It's A Mod, Mod World

There are three things that I loathe about purchasing furniture:

It always seems to be outrageously expensive, forcing me to subsist on nothing but peanut butter and Top Ramen for months on end after taking it home.

No matter how many diagrams and directions are included, managing to fit each piece together so that it resembles something from Planet Earth seems synonymous with being handed a million dollars by a complete stranger.

Once you manage to put it all together, moving it ever again is completely out of the question.

Thus, I have decided that modular furniture may be just the thing I need for a little piece of mind, and a lot of home décor splendor.

I was one of those kids who devoted hours upon hours to playing Tetris on my cumbersome, gray, old-school Game Boy (which I still have lurking in my bedroom closet, if memory serves me correctly). When I wasn’t glued to the green screen, I was dreaming of the colorful falling blocks in my sleep. Perhaps that explains why I am so taken by this 2+1 bit from SDESIGNUNIT. One minute it’s a single bed; the next, a sofa; and to round it all off, it even transforms into a table with two chairs. I’m not sure whether it’s my Tetris-loving heart, or my desire for simplicity, but either way, I think that this work of cleverness needs to make an appearance in my bedroom ASAP!

I’m sure that this sounds ridiculous, but I truly believe that this Modular Table Set from Way Basics was created with me in mind. For a mere $135 they offer up a table and four chairs in cotton candy colors that are water resistant, completely recyclable, and, my personal favorite, easy-to-assemble, setting up in three seconds flat (less time than it takes my nails to dry!) and requiring no tools. This is the piece de resistance of modular furniture, and the new apple of my eye. My only problem now is choosing a shade...should I mix and match, or create a pink palace by sticking to one color scheme?

First I have to accept that our male counterparts have better wardrobes than we do; now I have to admit that toddlers? Yeah, they have way cooler furniture than grown-ups. Like these Offi EVA Foam Chairs. Designed by Tarantino Studios, and featured in blue/green or red/orange color combos, these simple Offi selections consume a large part of my furniture dreams. I understand that they were constructed with the child in mind, but they hold up to 300 pounds, so it’s obvious that I’m not the only one harboring the idea of purchasing a set for my little nephew than commandeering them for my own use!

Regardless of the fact that I was raised in a house of women, with no male siblings in sight, I have always been a Lego lover. The fact that I could, quite possibly, create actual furniture for myself out of them never occurred to me, however. So the discovery of these LunaBlocks? The highlight of my week. Available in an assortment of colorful colors, these lifesize Legos give you the ability to take the wheel in the home décor driver’s seat, and create anything your heart desires using just a touch of creativity, and a few of your own personal touches (like a couch pillow or kitschy throw). Sure, each block may cost between $20 and $55; but once your creation is complete, you’ll have your very own Legoland theme park right at home!

Do you remember when inflatable chairs began to take over the world back in the nineties, completely replacing the beloved bean bag chair, and claiming the affections of teens from California to Canada ? Back then, I thought they were kind of ridiculous. But now, after a few years of struggling with heavy, hernia-inducing pieces, I believe that I’m ready to embrace them wholeheartedly. These Inflatable Bubble Chairs from I Want One of Those are simply sublime. Crafted out of five large and five small inflatable balls, I believe that sitting upon one of these would be akin to sitting upon a giant beach ball, sans the sand, of course. There’s no doubt about it, I want one of these.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to SDESIGNUNIT, Way Basics, Baby Earth, Homology, and I Want One of Those for the pictures.


Leia said...

I used to love Tetris, too! Are you going to get any of the furniture you mentioned? I really like the tri-functionality of the first set, but wouldn't it get annoying having to rearrange it all the time? I guess you would work out your arm muscles, lol!

miriam said...

so cleaver, and good looking pieces!

Sherin said...

Hehe. For some reason, I love getting new furniture...despite it beng ridiculously overpriced.
I remember having a pink inflatable chair...as I recall, it didn't last very long until it burst...

ana said...

The bubble chairs are so cool
nice blog!
I invite you to mine although its in spanish I have a post on furniture.

kind regards

Becca. said...

oooh i want a seat like that :]
thanks for the comment hun, its much appreciated and who doesn't want a marc jacoubs tote?!

Couture Carrie said...

Love all this modular furniture! And soooooo true about never being able to move one of those particle board IKEA monstrosities again after assembling!



This is quite cool! Haha =]

Aren't heart shaped bullets the best? I love them & use them for nearly everything!

La C.

Mon Chér said...

Hey there,
Just letting you know i have a new blog:

Thanks x

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those bubble chairs look like so much fun!! And that lego couch is fantastic. Now I want to completely redecorate my apartment. :P

Clara Campelo said...

great look!!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

good luck with your furniture buying! btw, LOVE the elephant necklace fromt eh previous post!!


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

how creative!! love them

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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