampin’: A term coined by Kanye West to describe the unproductive moments that plague us when we’re in the throes of relaxing and chilling out – “Said she’s just lampin’, chillin’ on campus.”

Mix the two terms together and you have The Lamptons Hoody – a tres chic piece by East Hampton’s Blue&Cream, a shop that specializes in creating comfort by combining urban style with the ritz, glitz, and glamour of the quaint locale.

Now, it is not like me to get entirely worked up over a sweatshirt or, in this case, hoodie; but I have been utterly obsessed with The Hamptons since I was nothing more than a knee-high tot toddling along in tutus and tap shoes. So at the sight of this Lamptons Hoody, I could do nothing more than gape at all of its comfy, cozy, and oh-so adorable glory.

The Lamptons adds an urban flavor to the quaint seaside resort town that is often viewed as being pompous, pretentious, and posh. It blackens a pristine white wall found inside one of the sprawling mansions. It sprouts gold spots and wild weeds within the perfectly lush green grasses that grow along the outskirts of the castle-like residences which receive the same tender, love, and care as a bawling infant. It serves as the object behind the corroding, rotting, peeling, and discoloration that overwhelms the pretty white picket fences standing primly in front of each immaculately kept front porch. But, better yet, it adds a sense of street style to your wardrobe that you would be unable to achieve with any other piece of its kind.

My current cravings include the subtle grey and sophisticated black – two colors that will work well with anything in my wardrobe; though I would be more than willing to take the purple, pink, blue, red, or green offerings home if given the opportunity.

This is my chance to get in touch with the Hamptons-dwelling honey hiding deep within my soul. A single occasion created just for those unproductive moments I long for; when I can be the chick chilling in the background while everyone else is catering to their inner worker-bee. All I need is a Lamptons Hoody, and yes, I’ll be lampin’ it up with the best of them!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22 for the pictures.

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Couture Carrie said...

I learned a new word!!

Love the hoodies, darling... Will you be lampin' and hampin' this summer?


fashiongrail said...

I'm a closet hoodie freak! lol I want one of these.

Angela said...

i am all for comfortable fitted hoodie.

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Those are lovely hoodies! I think they are always a great thing to have in your closet. It's nice to have a comfy jacket to throw on.

And I learned a new word today! Lampin'! Very interesting. Although I'm sure if I started using that word, my friends would think I'm nuts. Haha!

sherin said...

Love it. Looks so comfy. I def need one for the winter (which is still months away)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Oooooooooo, I always love hearing about new lines. New to me anyway. Love the pink!!

SHIZUKA said...

haha interesting word! x

Eda said...

They look very comfy!

Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

How awesome! I really like the blue one.. But i also really like the pink one!! Hmm gosh I really like it!


Princess Liberty said...

The hoodies lok lovely

ana said...

so confortable! I love the first one

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