Style Secrets: New Year's Eve

“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.”
Bill Vaughan

Perhaps I’m the only one, but I truly think that many suffer from the same type of predicament regarding dressing for New Year’s Eve…what to wear. Many feel that anything that sparkles, twinkles, glitters, or shimmers will work wonders. I’m certainly not going against that thought, as I couldn’t agree more. But, there is a time and a place for everything. Each New Year’s Eve situation requires a differently planned and thought out ensemble. For instance, you would not wear a barely there frock displaying décolletage galore to an office party; nor would you wear a stuffy pants suit to a cheerful celebration involving a handful of your closest friends and a cute boy. The key to having the perfect New Year’s Eve is having the ideal New Year’s Eve style for what you will be doing.

In general one is expected to be bold as opposed to blasé while ringing in the New Year. It is assumed that one will take chances and be over the top – they’ll replace understated makeup with overstated, they’ll allow shorter hemlines, and embrace ostentatious baubles. All this is fine, as long as it is within reason of the gala you are gracing with your presence. So, select your New Year’s Eve destination du jour, and get to shopping!

Just Dance For the singleton, I can’t help but feel that New Year’s Eve is the optimal time to go out with a gaggle of your girlfriends and meet new friends – particularly of the cute boy variety. After all, you are transitioning from one year to the next, and what better way to accomplish such a feat than with a cute boy in tow? Thus, heed the advice of Lady Gaga, and head off to a trendy club to dance and chit chat over cocktails! Remember, your plans are loose; you are out for a good time; therefore, it is essential to keep your look simple and comfortable yet cosmopolitan and urbane.

Skinny jeans are a close, personal friend of mine year-round, but for a night out with the girls they become your BFF. You want to downplay your look and display classic sophistication…skinny jeans in a dark wash, like AG Adriano Goldschmied’s The Stilt Skinny Jeans in Durini will help you do this as they are sexy without being too overpowering. Tonight, the focal point is your upper half; thus, pull out the risqué tops! I favor Juicy Couture’s Sequin Sunburst Date Top for its subtle shimmer and Geren Ford’s Zip Tank for its playful yet posh aesthetic. No one is saying that you have to be too flamboyant, but a daring top and some killer shoes, like Cesare Paciotti’s 560410, will make you feel seductive, alluring, and absolutely adored. Just don’t forget the essentials! Tuck a tube of gloss, mascara, eyeliner, the shadow required to create a smoky eye, and, my personal favorite, mark’s Crystal Shimmer Luminous Loose Powder (to add a little sparkle to your décolletage) into an eye-catching clutch like Lauren Merkin’s Eve Metallic Snake Clutch and off you go!

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”

The Office Parties are supposed to be fun; a celebration to be enjoyed with close friends, cute boys, and some of your nearest and dearest. But all signs of joviality seem to go out the window when the thought of the office party comes up. Suddenly you are overwhelmed with stress as opposed to good spirits – riddled with worry that you will do something to offend your boss or a fellow co-worker; or, worse than doing something, wearing something that will put you on the outs.

Despite the fact that it harbors the title “party,” the office get-together is one of the few types of events in life that you will attend in which you are expected to maintain some semblance of conservatism in your dress. Your faux leather pants? Lock them up! The skintight dress that hugs your every curve and keeps all eyes in the room fixated on you and only you? Sorry darling, tuck it behind your blazers and dress pants. Tonight you are going to a gala as…the professional. No pouting! Professional and conservative does not mean snooze-worthy; it’s simply indicative of keeping things on a classy level.

First and foremost you must remember to stick to neutral tones – black and white are your comrades for the evening. They will ensure that you look posh, sophisticated, and chic…three things that all bosses adore. To avoid any worries about your hemline, forgo a skirt and instead opt for wide-leg trousers in an ebony hue like Theory’s Max C Pants. If you want to stay completely streamlined, a black sweater like Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Claire Sweater will do the trick; if, however, you want to break up shades a bit, a top in either an off-white or winter white shade will work wonders at helping you retain regality – especially when coupled with a playful patent peep-toe like Vera Wang Lavender Label’s Sherry Peep-Toe Platform Pumps. With a look like this you still have the ability to turn heads and come across as sexy; but with a feminine mystique aura hovering around you – which will only make you more enticing. Even better, it’s a slimming style that will boost your confidence by miles.

