The Fabulous Imperative

In her book Savvy Girl, Lynn Messina introduced me to the phrase “The Fabulous Imperative.” According to her fictional character Lily, The Fabulous Imperative basically means “Whenever you’re invited to a fabulous party, you’re obligated to go.” No party is involved in this particular equation; however, I have discovered that the term can also be attributed to shopping. As in, if I find a new item that I’m in love with, I’m obligated to buy it. That said, here are my Fabulous Imperatives of the week. A fashionista’s playground. Colorful tea cups with a creative bonus! Cupcakes that bloom right before your eyes. Ring around the...posie? Eat like Ralph Lauren. The one thing you need to turn your kitchen into an at-home café. Bow love. A lamp with nine lives. What are your fabulous imperatives of the week? Fashionably yours! Thanks to We ♥ It for the picture.


michelle said...

Loving the links! :D

la petite fashionista said...

I love the idea of "fabulous imperatives" Let's see mine for the week are:

-pretty & easy to maintain flowers to landscape my backyard

-comfy flats that I can stand in all day at work & still look cute


That picture is faaaabulous!

La C.

The Beauty Mum said...

That cup and saucer set = genius!

Alice said...

My fabulous imperatives for my week..

lets see:
1.over-sized chunky cardigan with a high collar to cozy in

2.Whitakers fudge and milk chocholate..

3.holding hands with my boyfriend(sound like a lovy dovey geek but it just feels so good right now, so back to the basics when it all kind of started..)

Love this editorial like most of yours, always welcome to stop by at hot cake..


Sasi said...

I find those ea cups adorable. And I agree with the obligation to buy an item I'm in love with eheh.

About my shirt dress..I really like the idea of pairing it with boots. Also, what do you think about black opaque tights and black patent ballet flats??

Melissa Walker said...

Loving the Fabulous Imperitive!

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