Coffee Break with the Naughty Secretary

They type memos at the speed of light. They answer phones promptly and professionally. They run here and there yet still manage to look perky, cute, and absolutely amazing. Yes, secretaries are true wonders who, according to a History & Heraldry mug someone gave me for Christmas last year, “are loyal, efficient, dedicated, and secretly run the world!” And so in honor of Secretary’s Day (or, rather, the more politically correct Administrative Professionals’ Day), here’s an extra special Q and A with Naughty Secretary Club mastermind Jennifer Perkins.

Were you ever a secretary yourself?
Jennifer: My first job straight out of college was as an Administrative Assistant to Business and Government Relations. My time as a secretary was very uneventful since the majority of the time I was without a boss or anything to do. I used the time between 9 and 5 to get on the internet and build my business.

Why the name Naughty Secretary Club? Do you believe that all secretaries are naughty and/or do you know something about secretaries that the rest of us don’t?
J: Since I was working on my business and not secretarial duties I decided I was a naughty secretary and started the club.. I do not believe that all secretaries are naughty; I have known and worked with some very straight-laced ones in my time.

When/how did you start the Naughty Secretary Club?
J: Around the year 2000. Naughty Secretary Club started as an online ‘zine with band interviews, recipes, craft projects and more; and eventually morphed into a jewelry website.

What’s on your wish list right now?
J: Sparkle Philosophy (( necklace )) Bold, Romantic
Little Red Deer Mary Janes – Size 9
Fawn Family Necklace 2baby Fawns
Scrapbooking Cut-Out Sheet – Vintage Style Yarn Flowers
Provo Craft YuDu

What do you love to read (magazines/books, etc.)?
J: I just had a baby so my husband reads to me a lot these days. When we first came home from the hospital and would be up in the middle of the night he would read me David Sedaris. I LOVE craft books and hoard them and get such cheap thrills when publishers send me review copies. I also adore going to the Half Price Book Store and loading up on used magazines (fashion and home decorating). That way it is so much cheaper and I have less guilt if I don’t get around to ever reading them.

What is your go to accessory?
J: I have several favorites but almost always you can catch me in a Cha Cha Bracelet, huge earrings of some sort and the same four rings. Funny, I have TONS of jewelry, but tend to wear the same pieces. I rotate purses and shoes pretty often.

Favorite places to shop?
J: I spend way too much time on Etsy, but I am honestly not a huge shopper. I love flea markets and go whenever I can.

Any advice for girls who love fashion/design?
J: Don’t be afraid to make designs that appeal to you even if everyone else thinks they are whack-a-doodle-doo. I started making jewelry because there was nothing big and eccentric enough for my taste. The fact that other people were interested in it was secondary. I make jewelry that I like first and foremost and from there I just hope that other people like it too.

Not that we need a reason to spend money; but for those of you who want to surprise the naughty secretary in your life, or, you know, spoil yourself for the fun of it, enter the word SECRETARY in the coupon/voucher area at checkout, and receive 25% off your Naughty Secretary Club order, good through Monday, April 27, 2009. It’s a deal that’s so naughty it’s nice!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Indie Shopping for the picture.


Couture Carrie said...

Fab interview! And thanks for the discount too, E!


Casey Lewis said...

Great interview!

Half-priced magazines? I need to find this place...

Posh Peach said...

Great interview!!


Lovely interview =]

La C.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

great interview!!

Becca. said...

lovely interview,
gorgeous blog too.
would you like to swap links?xx

Angela said...

I so apprecite my assistant back in the corporate days.

Sherin said...

Great interview. She seems really cool as well.

miriam said...

cool interview, and I do like discounts!

Kate said...

this was a great interview!

kadler said...

This is awesome. I'll make sure to check out her store now!

Jennifer Perkins said...

Thanks tons for the interview! Oh and the Half Price Book Store might be a Texas thing, not sure. I love it there though just scored the May Vogue, W and Marie Claire there this weekend for a buck a piece.

la petite fashionista said...

I know i was thinking the same thing (teen fashionista). I love collecting old magazines.

the interview was fab! I've been seeing Naughty Secretary club everywhere the past year or so & their pieces are so cute so it was great to learn some more!


Anonymous said...

As a former administrative assistant to Jennifer Perkins, I can attest that I was NOT a naughty secretary. I was 100% FOCUSED on performing my duties.

I mean, yeah, sometimes I got on a message board or two, called my girlfriend, doodled in a sketchbook, watched movies, went for walks, and there was that one... I hesitate to call it a "kegger", but there were definitely kegs and about forty people...



I love your blog name because I adore both things, Cafe (coffee & lots of it) and of course, Fashion! :)

myvogue said...

Hahahaha this article made me laugh. I am a secretary myself, so......
Very nice interview :)

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Great interview with Jen, she is so fantastic! I've been a huge fan of hers for years & her book is one of the best things I've purchased in a LONG time. When I was starting my clothing line she was a BIG inspiration. Great interview!

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