Given the fact that everything about your look sticks to the basics, it is your responsibility to be bold with your accessories. Think brilliant baubles and costume jewelry galore – statement necklaces with oversized gems, cocktail rings visible from twenty-feet away, dangling bracelets tinkling with whimsical charms, and earrings that swing to and fro from your lobes; in addition to a metallic clutch, of course. To finish things off, don’t be shy with your makeup. Steer clear of body glitter, but a few swipes of mascara and ravishing red lips will cast a seductive, come-hither smolder reminiscent of Old-Hollywood glamour that will keep you polished yet breathtaking.

A Family Affair You may think that, due to the fact that no cute boys are a part of the equation, it is fine for you to spend the evening in a pair of flannel pajamas that have been collecting dust in your dresser drawer for the past two years. You’re wrong! You may be ringing in the New Year with your family, people who have seen you at your absolute worst, but that is no reason for you to feel unfabulous. In fact, it is an even greater reason for you to turn on the glamour. So what if the sparkling champagne of grown-up gatherings has been replaced with sparkling cider – they’re both fizzing with the spirit of celebration; therefore your ensemble should too. Your mission tonight is to retain all sense of comfort, whilst holding fast to your cuteness!

Forgo the dress. As we all know, this is a family affair; and, as such, it is fairly casual. While denim would work wonders right now, it’s not as forgiving as flannel in terms of repose; nevertheless, you still want to look stunning for those snapshots that are destined to commence throughout the evening, therefore opt for denim’s cozier cousin…jeggings. A pair like Paige Denim’s Contrast Verdugo Denim Leggings is ideal. The aesthetic is virtually identical to jeans, with the added bonus of stretchiness which will make curling up on the couch in front of a warm fire an absolute cinch. Top it off with something sparkly like a sequin sweater or vest layered over a thermal tee; then slip on a pair of knit socks to keep your tootsies toasty. Complete the look with a pale pink pout, like the one achieved via mark’s Dew Drenched Moisturlicious Lip Color in Pink Posey. Remember, you may be watching the ball drop in Times Square from the comforts of your own homey living room, but that’s no reason to look like something the cat dragged in!

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”
Bill Vaughan

Kiss! Kiss! Oh, I see…you’re one of the lucky ones. The girl who managed to snag herself a cute boy to wine and dine her for an evening of cheerful toasts full of well wishes, colorful confetti, and loads of kissing once the clock strikes twelve! You’re already halfway to the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime darling; now you just have to choose the perfect look for your romantic tryst! Here’s where many lovebirds get it wrong; don’t make your ensemble du jour overly complicated this evening…simplicity is your new best friend!

Tonight a dress should be donned. Something flowy that drapes over your body to create a subtly sexy silhouette with a neckline that leaves everything to the imagination, and a hemline with the ability to make your legs go on for days. Sweetheart necklines, like the one found on ADAM’s Strapless Draped Dress are your best bet as they provide a corset-like design in a very classic and urbane fashion that is equal parts sophisticated and sassy. They also work wonders in balancing out the petite pleats created via the flow of the frock. Search for a fabric with a texture and hue that possesses a slight shimmer – this singular touch will assist you in beaming brighter than any star in the sky!

As I said, simplicity is key, therefore keep accessories, shoes, and makeup minimal. You’re looking to impress your date here, not an entire audience, and your goal is to do so by being yourself – while looking radiant, of course! Elongate your form by skipping the strappy sandals (it is December, after all!), and opting for black opaque tights paired with understated black pumps. Such a coupling gives the illusion that your legs are supermodel-long because it streamlines your style without breaking you in half.

While I am the biggest advocate of cocktail rings, when keeping things to a minimal it’s best to bag the bling; instead peruse the power of the pendant necklace. A pretty pendant, especially if trimmed in rhinestones or diamonds, adds a twinkle to your throat, and truly makes your eyes sparkle. Dust your shoulders with a bit of mark’s Twinklebelle to give your skin a dewy glimmer, slick on some Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint for a pretty pucker, and watch your cute boy’s jaw drop!

For Your Listening Pleasure Whether you’re planning on smooching a cute boy, a beloved kitty, a younger sibling, your BFF, or a practical stranger come the stroke of midnight, it’s evident that you need a soundtrack for the special moment; now you’ve got one! Here are a few of my favorite songs to pucker up to – use them wisely!

Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie
Lover I Don’t Have to Love - Bright Eyes
Infatuation - Maroon 5
Collide - Howie Day
Sweet and Low - Augustana
Blush - Ben Lee
Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade
1 2 3 4 - Feist
Baby’s Romance - Chris Garneau
Yankee Bayonet - The Decemberists

“Cheers for a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Buy Costumes, Shopbop, TMI Weekly, ASOS, Guess, and …lofts of dallas… for the pictures.

