Black and White Wishes

I thought that weekends were supposed to be full of lazy mornings spent in bed surrounded by colorful glossies. Mine have turned into days full of mundane multitasking madness. Luckily these things have managed to keep me sane. A watercolor fashion illustration that showcases one of my favorite things – colored tights! Clever ideas for hosting your very own tea party. Little girls with cute kittens. The smell of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee brewing in the morning. A guide to vintage bookshops. Authentic love letters from historical figures such as Edith Wharton, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Charlotte Bronte. Fashion wisdom from Hello Kitty. Floppy hats that would make Brigitte Bardot swoon. Fashionably yours! Thanks to We Heart It for the picture.


Lydia O'Connor said...

Bicycles go so well with cute boys. And I so so so want to have my "very own tea party" now!

giggleness said...

i love that picture!

i.d. said...

Thanks for the lovely links!

Song of Style said...

ah, that picture is too cute!!!
the girl is so tiny and feminine looking. i wish i looked good in hats

Gloria C. said...

on weekends sometimes whenever i feel stressed out, I hop onto a bus to the closest petstore/animal shelter/friends house with a pet

and just spend some time with them to declutter my mind.
There is something very soothing about just watching animals frolic in their own little worlds.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that image is so sweet!

ps, i tagged you :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture :)

Yeah, Cavalli´s fall 09 will be great :)


Hanne said...

What a beautiful picture, black and white photos feel so special!
Hope your Sunday is a bit more relaxing, enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

The watercolor illustration is fantastic, thanks for sharting!

jess said...

I love that picture. I've always wanted to throw a tea party.

Couture Carrie said...

That illustration is stunning! Love that color combo!

Really fun post!


Little Bow Prep said...

You always find such awesome pictures!

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