Sleeping Beauty

As a child, I often questioned why Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) refused to wake-up after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, despite the attempts of three magic fairies. At the time, I didn’t realize that it would take a kiss from the handsome Prince Phillip to do the trick. Now, however, I don’t blame her for craving some shut-eye. For if I was resting on any of the blissful offerings from Rubie Green’s Bedding Collection, well, I would want to make like Sleeping Beauty and never wake up again myself.

I am truly head over heels for their collection, and it has nothing to do with the fact that everything they offer is organic and eco-friendly, nor does the credit fall to their reasonable prices. Instead, I am more stricken with the line due to the serene, pastel-inspired colors, in addition to the advertising technique which pictures a relatable twenty-something reading on a couch in a sophisticated sundress, tossing a sunshine-colored pillow about, and simply relaxing – things that we would all love to do while resting upon such scrumptious bedding.

The East Village Duvet Cover is my best-loved offering of the lot. The white zig zag design on the pale pink backdrop is fit for a king (or queen!). I can’t help but want to curl up in it with a warm mug of coffee much like the picture illustrates. It seems like the ideal plan for a lazy Sunday morning; complete with warm, buttery croissants, and a few glossies.

Yes, yes, yes...I’m fancying myself a Sleeping Beauty moment right about...now.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Rubie Green for the picture.


Couture Carrie said...

Ooooooh yes, elegant sheets, coverlets and pillows are essential to a good night's sleep, my Sleeping Beauty! Luxurious choices here, E!


Anonymous said...

oh the photos look so idllic

Nicole Marie said...

oooohhh i would never leave my bed!!!

Angela said...

the second pic is just so yummy and comfy.

jess said...

Sleeping Beauty was on of my favorite princesses. I love the headboard in the first photo,Its so fun and whimsical.


Ah, Sleeping Beauty. Some days I could just cozy up in my bed all day & never leave! But that's only on days when I have my pretty comforter out ;]

La C.

Lexie said...

i loooove shopping for new bed linens! these pictures are gorgeous!

Meream said...

i just woke up but these photos make me want to go back to bed.

miriam said...

so elegant and chic, just perfect for a sleeping beauty!

Blair Friedeman said...

love love LOVE their linens! So soft and feminine.

Sherin said...

Mmmm, sleep. Nothing compares to cuddling into a gorgeous large duvet.
I have just fallen in ove with some of the bedding from Rubie Greens.

MABELLE said...

Wow- thank you so much Erika! I am so incredibly flattered by your post, and very appreciative of all the kind comments :) Glad you like what we're doing!!
Xo Michelle.

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