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Politics of Pretty said...

I love it! While I haven't made any definite plans for New Year's Eve yet, I am more concerned about what I will wear. Unfortunately, no boy to kiss at midnight : (

Politics of Pretty said...

I love it! While I haven't made any definite plans for New Year's Eve yet, I am more concerned about what I will wear. Unfortunately, no boy to kiss at midnight : (

Leah said...

Hi Erika! I was reading through your post but I kinda got distracted by the quote on top... *Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.* Hahaha! Gosh, I'm so there.

You are right about the office parties, you can't wear those sexy outfits. You don't want the lady boss to envy you thus making work hard for you the following year.

For the New Year's eve party, I have something to share with you. Here in the Philippines, people are fond of wearing polka dots or anything with dots during New Year's eve. The reason is dots signify money so they usher in the New Year wearing dots. Funny? Yes, but people are doing it. Me? I do sometimes. Hahaha!

Mimi said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your choice of New Year outfits, especially the ones for the office. Of course, this holiday is the time to break out the sequin minis and party into a brand new year!

meraldia said...

Great, great post, Erika! You always suggest very stylish outfits! I agree about the skinny jean. You can't go wrong with it!

English Rose ♥ said...

Erika, you have OUTDONE yourself. This post was fantasitc, I loved everything about it from the quote at the beginning to the suggested playlist - I love Ben Lee, The Decemberissts, Feist and Howie Day.

Truly Fabulous, much like yourself =]

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

Erin said...

those paciotti shoes are absolutely fabulous!

www.janetteria.com said...

WOW! The office parties selection! :-D

Thanks Ur lovely comment. And yes I have a temporary Holiday-blog-look. Hihi! I'm glad U like this. :-D


Anonymous said...

i really want a sequined vest!


I love some of your outfit picks for New Year's! I am sure the boy and I will be doing something fun, don't know what yet =) xoxo


COCAMIA said...

Great post! I have no major plans for this New Years but I sure would love to buy me a sequined vest! So fab!

Couture Carrie said...

Wow! This post is extremely well researched and written (why am I not surprised?)! Especially loving your office suggestions and that last set of dresses. Is shopbop the best or what?

Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday, darling E!


Daydream Believer said...

I will be spending New Year's in a quiet little bed and breakfast in Cooperstown, New York. I will, however, still be donning some glittery sequins! I don't care if only one other person will see me!

S.Elisabeth said...

Adore. Hmm I don't know what I'll be doing New Year's Eve either a family event or a party... Love all these suggestions! And oh how lovely it would be to be the lucky girl with a date New Years!

Leia said...

Excellent advice! I think it's going to be a family party for me this year. For the past couple of years we haven't celebrated NYE at all due to family troubles, but it seems like all is well this year, so I can't wait for the big dinner and then the fireworks on the roof :)

M said...

I think skinny jeans with that sparkling black tank would be a nice choice for me.... thank goodness I don't have to attend an office party! And how I love your little playlist! It seems like we have the same musical preferences - I guess that means we are both fabulous! :)

Keith said...

These are all fantastic. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. Hope you're having a great weekend. Cheers!

Jen said...

I just bought a dress for my office party yesterday. It's a black jersey dress with sequin shoulders and sits perfectly between smart and casual.

New Years Eve... now that's a whole different matter. I'll leave it 'til the 30th to decide! :)

Anonymous said...

Swooning over that ADAM dress - the color is just perfect and it would be a lovely NYE dress!

Unknown said...

New years Sale shopping! Wooo, I love that, and getting new key pieces for the new year.


misslikey said...

I am so not into glittering for nye. so much glitters distract me lol
nice picks!

MizzJ said...

Nice picks for NYE outfits! I'm not sure what I'll be doing, probably a combination of all 3 haha? I do think the office party though depends upon the office. In some places, dress codes are more open so you could get away with a bit more color and a skirt :)

Emily said...

I would sport each look described here! You have a way with fashion and words, if I haven't already said enough!

Happy New Year, Erika :)

Emily said...

I would sport each look described here! You have a way with fashion and words, if I haven't already said that enough!

Happy New Year, Erika :)

Emily said...

I would sport each look described here! You have a way with fashion and words, if I haven't already said that enough!

Happy New Year, Erika :)

Emily said...

I would sport each look described here! You have a way with fashion and words, if I haven't already said that enough!

