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When I was younger, I was semi-obsessed with MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 {which only increased after reading Kate Brian’s Sweet 16}. It was one of those after-school guilty pleasures that was almost embarrassing to admit due to how outlandish the scenarios were, how outrageous the characters were {this includes both the girls – and occasional guy – and their parents}, and how over. the. top. the party planning process and parties themselves were. My main reason for tuning in? I kind of loved ‘going’ dress shopping with the girls.

Jetting off to Paris to find the perfect dress? It totally happened! Trotting in and out of seriously luxe department store dressing rooms? Kind of a requirement for every episode. The show, essentially, served as a visual for the life you wished you were living during your teenage years, amiright? The awesome thing about My Super Sweet 16 was that they focused on a Quinceanera every now and again, which was somehow even more scandalous than the typical episodes for 2 reasons: a} the girls were younger yet managed to be even more high-maintenance and demanding; b} the dresses were a billion times more frou frou fabulous – very much like the 15 Quinceanera Dresses you’ll find at DressesOfGirl. Here are my Top 3 finds – you’ll love them, I promise!

Ball Gown Scoop Tulle Floor-length Lace Quinceanera Dresses {$329.39}
That tiny sliver of midriff though...so on fleek. I have forever loved special occasion dresses that show off the tiniest hint of belly - especially when paired with a full, frothy, floor-length skirt {and ballerina bun, of course!}. It’s the reason why I was so enamored with the Christian Siriano look Sarah Hyland wore to the 2014 Emmy Awards, and why I’m fully swooning over this gorgeous dress. I want to open my closet and find it hanging there tomorrow morning. Seriously.

Sweetheart A-line Satin Tulle Floor-length Rhinestone Quinceanera Dresses {$164.29}
Rhinestones are a girl’s best friend, yes? Quinceanera dresses tend to follow a consistent OTT trend {never a bad thing, mind you}, so I kind of adore this one for being slightly tamer. The rhinestone bodice brings just enough bling to make you standout and sparkle; while the champagne-toned tulle skirt is ladylike and feminine without toeing the cupcake-esque line.

Ball Gown Sweetheart Organza Sweep Train Beading Quinceanera Dresses {$361.09}
So not my typical style, but something I’m seriouslyseriously swooning over at the moment. The skirt is so very Scarlett O’Hara / Gone with the Wind and seems ideal for a night of dancing. The subtle beading on the bodice doesn’t hurt things either. Lovelove!

Do you have a favorite look?


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ellie said...

All 3 are so spectacular! Love seeing these..and reading about your memories of that show is great too!

ivy said...

I so loved the first one, but then..the next one was just as beautiful and the last one was amazing too! Great Friday post!

Couture Carrie said...

Frilly and fabulous!


Lady parisienne said...

Very pretty wedding dress!

Lady parisienne said...

Very pretty wedding dress!

Tights Lover said...

I remember that show! I was so horrified I think I made a vow to myself to never have children...hahaha.

Love the Sweetheart Quinceanera. You described it perfectly!

Kathryn said...

That show was always so ridiculous, some people went crazy preparing for their birthday! Haha :)

Paulina said...

Amazing dresses! <3

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The first dress is amazing! It looks like it would be fun to dance in :)

little luxury list said...

Ahh yes that show was SO fun! I kinda love the floor length gown as well and its a but more demure but still flirty.

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Tanya said...

Pretty dresses!


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