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Curious to find out what handbag styles are essential for every modern-day fashionista? Check out my Guest Post 4 Handbag Styles You Need in Your Closet over at All Women Stalk to see what styles you're missing, and which ones you can simply do without!

Fashionably yours!


K said...

Very nice! I'm afraid that I'm still coming out of the one-bag mindset. My big black one carries me through day-to-day, but evenings out I typically opt for a more petite clutch.

Jolie said...

Nice work Love! Agree totally, can never leave the house without my oversite tote! xoxo Jolie

Riah said...

perfect post

Anastasia Schembri said...

Excellent post, one can never have enough bags! My favourite is the satchel!

COCAMIA said...

I love when you post these inspirational ideas! It's all about living the moment right now!

ediot said...

that picture is stunning. and so is the dress!


Frannie said...

You've given me the perfect excuse to go bag shopping!
Thank you!

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