Happy New Year, Erika :)

Emily said...

I would sport each look described here! You have a way with fashion and words, if I haven't already said that enough!

Happy New Year, Erika :)

Emily said...

I would sport each look described here! You have a way with fashion and words, if I haven't already said that enough!

Happy New Year, Erika :)

sara said...

you always find THE best quotes! I love it! Also, amazing ideas for holiday party outfits.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love those sparkly sequin blazers and those cute little party dresses! :)

And that playlist is perfect!

I'm not sure what my plans are for New Years yet...sigh.

chic femme said...

Erika, I just love your ideas. This year I will probably be ringing in the New Year at home, so definitely want to still dress cute. I love the ideas with the leggings and denim which is a great combo. :) Thanks for the advice. :)


great fashion selection and almost better tracklist - love death cab, bright eyes, feist and the decemberists! youve got a great taste (:

Sandy said...

Love your blog! I'm here via Jennifer Fabulous ... awesome girl! I love the quote "Fashions Fade but Style is Eternal". Amen to THAT statement! After far too many years of not caring and getting way too fat, I'm taking care of myself, getting in shape and rediscovering my love of fashion and developing my own sense of style. Keep up the great work!

B a la Moda said...

hello! I left a little award in my blog. If you want to do it # 13. Last travel. and #15.Muffins?

B* a la Moda

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Great post! I haven't even thought about what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve. Or what I'm going to do that night... Hmm. But I love getting all dressed up for it. I especially adore that sequin top you posted. I must have it! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

I'll prob have be on the couch in my PJs on NYE. Care to join me?!

If not...I love the dresses you chose!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

OMG, did I just see a sequin vest? You're speaking my language lady!

michelle_ said...

totally love sequin and satin for anykind of new year's party ! i think the sequin vest is a good idea for this year . i dont feel like wearing full sequin these days . haha..
or maybe a sequin dress with a toned down cardigan would work ;D

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
dont forget to enter my 2nd blog giveway here

Meg said...

Great guide. I haven't decided on a New Year's destination, but I will totally keep these points in mind.

bananas. said...

surprisely, my NYE this year doesn't fall in any of those categories. i'm going to an 80's themed new year's party...a first for me. i'm super excited but seriously...what to wear?!?!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm listening to the Augustana song now :) I haven't listened to them in awhile- saw them in concert a few years ago! I'm looking forward to spending my 1st New Year's with the boyfriend! I also love the office party looks- esp. that first one- love the tweed cap and little jacket!! xo, Mel

E said...

I love those trouser looks that you featured. The loose comfortable style looks perfect for mingling :-)

Nina said...

Yikes ... haven't thought of my new year's outfit yet ... Panic!


Rachel Scarlet said...

Oh Erika, it's so wonderful especially the strapless draped dress. I'm thinking of wearing a dress like that. I'm going for a themed party though. Skinny jeans are my BFF on many occasions be it formal or casual. XOXO :)

sherin said...

Great advice here!!! I always get so stuck when it comes to dressing for family occassions

daisychain said...

amazing post
(the quote at the top is SO true)

I'll likely be wearing my PJs on NYE, I never really do anything, and quite like it that way if I'm honest!

Unknown said...

i'm so in love with the office looks!

KP said...

ALL amazing ideas-I love the sequin vests and purple drapey dress especially! xo

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I love the zip tank!! I want :)

All Women Stalker said...

Haha I actually wanted to dress up for the family dinner thing with the boyfriend's family because I no longer have an office affair to attend (I do freelance work haha). But then again, why will I dress up to party with kids 6-10-year old kids? :D


Anonymous said...

Fun post! and I love that first red top with the zipper, now that's a cute new years top!

Sam said...

I love all the sparkly bits here - perfect for NYE! Great selection and some great tips - thank you!

Midtown Girl said...

I love those office outy's - the high waited pants are so sophisticated!

I still have to figure out my NYE plans - and thus have no idea what to wear - LOL (I'll just have to come back to this post to figure it out!) XOXO

Chicago Chic said...

Amazing post. I love this guide to New Year's parties and I adore those strapless dresses....inspiration for my New Years for sure! :)

Also, great music you chose! Love Death Cab and Bright Eyes....


cashmere jumpers said...

Lovely pics! I'm so into glitter right now! Those outfits are gorgeous

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Great tips, you totally know what you're talking about. I love all of this.


Unknown said...

Great tips on finding the right outfit for the right kind of party! Love the dresses...so cute! And the sparkly black tank top! <3

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