Smitten Saturday

Farewell Fingers! I truly hope that you don’t have some morbid image in your mind given the phrase “farewell fingers,” for that is the absolute last thing that I am trying to create. My proclamation has more to do with gloves – specifically fingerless gloves. Darlings, I understand that my digits must stay warm and toasty in cold climates; but I truly cannot stand the behind-bars inspired confines proffered by mittens and gloves that hold your hands captive from any and all movements. Aside from the fact that I refuse to leave the house without at least one cocktail ring adorning my fingers; as a serial texter I require the freedom to type away upon my BlackBerry at the drop of a hat. Thus it is no surprise that I would fall head over heels for a type of frippery fashioned with one’s mobility in mind…fingerless gloves!

Unlike typical hand accoutrements that bind; fingerless gloves protect one’s porcelain skin, while still allowing you to show off your magnificent manicure! American Apparel’s Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Glove is a must for the lady looking to share warmth with a cute boy. mark’s Warm Welcome Flip Top Gloves are absolutely perfect for the girl who can’t make up her mind! And there’s no question whatsoever about the fabulous factor served up via Free People’s dainty Suede Short Ribbon Gloves. Have you said farewell to fingers, kittens?

So You Want to Be a Fashionista… Darlings never before did I think these seven words would spill from my lips – especially given the fact that I’m currently on winter break, and far, far away from homework of all kinds; but…I want to go back to school! No, I have not lost my mind, or gone completely insane due to the holidays; I’ve simply become spellbound with a new type of institution for education…Fashionista University! As opposed to four-month sessions of headache-inducing history courses, or science classes that leave you with the urge to scream in frustration, the seven-week semesters at Fashionista University offer thrilling topics of study like Fashion Design 101 and PR Prep, both of which are taught by professionals in the industry who take you all over New York City’s Garment District on fashion-focused field trips, including a stop at the crème de la crème of stylish locations…New York Fashion Week! Tell me loves, don’t you want to be a fashionista?

Lock Me in Your Heart I will admit that it’s really no surprise. I never truly expected to receive an original Tiffany Key Pendant Necklace given their exorbitant prices. And even if I had, I would be too frightened to wear it out of the house; riddled with worry of something happening to it, or losing it altogether. That, however, has not freed me from my utter adoration of key pendants. Darlings, keys, especially those of the skeleton variety, are an important piece of the feminine mystique package. They cast an enigmatic, perplexing glow upon your person, and make those around you question your motives in any and all situations; whilst adding a touch of hush-hush haute couture to your accessory collection. Hence the reason why, regardless of the Tiffany name – or rather, lack thereof – inscribed upon my trinket, I refuse to forgo the style; instead searching for similar designs that will provide me with the same type of evasive elegance as the original.

It is impossible not to become entwined in the rustic beauty brought forth via Forever 21’s Antique Key Charms Necklace. Sophistication is abound when accoutered with the Zad Love Locked Key from Lulu’s. And so much as attempting to resist the vintage flair of the Antique Skeleton Key Necklace is absolutely out of the question. Who will you be locking in your hearts?

Double Trouble Kitty cats, if you hadn’t already noticed, I am an individual completely obsessed with nail enamel! Resisting the nail polish aisle when shopping, even for the most blasé of items, is completely beyond my comprehension. I simply adore finding new shades to speckle my fingertips, and would not at all be happy without my weekly color changes. But I digress; the one downfall of my lacquer lust falls solely on the need for a clear top coat. Having to pay for a bottle of something that is virtually invisible is such a frustration – especially when that money could be better spent on an abundance of au courant hues. Hence the reason why Np2 is today’s infatuation du jour! Two bottles – one clear, one in your desired color (I fancy Addition and Positive Integer myself!) – come packaged separately, yet in a form that clicks together to create a little package perfect for creating pretty nails in an instant! Even better is the fact that the top coat is chip resistant, meaning less touch-ups! Ready for a bit of double trouble?

Back to Black Oh my lovelies, time and time again I have attempted to divert myself from black handbags; to add a splash of color into my accessory collection via hot pink or pristine white hues. But such wardrobe additions are simply not in the forecast for me. Black will forever be a classic color that maintains one’s regality while being fully trendy at the very same time courtesy of elegant embellishments and sinewy aesthetics which establish personality and spruce up one’s ensemble in a heartbeat.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Love Letter Satchel is an absolute essential for the girl about town looking to add a pinch of punk chic to her person. Channeling one’s inner boho belle is an absolute cinch when carrying Cleobella’s slouchy yet sophisticated Brixton Rock Bag. A glamorous night out with the girls is far from complete without the added edginess of Forever 21’s Studded Quilted Clutch. And please don’t even contemplate leaving the house without Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Petal to the Metal – Natasha Flap Crossbody Bag in tow, for it is the true life of the party, and contributes a bit of whimsy to one’s wardrobe! What about you my loves? Do you forever go back to black, or is your handbag collection full of kitschy color?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Fred Flare for the pictures.

