A Deconstructed Dream

I saw a full one-and-a-half-hours of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen before getting slightly dizzy and leaving the theater. Unfortunately, I had already fallen victim to a new must-have: the Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Boot that Megan Fox wore with white jeans and a salmon colored twin set as she ran from autobots or decepticons, or both – I truly can’t be sure as I was salivating over the hot, deconstructed footwear at the time. Three buckled straps. A one-inch heel. In my mind they were a riding boot gone wrong. A motorcycle boot with flair. They were also, upon research, well out of my price range. The Madden Girl Black Women’s Bukinham, however, feature a price that is the perfect fit for those of us living on a budget yet fancying the finer things in life – Famous Footwear coupons.

Like the original, the Bukinham is, essentially, a shoe made specifically for a queen in mind – or at least a queen with a taste for boots. The twelve-inch shaft is embellished with three straps, each sporting an antique bronze buckle, in addition to a slight gathering about the bridge of the foot that is stylishly scrumptious. They are combat boots that effuse masculine grunge; obviously prototypical of those days when you want nothing more than to add a muscular ambience to your look du jour.

Dearests, please do not proclaim that you are incapable of donning such a decadent style. Such a broadcast should be unheard of. Yes, you can enrobe your tootsies in this loveliness; all you really need is a little incentive and a lot of ideas.

A flirty floral dress topped with a motorcycle jacket.

Slouchy tees and tanks paired with leggings, long chains, and bangles galore.

Ruffled blouses tucked into barely-there minis.

Black tights topped with denim cutoffs, topped with a boyfriend tee, topped with a cropped blazer.

Lots and lots of layers! Scarves, cardigans, tiers of tulle!

Oui, the possibilities are simply endless.

Perhaps it is time to listen to my own advice.

The beauteous Bukinham, I think the time has come to make you mine.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Famous Footwear for the pictures.


Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Great boots! I swear I don't think I could pull them off though! I really think they would look quite clunky on my small frame. However, I do think they would look fabulous with a little floral dress.

It reminds me of a picture I saw of Rachel Bilson recently. She was wearing a red dress with a denim jacket and black boots. She can pull anything off!


I am heading over to my local Famous Footwear right now in the hopes that they will have my size!

La C.

Couture Carrie said...

Fierce fall footwear, darling!


Mom Fashion World said...

thanks for the advise. sweetie!
i love those boots so much!
i've been eyeing for them for a long time.

p.s. you should visit martha's vineyard before
the summer ends :-) it's nice there!

fashiongrail said...

Love the boots, totally my style!!!!

sherin said...

I love boots like this. I've been on the look out for a similar pair for ages.

KP said...

Fiorentini and Baker boots are on my ebay watch list all the time-they're so perfect!

Haute World said...

Ah, I have the Fiorentini & Baker Eternity boot in black! It's my favorite item of footwear ever! It took me ages to find, because I fell in love with it around the same time every single celebrity decided to wear them. Argh. They were pricey, but so worth it (well, they're actually 30% cheaper in Europe, I'd never pay the $500+ Barneys is asking for). I actually saw the Madden version before Christmas last year and it looks the same excpet the buckles are square+silver and the leather isn't as soft, but it's definitely a bargain.

Luinae said...

If they were a little higher in the heel, I'd wear 'em.

Sarah ~ Lolita of Modern Times ~ said...

Great boots, and great price! I also loved these boots when I saw the movie, but I never thought of actually wearing them, 'cause I could not picture myself with them.... But now that you're talking about...

~ Lolita of modern times ~

E said...

Those have the most amazing buckles!

Lauren said...

these tough motorcycle boots are exactly what i want for fall!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

The boots are beautiful! I can only imagine them being worn with tons of layers, a fun skirt, tights and lots of scarves.


Amelia said...

I just bought my first pair of boots ever. I'm definitely looking forward to more boot-appropriate weather. Lovely picks!

Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

Those are awesome boots!
I hated the Transformers 2 movie, omgosh. ahha
but those boots are to cute!


Charlotte said...

My first reaction after seeing the picture was: ugh. ugly.
But after reading your opinion and the way you would match them in an outfit: i loved them! I love the idea of those boots underneath a floral dress and a motorcycle jacket :D

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

amazing boots!!

Posh Peach said...

I love your outfit ideas to pair the boots with! So fun. I've been wanting to get some boots for fall - I can still wear them in super hot Florida, right? :)
P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! It made my day.

Keith said...

Great boots. They are fierce. I don't know many girls who can pull them off. There's this one girl, but that's about it. Awesome though.

Marian said...

those boots are hot!!

Monica said...

I watched transformers 2 twice, and both times I was thinking how cool those boots were. They would certainly add a good amount of edge to any outfit.

Arushi Khosla said...

Those are so grunge-y. It's badass just like Megan Fox.
Love them.
Awesome post.

Unknown said...

i think I may just go and buy these, they look absolutley fabulous!

Meream said...

Great styling suggestions!

And thanks for the short headache-related review on the movie. I will not see it on the cinema now because I hate movies that induce migraines.

StyleRoulette said...

They are gorgeous! Black tights topped with denim cutoffs, topped with a boyfriend tee, topped with a cropped blazer... Pure awesomeness They would Rock!!! I would also wear them like Dakota Fanning did in Push, that outfit rocked!
Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

Anonymous said...

AH, I've been in love with these since I saw similar ones in the Tory Burch fall preview...they are quite fabulous! Definitely need to get these for fall.

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