Guest Post at The Embellished Life!

Believe it or not, my loves, dating and shoe shopping go hand in hand with one another. Think I'm joking, darlings? Wrong; I would never lie to you! Find out how to score the boy, the fabulous footwear, and a second date with the cutie in question in Beauty and the Feet, my Guest Post over at The Embellished Life. After all, it's impossible to find the perfect boy until you've snagged yourself the absolute perfect pair of shoes!

Fashionably yours!


Charlie said...

haha ill have a look

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Maria said...

Love this! Great post! And being married is no excuse for getting lax about how you look either!

xoxo Maria

Rick said...

Loves it! It's like a "how to guide" for women in making a guy fall head over heels...literally :) A wonderfully charming post; with an excellent choice of photos to match!

Leah said...

This is interesting... I'm heading over to the site. xoxo

Jessica said...

haha Head Over Heels is hilarious! Thanks Erika for doing an amazing job with the guest post, I had so much fun finding the pics for it!

Robyn said...

Hehe, so cute, Erika! Good advice too... I'm always tempted to pull out my baddest heels for a date, but as a day-to-day flats wearer, doing so is only advisable if the only walking involved is from the taxi to the restaurant. And if the date is good, there will usually be more walking! Better to just wear shoes you like... he's dating you, not your outfit. (Gasp! Did I really just admit that? ;-) )


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

awesome! Will definitely head there :)

COCAMIA said...

Gonna check it out!

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