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www.janetteria.com said...

I'm crazy for those Tiffany key pendants...YUMMY!


Rachel Scarlet said...

oh I definately love the Fashionista University!! I saw the website. It is based in NY is it? This is really awesome!!

I adore the Tiffany key pendant. It looks vintage and at the same time sort of victorian-era-ish! I wish I can have that though.

Nonetheless, Happy New Year Erika darling!! :)

Leah said...

The Fashionista University is interesting but I guess there is an age limit to enter those halls. LOL I might be mistaken for a teacher.

I want to have my own Moment Jar. I think I need a lot to store so many memories.

Leah said...

The Fashionista University is interesting but I guess there is an age limit to enter those halls. LOL I might be mistaken for a teacher.

I want to have my own Moment Jar. I think I need a lot to store so many memories.

Style, She Wrote said...

Fashionista University? Sounds interesting... I wonder how it will compete with schools like FIT and Parsons.

Very cool post!
Happy New Year!

Catie said...

While I used to always wear my red Ananas handbag, I've recently gone back to black with a Nine West bag. The red one was my favorite, but it was less practical b/c it had a wood button enclosure and another wooden piece that held the strap on. It could convert from a long handle to a short handle... but I'm one of those people who's always in a rush, and I suppose I dropped my bag too many times. The wood broke :( I'll probably get it fixed again when I have the time, but for now I'm enjoying the change of a black bag.


I love time capsules or better yet, throwing a bottle into the ocean with a note. I did that when I was really young...never heard back from anyone though =( I am smitten with coffee this week. I have needed it to get up in the morning! xoxo


LAUREN said...

I saw the MJ bag from the end of your post in Saks... It was so adorable, but there was no zipper to keep things from falling out, so I was a bit skeptical. So cute, though! I fell in love at first sight!
I was smitten with my new Laura Mercier lipstick in Audrey, as well as my new instant camera from Fuji... I've been snapping away photos all week long <3
(I love those flip top gloves - I have two pairs myself!)

Jessi said...

Love Smitten Saturday! Black seems to be a dominant shade in my wardrobe, along with grey... only because I can mix and match more! My purses are kinda all over the place - my accessories is where I mix it up! :)

xoxo J

K said...

I would have loved to attend Fashionista University if it had been offered when I was that age. Oh well.

BTW, where did you find your template? I've been playing around with mine for a while, and I can't find one that's streamlined but fun.

Couture Carrie said...

Loving alllll of this, darling Erika, especially the flip-top gloves ~ CC needs!

Hope you have a lovely weekend my dear!


Anonymous said...

Im pretty smitten with that key necklace! how adorable

Caramell said...

I love fingerless gloves but I don't have an opportunity to wear them as my fingers are always ice cold.
Black inspiration also keeps on my mind. It goes perfect with studds and animal prints.
A happy, fashionable New Year, honey! :D

daisychain said...

Love love love this post, it may be my favourite smitten saturday so far.

Nikolett said...

Ahh, I love necklaces with key charms or pendants on them, so beautiful. I'll never buy a pair of fingerless gloves just because my finers would freeze off, but they definitely are fashionable :)

Hope you had an amazing start to your 2010, Erika! *hugs*

mAdi*cakes said...

LOVE it! Especially the fashionista school!! Im going to be looking into this maybe. :] Thanks girl!



Monica said...

fabulouuuuus- omg x.

im obsessed with fashion as well!
follow me:)

Lauren said...

i loooove that key pendant necklace - i have been looking for an inexpensive version for a while...
happy new year!

Cloud P. said...

i love the key necklace.

and right, black is the best color for everything! ;)

E said...

I love that Marc Jacobs cross body bag! What a beautiful color!

K said...

Just saw your comment about "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". Nope, haven't read it, only watched it. Love it, though!

Mimi said...

Happy Saturday, aren't weekends great?! I looove this fabulous list. Fingerless gloves are so cool and the Fashionista University seems like a really great place to go.

Joanne Faith said...

That is one way of looking at fingerless gloves! I did appreciate the finger mobility, and how much easier it was to eat/drink but showing of a pretty manicure is genius!

As for what I am smitten with...AVATAR, ohfreakinhellitis AMAZING.

Treacle said...

Oh I'd love to go to a Fashionista school! I feel like I'm "winging it" on my blog and a bit of direction would be ideal.

Nina said...

Hi Erika!

The hubby got me the Tiffany key pendant on our trip to Hongkong last August. I am seriously still smitten by it and wear it each chance I get. I love the symbolism behind it ... "I have the key to his heart." Wonderful!

Fashionista University sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Frannie said...

Oh My Gosh! I loved EVERYTHING on this post Erika darling! That key pendant is too gorgeous for words.
Black is and has always been the basic foundation in my wardrobe. I need that nail polish and that site and school sound amazing! I'm already preparing my piece for this magic moment!

Sherin said...

I adore fingerless gloves. They are so perfect. I love the ones that can then turn into adorable mittens.
I think Tiffany's keys are just so gorgeous, but I agree: I would be far too scared to wear them out. I'm loving the alternatives though. In fact, I think I prefer the Antique Skeleton Key.

Sharon Lei said...

Oh my goodness, E... now I'm dying to make a time capsule!! and I want to try the NP2.. genius!! Hope you are having a fabulous day...

Love & Aloha, S

Nubiasnonsense said...

Hey pretty Lady I just wanted to say Happy New Year and hopefully I get to see you this year!! Wishing you the best <3

B a la Moda said...

I love the idea of the time capsules. We did that to a friend some years ago. We left some messages and thing for him in a box. He has to opend then in 10 years. The idea of the Fashionista University is cool too.

B* a la Moda

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

The Moment Jars sound like such a fun idea! I was always fascinated with the idea of a time capsule. My senior year in high school, my english class did something similar. The teacher had us write letters to ourselves for him to mail to us in five years. I'm anxiously awaiting for that letter to show up next year. I want to know what I wrote!

I'm loving fingerless gloves! I need the Free People pair in red!

Anonymous said...

I am OBSESSED with nail polish as well.. I can never NOT have perfectly manicured fingers! Loving fingerless gloves too! xo


Emily said...

I want a key pendant so bad! And I love fingerless gloves :) The fashion university sounds awesome - something right up my alley!


Amelia said...

Lovely post! I will always be enamoured by black.

Dream Sequins said...

Fingerless gloves are definitely a sacrifice of fashion over comfort. I'm into elbow length leather gloves all the way for nippy winters! What a fantastic post. xx

Anonymous said...

J'adore fingerless gloves and I have always loved my blach handbags. So functional and practical, two things I'm a strong advocate of.

The F Word Online said...

hahaha ironically i've just developed a love for nail polish, hence the electrifying nail polish. i hope you had a great new yrs my dear !

xx lue

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, I love the key pendant and the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Unknown said...

I love that moment jar thing, I think I'll make one!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

How fun does Fashionista University seem? Goodness, I want to go just on my own time now. haha. Also, I love the idea of time capsules too but they just take so long for the gratification that I never do! Those jars are cute though!

SabinePsynopsis said...

The Tiffany key is nearly as essential as diamond earrings (I have neither). Black handbags forever! Sabine x

michelle_ said...

i want the key necklace!
happy new year erika :D

your blog is a good source for inspiration .
many thanks to the comment you left :D

visit / comment / follow me .
glisters and blisters

COCAMIA said...

Fashionista University!? So cool!! I'm there!

Mom Fashion World said...

crossing my fingers on the giveaway.
i love that tiffany pendant necklace for mr. freddy. so cute!

happy new year and wish you all the
best in life!

Audrey Allure said...

haha! i do too have to wear a cocktail ring. my friends think i'm crazy for taking off my gloves & then putting on my ring when i get inside. then taking off my ring to put on my gloves to go outside.

Emma said...

Ooo Fashionista Uinveristy here I come! Hahaa and those Tiffany necklaces are really sweet. I think they'd make a great gift.

Chicago Chic said...

Hello Love, I agree with you. Black will ALWAYS be the constant classic and chic colour. You can almost never go wrong with black....some wonderful ideas here and I love the idea of time capsules too!


M&E said...

fashionista university is really intresting!!!
we love key's necklace!!!
Great blog dear :))
kisses, M&E.


sara said...

aw, I wish I had gone to Fashionista University! sounds awesome. Also, I can't seem to veer myself away from black bags either!


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